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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do you know him personally?" asked the governor."Whom?"
2.  The Comte de Rochefort bowed like a man who acknowledges thesuperiority of the master as great, and retired.
3.  The day on which D'Artagnan presented himself the assemblage wasimposing, particularly for a provincial just arriving from hisprovince. It is true that this provincial was a Gascon; andthat, particularly at this period, the compatriots of D'Artagnanhad the reputation of not being easily intimidated. When he hadonce passed the massive door covered with long square-headednails, he fell into the midst of a troop of swordsmen, whocrossed one another in their passage, calling out, quarreling,and playing tricks one with another. In order to make one's wayamid these turbulent and conflicting waves, it was necessary tobe an officer, a great noble, or a pretty woman.
4.  "My faith, monsieur! that will be the first time I have doneso for sixteen days."
5.  "The breakfast for these gentlemen is ready," said the host."Well, bring it," said Athos.
6.  "You see, they are going to send a whole regiment againstus," said Athos.


1.  "As one confides a letter to the hollow of a tree, to the wing ofa pigeon, to the collar of a dog."
2.  "I wished to know the detail," said she, "because, havingmany relatives in business, I was almost sure of obtainingthings at a hundred per cent less than you would payyourself."
3.  "Of complexion and brown hair?"
4.  As he might be only wounded and might denounce their crime,they came up to him with the purpose of making sure.Fortunately, deceived by D'Artagnan's trick, they neglectedto reload their guns.
5.  "Well, and then?"
6.  Milady folded her hands, and raising her fine eyes toward heaven,"Lord, Lord," said she, with an angelic meekness of gesture andtone, "pardon this man, as I myself pardon him."


1.  "I rest? Oh, no, Athos. Once in Paris, I shall prosecute mysearch for that unfortunate woman!"
2.  De Winter followed his look, observed his feelings, and guessed all."Be punished ALONE, for the first, miserable man!" said Lord de Winterto Felton, who was being dragged away with his eyes turned toward thesea; "but I swear to you by the memory of my brother whom I have lovedso much that your accomplice is not saved."
3.  "You will hear me to the end, my Lord. You have seduced this younggirl; you have outraged, defiled her. Repair your crimes toward her;let her go free, and I will exact nothing else from you.""You will exact!" said Buckingham, looking at Felton with astonishment,and dwelling upon each syllable of the three words as he pronouncedthem.
4.  "Yes; but I should think the other must be dead, I hangedher so effectually."
5.   "Oh, yes, and with all my heart; for I know what it is to bein love."
6.  "Ah! I advise you to complain!" said Porthos.


1.  The cardinal became as pale as death; lightning darted from hiseyes. He turned round as if to give an order to Cahusac andHoudiniere. Athos saw the movement; he made a step toward themuskets, upon which the other three friends had fixed their eyes,like men ill-disposed to allow themselves to be taken. Thecardinalists were three; the Musketeers, lackeys included, wereseven. He judged that the match would be so much the less equal,if Athos and his companions were really plotting; and by one ofthose rapid turns which he always had at command, all his angerfaded away into a smile.
2.  "Needless," said the Englishman; "I am well furnished withsuch playthings."
3.  "But Athos!" cried D'Artagnan, whose impatience was increased bythe disregard of the authorities, "Athos, where is he?""As I was anxious to repair the wrongs I had done the prisoner,"resumed the innkeeper, "I took my way straight to the cellar inorder to set him at liberty. Ah, monsieur, he was no longer aman, he was a devil! To my offer of liberty, he replied that itwas nothing but a snare, and that before he came out he intendedto impose his own conditions. I told him very humbly-for I couldnot conceal from myself the scrape I had got into by laying handson one of his Majesty's Musketeers-I told him I was quite readyto submit to his conditions.
4、  D'Artagnan was over him at a bound, and said to theEnglishman, pointing his sword to his throat, "I could killyou, my Lord, you are completely in my hands; but I spareyour life for the sake of your sister."
5、  "Yes, Monsieur Officer," stammered the mercer, more dead thanalive, "at your service."




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      Porthos maintained a majestic silence.

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      Everything fell out as Mme. Bonacieux prophesied. On hearing thepassword, Germain bowed. In a few minutes, Laporte was at thelodge; in two words D'Artagnan informed him where Mme. Bonacieuxwas. Laporte assured himself, by having it twice repeated, ofthe accurate address, and set off at a run. Hardly, however, hadhe taken ten steps before he returned.

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       "Adieu, master!"

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      Time, however, passed away; the hours, one after another, seemedto awaken the clock as they passed, and every blow of the brasshammer resounded upon the heart of the prisoner. At nineo'clock, Lord de Winter made his customary visit, examined thewindow and the bars, sounded the floor and the walls, looked tothe chimney and the doors, without, during this long and minuteexamination, he or Milady pronouncing a single word.Doubtless both of them understood that the situation had becometoo serious to lose time in useless words and aimless wrath."Well," said the baron, on leaving her "you will not escapetonight!"

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    {  "I don't think they can be in need of any. We left Paris, eachwith seventy-five pistoles in his pocket."

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      "Yes, I want your chaise."}

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      "It is worth something, you see, to have been brought up somewhere.""You will wait for me, then?"

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       D'Artagnan bowed to the duke, and made his way as quickly aspossible to the riverside. Opposite the Tower of London he foundthe vessel that had been named to him, delivered his letter tothe captain, who after having it examined by the governor of theport made immediate preparations to sail.

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    {  "My dear D'Artagnan," said Aramis, "don't be too angry with me, Ibeg. Necessity has no law; besides, I am the person punished, asthat rascally horsedealer has robbed me of fifty louis, at least.Ah, you fellows are good managers! You ride on our lackey'shorses, and have your own gallant steeds led along carefully byhand, at short stages."

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      "That's it. About what time?"