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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "My brother," continued she, "was not that my Lord Buckinghamwhom I saw on the jetty this evening as we arrived?""Himself. Ah, I can understand how the sight of him struck you,"replied Lord de Winter. "You came from a country where he mustbe very much talked of, and I know that his armaments againstFrance greatly engage the attention of your friend the cardinal.""My friend the cardinal!" cried Milady, seeing that on this pointas on the other Lord de Winter seemed well instructed."Is he not your friend?" replied the baron, negligently. "Ah,pardon! I thought so; but we will return to my Lord Dukepresently. Let us not depart from the sentimental turn ourconversation had taken. You came, you say, to see me?""Yes."
2.  "Pretty figures we shall cut on ponies while Aramis and Porthoscaracole on their steeds."
3.  A half hour afterward, D'Artagnan returned with the twothousand livres, and without having met with any accident.It was thus Athos found at home resources which he did notexpect.
4.  "Whom do you suspect? Come, answer freely."
5.  "Well?"
6.  "Her devotion to the queen is known; and they wish either toremove her from her mistress, or to intimidate her, in order toobtain her Majesty's secrets, or to seduce her and make use ofher as a spy."


1.  Porthos pretended that this occupation was proof of a reflectiveand contemplative organization, and he had brought him thisgentleman, for whom he believed himself to be engaged, had wonPlanchet--that was the name of the Picard. He felt a slightdisappointment, however, when he saw that this place was alreadytaken by a compeer named Mousqueton, and when Porthos signifiedto him that the state of his household, though great, would notsupport two servants, and that he must enter into the service ofD'Artagnan. Nevertheless, when he waited at the dinner given myhis master, and saw him take out a handful of gold to pay for it,he believed his fortune made, and returned thanks to heaven forhaving thrown him into the service of such a Croesus. Hepreserved this opinion even after the feast, with the remnants ofwhich he repaired his own long abstinence; but when in theevening he made his master's bed, the chimeras of Planchet fadedaway. The bed was the only one in the apartment, which consistedof an antechamber and a bedroom. Planchet slept in theantechamber upon a coverlet taken from the bed of D'Artagnan, andwhich D'Artagnan from that time made shift to do without.Athos, on his part, had a valet whom he had trained in hisservice in a thoroughly peculiar fashion, and who was namedGrimaud. He was very taciturn, this worthy signor. Be itunderstood we are speaking of Athos. During the five or sixyears that he had lived in the strictest intimacy with hiscompanions, Porthos and Aramis, they could remember having oftenseen him smile, but had never heard him laugh. His words werebrief and expressive, conveying all that was meant, and no more;no embellishments, no embroidery, no arabesques. Hisconversation a matter of fact, without a single romance.Although Athos was scarcely thirty years old, and was of greatpersonal beauty and intelligence of mind, no one knew whether hehad ever had a mistress. He never spoke of women. He certainlydid not prevent others from speaking of them before him, althoughit was easy to perceive that this kind of conversation, in whichhe only mingled by bitter words and misanthropic remarks, wasvery disagreeable to him. His reserve, his roughness, and hissilence made almost an old man of him. He had, then, in ordernot to disturb his habits, accustomed Grimaud to obey him upon asimple gesture or upon a simple movement of his lips. He neverspoke to him, except under the most extraordinary occasions.Sometimes, Grimaud, who feared his master as he did fire, whileentertaining a strong attachment to his person and a greatveneration for his talents, believed he perfectly understood whathe wanted, flew to execute the order received, and did preciselythe contrary. Athos then shrugged his shoulders, and, withoutputting himself in a passion, thrashed Grimaud. On these days hespoke a little.
2.  "My dear D'Artagnan," said he, "if you please, we will joinour friends; as I am rich, we will today begin to dinetogether again, expecting that you will be rich in yourturn."
3.  Planchet seeing there was no longer any hope of making his masterrenounce his project, heaved a profound sigh and set to work togroom the third horse.
4.  Milady, being well prepared for the reception of Felton, was ableto erect her batteries for the next day. She knew she had onlytwo days left; that when once the order was signed by Buckingham--and Buckingham would sign it the more readily from its bearing afalse name, and he could not, therefore, recognize the woman inquestion--once this order was signed, we say, the baron wouldmake her embark immediately, and she knew very well that womencondemned to exile employ arms much less powerful in theirseductions than the pretendedly virtuous woman whose beauty islighted by the sun of the world, whose style the voice of fashionlauds, and whom a halo of aristocracy gilds with enchantingsplendors. To be a woman condemned to a painful and disgracefulpunishment is no impediment to beauty, but it is an obstacle tothe recovery of power. Like all persons of real genius, Miladyknew what suited her nature and her means. Poverty was repugnantto her; degradation took away two-thirds of her greatness.Milady was only a queen while among queens. The pleasure ofsatisfied pride was necessary to her domination. To commandinferior beings was rather a humiliation than a pleasure for her.She should certainly return from her exile--she did not doubtthat a single instant; but how long might this exile last? Foran active, ambitious nature, like that of Milady, days not spentin climbing are inauspicious days. What word, then, can be foundto describe the days which they occupy in descending? To lose ayear, two years, three years, is to talk of an eternity; toreturn after the death or disgrace of the cardinal, perhaps; toreturn when D'Artagnan and his friends, happy and triumphant,should have received from the queen the reward they had wellacquired by the services they had rendered her--these weredevouring ideas that a woman like Milady could not endure. Forthe rest, the storm which raged within her doubled her strength,and she would have burst the walls of her prison if her body hadbeen able to take for a single instant the proportions of hermind.
5.  "Do you know who carried off your wife?"
6.  "You have not answered my first note. Are you indisposed,or have you forgotten the glances you favored me with at theball of Mme. de Guise? You have an opportunity now, Count;do not allow it to escape."


1.  "No; you are, on the contrary, adorable."
2.  "Madame," said the young man, bowing; "I can refuse nothing askedof me thus. Be content; I will depart."
3.  While reading this letter, D'Artagnan felt his heart dilated andcompressed by that delicious spasm which tortures and caressesthe hearts of lovers.
4.  "Then," said Milady, "since you are as generous as you areloving--"
5.   "But you will remain; you are not afraid?" said D'Artagnan,coming back to recommend courage to his lackey.
6.  "Ah, ah!" said Porthos, "it appears there's something freshhere."


1.  "'To interminable, ineffaceable infamy!'
2.  Then he explained to him the cause of his visit, and the service herequired of him. But scarcely had he expressed his request when theunknown, who remained standing before the Musketeer, drew back withsigns of terror, and refused. Then Athos took from his pocket a smallpaper, on which two lines were written, accompanied by a signature anda seal, and presented them to him who had made too prematurely thesesigns of repugnance. The tall man had scarcely read these lines, seenthe signature, and recognized the seal, when he bowed to denote that hehad no longer any objection to make, and that he was ready to obey.Athos required no more. He arose, bowed, went out, returned by the sameway he came, re-entered the hotel, and went to his apartment.At daybreak D'Artagnan entered the chamber, and demanded what was to bedone.
3.  The woman's hood was pulled down, and the man geld a handkerchiefto his face. Both, as this double precaution indicated, had aninterest in not being recognized.
4、  Seeing this, the gentleman drew his sword, and sprang uponD'Artagnan; but he had too strong an adversary. In three secondsD'Artagnan had wounded him three times, exclaiming at eachthrust, "One for Athos, one for Porthos; and one for Aramis!"At the third hit the gentleman fell like a log. D'Artagnanbelieved him to be dead, or at least insensible, and went towardhim for the purpose of taking the order; but the moment heextended his hand to search for it, the wounded man, who had notdropped his sword, plunged the point into D'Artagnan's breast,crying, "One for you!"
5、  "Monsieur d'Artagnan," said Athos, "what is the penalty you demandagainst this woman?"




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      "What, monseigneur?" said D'Artagnan, with a calmness which astonishedthe cardinal himself.

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      "I would rather have had a hat," said D'Artagnan. "Mine wascarried away by a ball. By my faith, it is very fortunate thatthe letter was not in it."

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       "Would you like to know?"

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      The king went straight to him.

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    {  D'Artagnan looked at his friends, as if to say, "Well, whatdid I tell you?"

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      Athos took the letter from the hands of D'Artagnan,approached the lamp, set fire to the paper, and did not letgo till it was reduced to a cinder.}

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      This last expression of Richelieu's conveyed a terribledoubt; it alarmed D'Artagnan more than a menace would havedone, for it was a warning. The cardinal, then, was seekingto preserve him from some misfortune which threatened him.He opened his mouth to reply, but with a haughty gesture thecardinal dismissed him.

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      "Hold, Madame Bonacieux," said the mercer, "hold! I positivelyrefuse; intrigues terrify me. I have seen the Bastille. My!Whew! That's a frightful place, that Bastille! Only to think ofit makes my flesh crawl. They threatened me with torture. Doyou know what torture is? Wooden points that they stick inbetween your legs till your bones stick out! No, positively Iwill not go. And, MORBLEU, why do you not go yourself? For intruth, I think I have hitherto been deceived in you. I reallybelieve you are a man, and a violent one, too."

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       And M. Bonacieux? whom D'Artagnan had pushed into the hands ofthe officers, denying him aloud although he had promised in awhisper to save him. We are compelled to admit to our readersthat D'Artagnan thought nothing about him in any way; or that ifhe did think of him, it was only to say to himself that he wasvery well where he was, wherever it might be. Love is the mostselfish of all the passions.

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    {  "Monsieur, you act wrongly in endeavoring to mortify me," saidD'Artagnan, in whom the natural quarrelsome spirit began to speakmore loudly than his pacific resolutions. "I am from Gascony, itis true; and since you know it, there is no occasion to tell youthat Gascons are not very patient, so that when they have beggedto be excused once, were it even for a folly, they are convincedthat they have done already at least as much again as they oughtto have done."

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      "Ah, my God!" whispered Mme. Bonacieux, "we shall hear no more.""On the contrary," said D'Artagnan, "we shall hear better."D'Artagnan raised the three or four boards which made his chamberanother ear of Dionysius, spread a carpet on the floor, went uponhis knees, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to stoop as he didtoward the opening.