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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I am only temporarily a Musketeer," said Aramis, humbly."It is some time since we heard from his mistress," saidAthos, in a low voice. "But take no notice; we know allabout that."
2.  "What?"
3.  "His name is--" said she, in her turn.
4.  "Why, here is the simple fact. This morning I awoke at sixo'clock. You were still fast asleep, and I did not know what todo with myself; I was still stupid from our yesterday's debauch.As I came into the public room, I saw one of our Englishmanbargaining with a dealer for a horse, his own having diedyesterday from bleeding. I drew near, and found he was bidding ahundred pistoles for a chestnut nag. 'PARDIEU,' said I, 'my goodgentleman, I have a horse to sell, too.' 'Ay, and a very fineone! I saw him yesterday; your friend's lackey was leading him.''Do you think he is worth a hundred pistoles?' 'Yes! Will yousell him to me for that sum?' 'No; but I will play for him.''What?' 'At dice.' No sooner said than done, and I lost thehorse. Ah, ah! But please to observe I won back the equipage,'cried Athos.
5.  "Well, what is to be done?"
6.  "I invent nothing, madame; I create nothing. I only speak thatexact truth."


1.  "Afraid of being heard? Yes, monsieur."
2.  "Spain is her country," replied D'Artagnan; "and it is verynatural that she should love the Spanish, who are the children ofthe same soil as herself. As to the second reproach, I haveheard it said that she does not love the English, but anEnglishman."
3.  "Come, then."
4.  "Yes, sir, I know it," replied the duke, dipping the quill in the ink."Then your Grace knows her real name?" asked Felton, in a sharp tone."I know it"; and the duke put the quill to the paper. Felton grew pale."And knowing that real name, my Lord," replied Felton, "will you sign itall the same?"
5.  "It was they!" cried the cardinal, looking at the clock; "and nowit is too late to have them persued. The duchess is at Tours,and the duke at Boulogne. It is in London they must be found.""What are your Eminence's orders?"
6.  "Silence!" said D'Artagnan, pressing her hand more closely."How is there still time?" asked the man in the cloak."I go to the Louvre; I ask for Mme. Bonacieux; I say that I havereflected; I renew the affair; I obtain the letter, and I rundirectly to the cardinal."


1.  "Perhaps," said Athos; "But at all events listen well tothis. Assassinate the Duke of Buckingham, or cause him tobe assassinated--I care very little about that! I don'tknow him. Besides, he is an Englishman. But do not touchwith the tip of your finger a single hair of D'Artagnan, whois a faithful friend whom I love and defend, or I swear toyou by the head of my father the crime which you shall haveendeavored to commit, or shall have committed, shall be thelast."
2.  D'Artagnan tried with his sweetest smile to touch his lipsto Milady's, but she evaded him.
3.  "That is to say," replied Milady, driven into her entrenchment, "that Ihave not the honor of knowing her personally; but I know a great numberof her most intimate friends. I am acquainted with Monsieur de Putange;I met Monsieur Dujart in England; I know Monsieur de Treville.""Monsieur de Treville!" exclaimed the novice, "do you know Monsieur deTreville?"
4.  "No; but since my arrest and the robbery that was committed in myhouse, I am alarmed every time I hear a door open, particularlyin the night. What the deuce can you expect? I am noswordsman."
5.   "It is a thing of the highest interest, and upon which our futurefortune perhaps depends."
6.  "Without waiting for my coming out again?"


1.  "Is yours."
2.  D'Artagnan blushed with pleasure, and bowed a sign ofassent.
3.  Bazin became a lay brother.
4、  A fete was so rare a thing for poor Anne of Austria that at thisannouncement, as the cardinal had predicted, the last trace ofher resentment disappeared, if not from her heart at least fromher countenance. She asked upon what day this fete would takeplace, but the king replied that he must consult the cardinalupon that head.
5、  "Yes, and France is about to pay for her king's refusal with awar. I am not allowed to see you, madame, but you shall everyday hear of me. What object, think you, have this expedition toRe and this league with the Protestants of La Rochelle which I amprojecting? The pleasure of seeing you. I have no hope ofpenetrating, sword in hand, to Paris, I know that well. But thiswar may bring round a peace; this peace will require anegotiator; that negotiator will be me. They will not dare torefuse me then; and I will return to Paris, and will see youagain, and will be happy for an instant. Thousands of men, it istrue, will have to pay for my happiness with their lives; butwhat is that to me, provided I see you again! All this isperhaps folly--perhaps insanity; but tell me what woman has alover more truly in love; what queen a servant more ardent?""My Lord, my Lord, you invoke in your defense things which accuseyou more strongly. All these proofs of love which you would giveme are almost crimes."




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      "Let us dine, then," said Porthos; "it is getting cold."The friends, at ease with regard to the future, did honor to therepast, the remains of which were abandoned to Mousqueton, Bazin,Planchet, and Grimaud.

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      "Ah," said the Englishman, "is it you, my master? It seemsyou must always be playing some game or other."

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       16 IN WHICH M. SEGUIER, KEEPER OF THE SEALS, LOOKS MORE THANONCE FOR THE BELL, IN ORDER TO RING IT, AS HE DID BEFOREIt is impossible to form an idea of the impression these fewwords made upon Louis XIII. He grew pale and red alternately;and the cardinal saw at once that he had recovered by a singleblow all the ground he had lost.

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      "Ah, his name? I do not know that."

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    {  "He proposed to me to undertake it with him, and I agreed.""And how much did she give you for this fine enterprise?""A hundred louis."

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      D'Artagnan pressed nothing but a corpse in his arms. The young manuttered a cry, and fell by the side of his mistress as pale and as icyas herself.}

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      "Monsieur d'Artagnan promised me his assistance; but I soon foundout that he was betraying me."

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      The little soft light shone on in the calmness of the night.D'Artagnan then perceived a thing that he had not beforeremarked--for nothing had led him to the examination--that theground, trampled here and hoofmarked there, presented confusedtraces of men and horses. Besides, the wheels of a carriage,which appeared to have come from Paris, had made a deepimpression in the soft earth, which did not extend beyond thepavilion, but turned again toward Paris.

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       D'Artagnan was not willing to abandon his companion thus,and stooped to raise him and assist him in regaining thelines; but at this moment two shots were fired. One ballstruck the head of the already-wounded guard, and the otherflattened itself against a rock, after having passed withintwo inches of D'Artagnan.

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    {  "Yes, such a one as would be made by the grazing of a ball.""Was he not a fine-looking man?"

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      "A moment," cried D'Artagnan, making them a sign to replace inthe scabbard their half-drawn swords. "It is not courage that isneeded; it is prudence."