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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But you have seen him?"
2.  "I believe I can guess, at least."
3.  "Was it with that intention you followed me?" asked the youngwoman, with a coquettish smile, whose somewhat banteringcharacter resumed its influence, and with whom all fear haddisappeared from the moment in which she recognized a friend inone she had taken for an enemy.
4.  "The word is too mild."
5.  "You make the demand badly," replied Aramis; "and whileacknowledging the justice of your reclamation, I refuse it onaccount of the form."
6.  "You have, then, decided to come to England again," said Lord deWinter, "in spite of the resolutions you so often expressed inParis never to set your feet on British ground?"


1.  "Would you dare to lift your hand to your queen?" said Anne ofAustria, drawing herself up to her full height, and fixing hereyes upon the chancellor with an expression almost threatening."I am a faithful subject of the king, madame, and all that hisMajesty commands I shall do."
2.  And the Musketeer, with his usual coolness, reseated himselfbefore the remains of the breakfast.
3.  "Oh, my God, my God!" cried Mme. Bonacieux. "Can it be bad news?""I fear it."
4.  "Oh, no, monsieur; but out of the regard I have for you, Ihave taken the resolution to tell you so."
5.  "Humph," murmured Athos, "it is certainly she!"
6.  "This will teach you," said D'Artagnan, "to treat the guests Godsends you in a more courteous fashion."


1.  "Your name?" repeated the cavalier a second time, lettinghis cloak fall, and leaving his face uncovered.
2.  "Very well; I know all that I wish to know. Porthos's chamberis, you say, on the first story, Number One?"
3.  "Ah," said D'Artagnan, "I did not see that; it was the sword ofthe Comte de Wardes which made that hole, when he gave me a goodthrust in the breast."
4.  To see if they be strong;
5.   "Good heaven! That is enough to drive away all my pains; I couldmount him with thirty balls in my body. On my soul, handsomestirrups! HOLA, Bazin, come here this minute."
6.  "Oh, my God!" cried Anne of Austria, with an accent of terrorwhich proved how much greater an interest she took in the dukethan she ventured to tell.


1.  "Does Madame de Lannoy know what was in that casket?""Yes; the diamond studs which his Majesty gave the queen.""And she came back without this casket?"
2.  "Athos," replied the Musketeer.
3.  "And me, too!" said Aramis.
4、  At the same instant, four men, armed to the teeth, entered byside doors, and rushed upon Athos.
5、  "Come, come, Treville, hold your tongue," said the king."If his Eminence entertains any suspicion against one of myMusketeers," said Treville, "the justice of Monsieur the Cardinalis so well known that I demand an inquiry."




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      "Ah, but the valise I want," cried Porthos, "is a well-filled one, my dear."

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      "Come, then, come, then!" cried Milady, trying to drag the young womanalong by the arm. "Thanks to the garden, we yet can flee; I have thekey, but make haste! in five minutes it will be too late!"Mme. Bonacieux tried to walk, made two steps, and sank upon her knees.Milady tried to raise and carry her, but could not do it.At this moment they heard the rolling of the carriage, which at theapproach of the Musketeers set off at a gallop. Then three or fourshots were fired.

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       "No," said D'Artagnan; "no, I confess it. It was chance thatthrew me in your way; I saw a woman knocking at the window of oneof my friends."

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      All eyes were fixed upon this man, whose words were listened to withanxious attention.

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    {  "Do you know whom I have encountered here?"

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      "All that could be required of me. Order; I am ready.""For everything?"}

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      "By a mode of proceeding known to myself, and by which I likewiseoverheard the more animated conversation which had with thecardinal's police."

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      "My dear friend," said D'Artagnan, "if you annoy us in thismanner we will all four go and shut ourselves up in your cellar,and we will see if the mischief is as great as you say.""Oh, gentlemen," said the host, "I have been wrong. I confessit, but pardon to every sin! You are gentlemen, and I am a poorinnkeeper. You will have pity on me."

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       "Jesus! What do you mean by that? Poor lad! No, monsieur, hehas not a lady with him."

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    {  "Ah, I was quite sure you were a good and brave young man," saidMme. Bonacieux, holding out her hand to him, and placing theother upon the knocker of a little door almost hidden in thewall.

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      "Monsieur the Cardinal!" cried the stupefied Musketeer."Your name?" cried his Eminence, for the third time."Athos," said the Musketeer.