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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And that running footman who waited at the door, and thatcarriage with a coachman in grand livery who sat waiting on hisseat?"
2.  The abbess introduced them to each other. When this formality wasended, as her duties called her to chapel, she left the two young womenalone.
3.  Planchet and Fourreau, as pale as death, were trying to givehim succor; but it was plain that all assistance wasuseless--all the features of the dying man were distortedwith agony.
4.  "Oh, he conceals them too little for you not to divine them.""I seek to divine nothing, madame; I wait till I am confided in,and apart from that which Lord de Winter has said to me beforeyou, he has confided nothing to me."
5.  "I have that permission," said the gentleman, drawing the paperfrom his pocket; "here it is."
6.  "I?" said D'Artagnan; "nothing," and he read,


1.  "Go and call upon him, in order that he may give evidence if yourhaving been with him at half past nine. In a court of justicethat is called an alibi."
2.  At the end of a quarter of an hour, however, surprised at thelength of the journey, she leaned forward toward the door to seewhither she was being conducted. Houses were no longer to beseen; trees appeared in the darkness like great black phantomschasing one another. Milady shuddered.
3.  "Indeed!"
4.  Of the important cities given up by Henry IV to theHuguenots as places of safety, there only remained LaRochelle. It became necessary, therefore, to destroy thislast bulwark of Calvinism--a dangerous leaven with which theferments of civil revolt and foreign war were constantlymingling.
5.  "Ah, you do not love me!" cried Kitty, "and I am verywretched."
6.  To the questions which D'Artagnan put concerning her health,she replied, "Bad, very bad."


1.  And they both set forward as fast as they could toward thecountry house of the worthy functionary.
2.  "That's quite as many as we shall want. Let us load theguns."
3.  "We are returning to his Eminence, monsieur the Chevalier," said Athos,advancing; "and you will please to accept the word of Monsieurd'Artagnan that he will go straight to La Rochelle.""I must place him in the hands of guards who will take him into camp.""We will be his guards, monsieur, upon our word as gentlemen; butlikewise, upon our word as gentlemen," added Athos, knitting his brow,"Monsieur d'Artagnan shall not leave us."
4.  "How can I?"
5.   The catalogue alone of the books we read with this object wouldfill a whole chapter, which, although it might be veryinstructive, would certainly afford our readers but littleamusement. It will suffice, then, to tell them that at themoment at which, discouraged by so many fruitless investigations,we were about to abandon our search, we at length found, guidedby the counsels of our illustrious friend Paulin Paris, amanuscript in folio, endorsed 4772 or 4773, we do not recollectwhich, having for title, "Memoirs of the Comte de la Fere,Touching Some Events Which Passed in France Toward the End of theReign of King Louis XIII and the Commencement of the Reign ofKing Louis XIV."
6.  But the next day she was obliged to believe this fatal intelligence;Laporte, detained in England, as everyone else had been, by the ordersof Charles I, arrived, and was the bearer of the duke's dying gift tothe queen.


1.  "Ah, ah!" cried one of the Guards, "will you persist in saying,most discreet Aramis, that you are not on good terms with Madamede Bois-Tracy, when that gracious lady has the kindness to lendyou one of her handkerchiefs?"
2.  While this dialogue was going on, the two young men and the poorlackey descended.
3.  "What, he had done you the honor to remain here?""Yes, monsieur, in this house; and we are even a little uneasy--""On what account?"
4、  "I listen to your Eminence with greatest attention," replieda female voice which made the Musketeer start.
5、  Athos and D'Artagnan, with the activity of two soldiers andthe knowledge of two connoisseurs, hardly required threehours to purchase the entire equipment of the Musketeer.Besides, Athos was very easy, and a noble to his fingers'ends. When a thing suited him he paid the price demanded,without thinking to ask for any abatement. D'Artagnan wouldhave remonstrated at this; but Athos put his hand upon hisshoulder, with a smile, and D'Artagnan understood that itwas all very well for such a little Gascon gentleman ashimself to drive a bargain, but not for a man who had thebearing of a prince. The Musketeer met with a superbAndalusian horse, black as jet, nostrils of fire, legs cleanand elegant, rising six years. He examined him, and foundhim sound and without blemish. They asked a thousand livresfor him.




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      "Well, we shall find their muskets, their cartridges, andtheir flasks; and instead of four musketoons and twelveballs, we shall have fifteen guns and a hundred charges tofire."

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      M. de Treville was not at his hotel. His company was on guard atthe Louvre; he was at the Louvre with his company.It was necessary to reach M. de Treville; it was important thathe should be informed of what was passing. D'Artagnan resolvedto try and enter the Louvre. His costume of Guardsman in thecompany of M. Dessessart ought to be his passport.He therefore went down the Rue des Petits Augustins, and came upto the quay, in order to take the New Bridge. He had at first anidea of crossing by the ferry; but on gaining the riverside, hehad mechanically put his hand into his pocket, and perceived thathe had not wherewithal to pay his passage.

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       "One of my friends."

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      "My dear friend," said Aramis, "remember that he goes in an oppositedirection from that I which we are going, that he has a fresh horse, andours are fatigued, so that we shall disable our own horses without evena chance of overtaking him. Let the man go, D'Artagnan; let us save thewoman."

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    {  "This is all very strange," said M. de Treville, after meditatinga minute; "you mentioned my name, then, aloud?"

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      "What do you mean? Speak! you kill me."}

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      At the Louvre, August 10, 1628

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      "Yes, monseigneur," replied the young man.

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       "Be satisfied," replied Bonacieux; "my wife adores me, and thereis yet time."

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    {  "In the king's service?"

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      "Now," said the baron, "look at this woman. She is young; she isbeautiful; she possesses all earthly seductions. Well, she is amonster, who, at twenty-five years of age, has been guilty of asmany crimes as you could read of in a year in the archives of ourtribunals. Her voice prejudices her hearers in her favor; herbeauty serves as a bait to her victims; her body even pays whatshe promises--I must do her that justice. She will try to seduceyou, perhaps she will try to kill you. I have extricated youfrom misery, Felton; I have caused you to be named lieutenant; Ionce saved your life, you know on what occasion. I am for younot only a protector, but a friend; not only a benefactor, but afather. This woman has come back again into England for thepurpose of conspiring against my life. I hold this serpent in myhands. Well, I call you, and say to you: Friend Felton, John,my child, guard me, and more particularly guard yourself, againstthis woman. Swear, by your hopes of salvation, to keep hersafely for the chastisement she has merited. John Felton, Itrust your word! John Felton, I put faith in your loyalty!""My Lord," said the young officer, summoning to his mildcountenance all the hatred he could find in his heart, "my Lord,I swear all shall be done as you desire."