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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "If Monseigneur will have the goodness to tell me, in the first place,what crimes are imputed to me, I will then tell him the deeds I havereally done."
2.  "Ah, ah!" said Porthos, "it appears there's something freshhere."
3.  "How are they called who follow others in spite of them?""They are indiscreet."
4.  He could not distinguish her countenance, but a sinister smile passedover the lips of Athos. He was not deceived; it was she whom he sought.At this moment a horse neighed. Milady raised her head, saw close tothe panes the pale face of Athos, and screamed.
5.  "Nothing, absolutely nothing, at present, but quitting at Paris,as I told you, as soon as possible. I will see the queen; I willrelate to her the details of the disappearance of this poorwoman, of which she is no doubt ignorant. These details willguide her on her part, and on your return, I shall perhaps havesome good news to tell you. Rely on me."
6.  "I am satisfied with having killed that fellow, my boy,seeing that it is blessed bread to kill an Englishman; butif I had pocketed his pistoles, they would have weighed medown like a remorse.


1.  "The man who abducted my wife."
2.  The little house was surrounded by a low, quickset hedge, two or threefeet high. Athos sprang over the hedge and went up to the window, whichwas without shutters, but had the half-curtains closely drawn.He mounted the skirting stone that his eyes might look over the curtain.By the light of a lamp he saw a woman, wrapped in a dark mantle, seatedupon a stool near a dying fire. Her elbows were placed upon a meantable, and she leaned her head upon her two hands, which were white asivory.
3.  "It is that your Majesty will make him come here, willinterrogate him yourself, TETE-A-TETE, without witnesses, andthat I shall see your Majesty as soon as you have seen the duke.""What, then! You will bind yourself," cried the king, "by whatMonsieur de la Tremouille shall say?"
4.  "Have you no information as to his abiding place?""None. One day, as I was conveying my wife back to the Louvre,he was coming out as she was going in, and she showed him to me.""The devil! The devil!" murmured D'Artagnan; "all this is vagueenough. From whom have you learned of the abduction of yourwife?"
5.  "Be so kind as to reflect, sire," said the cardinal. "If werelease the prisoner thus, we shall never know the truth.""Athos may always be found," replied Treville, "ready to answer,when it shall please the gownsmen to interrogate him. He willnot desert, Monsieur the Cardinal, be assured of that; I willanswer for him."
6.  The king waved his hand to Treville, who left him and rejoinedthe Musketeers, whom he found sharing the forty pistoles withD'Artagnan.


1.  The cardinal seemed furious.
2.  "And you forget one thing."
3.  "Hold your tongue, hold your tongue, madame! You may beoverheard."
4.  "Your husband has none. Is that what you would say?""He has some, but he is very avaricious; that is his fault.Nevertheless, let not your Majesty be uneasy, we will findmeans."
5.   "Yet I must know his name."
6.  "By a mode of proceeding known to myself, and by which I likewiseoverheard the more animated conversation which had with thecardinal's police."


1.  "Her, my Lord, here," said she, "keep this in memory of me."Buckingham took the casket, and fell a second time on his knees."You have promised me to go," said the queen.
2.  "From La Rochelle; and you?"
3.  The next day, M. Dessessart's valet came to D'Artagnan'slodging, and gave him a bag containing seven thousandlivres.
4、  Porthos arrived a minute after D'Artagnan. The four friendswere reunited.
5、  "It will be too late; they will be gone."




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      They took leave of each other, and in ten minutes, after havingcommended his friend to the cares of the hostess and Bazin,D'Artagnan was trotting along in the direction of Ameins.How was he going to find Athos? Should he find him at all? Theposition in which he had left him was critical. He probably hadsuccumbed. This idea, while darkening his brow, drew severalsighs from him, and caused him to formulate to himself a few vowsof vengeance. Of all his friends, Athos was the eldest, and theleast resembling him in appearance, in his tastes and sympathies.Yet he entertained a marked preference for this gentleman. Thenoble and distinguished air of Athos, those flashes of greatnesswhich from time to time broke out from the shade in which hevoluntarily kept himself, that unalterable equality of temperwhich made him the most pleasant companion in the world, thatforced and cynical gaiety, that bravery which might have beentermed blind if it had not been the result of the rarestcoolness-such qualities attracted more than the esteem, more thanthe friendship of D'Artagnan; they attracted his admiration.Indeed, when placed beside M. de Treville, the elegant and noblecourtier, Athos in his most cheerful days might advantageouslysustain a comparison. He was of middle height; but his personwas so admirably shaped and so well proportioned that more thanonce in his struggles with Porthos he had overcome the giantwhose physical strength was proverbial among the Musketeers. Hishead, with piercing eyes, a straight nose, a chim cut like thatof Brutus, had altogether an indefinable character of grandeurand grace. His hands, of which he took little care, were thedespair of Aramis, who cultivated his with almond paste andperfumed oil. The sound of his voice was at once penetrating andmelodious; and then, that which was inconceivable in Athos, whowas always retiring, was that delicate knowledge of the world andof the usages of the most brilliant society-those manners of ahigh degree which appeared, as if unconsciously to himself, inhis least actions.

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      "You said, then, by the word of Bonacieux. Pardon me forinterrupting you, but it appears to me that that name is familiarto me."

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       "Everything!" replied Athos.

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    {  Without doubt the chancellor, Seguier looked about at that momentfor the rope of the famous bell; but not finding it he summonedhis resolution, and stretched forth his hands toward the placewhere the queen had acknowledged the paper was to be found.Anne of Austria took one step backward, became so pale that itmight be said she was dying, and leaning with her left hand upona table behind her to keep herself from falling, she with herright hand drew the paper from her bosom and held it out to thekeeper of the seals.

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      "Decidedly, my dear Athos," said D'Artagnan, "I should likebetter not to risk anything."}

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      "Oh, grace, grace, pardon!" cried the wretch, falling on her knees.The unknown waited for silence, and then resumed, "I told you well thatshe would know me. Yes, I am the executioner of Lille, and this is myhistory."

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       "Well, then, we will put simply, My Lord, do you remember acertain little enclosure where your life was spared?""My dear D'Artagnan, you will never make anything but a verybad secretary. Where your life was spared! For shame!that's unworthy. A man of spirit is not to be reminded ofsuch services. A benefit reproached is an offensecommitted."

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    {  "Do you know what has become of Athos?" asked D'Artagnan ofPlanchet, as they galloped on.

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      At length a fresh discharge was heard, and this time theballs came rattling among the stones around the fourfriends, and whistling sharply in their ears. TheRochellais had at last taken possession of the bastion."These Rochellais are bungling fellows," said Athos; "howmany have we killed of them--a dozen?"