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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1This slide in the dollar value of exports has entirely been a price effect, driven by lower commodity prices. In volume terms, emerging market exports have continued to rise since 2014, even if volume growth in year-on-year terms has moderated to around 2 per cent, a fraction of the double-digit rates witnessed either side of the global financial crisis, as the second chart shows.
5.与此同时,法国拉罗谢尔高等商学院(La Rochelle Business School)的排名却下滑12个位置,排在第60位,去年该学校是排名上升最快的学校之一。
6.Other top ten foreign pictures were Transformers: The Last Knight, Dangal, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Kong: Skull Island.


1.Probably the most awaited movie of all time and a big one for all Batman and Superman fans. We know that Batman is going to defeat Superman, but we don't know how he's going to do so in Dawn of Justice.
4.It grows naturally into the mold's shape.
5.“I am so overwhelmed and elated that fur has been banned from London Fashion Week! Progress!” Faith wrote.


2.8. 茱莉亚-罗伯茨 1200万美元
4.The Incredible Jessica James
5. According to the annual Global Trade Protection Report, companies in the US launched 43 anti-dumping cases in 2015 and a further 22 anti-subsidy investigations aimed at securing countervailing duties. The US took the lead in both areas, overtaking India and Brazil, which launched the most cases in 2014 and 2013.


2.单词associate 联想记忆:
4、China Everbright, the financial conglomerate that bought the Dah Sing Financial Centre for HKbn (.29bn), is just one of a number of mainland Chinese companies to have splashed out on headquarters in the city over the past year.
5、6. Charlize Theron - .5 million




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    AR could be the bigger opportunity after Apple’s Tim Cook gave the technology his backing — it was included in Apple’s latest operating system and its iPhone X device.

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     The Shanghai Composite is nursing a decline of 6.85 per cent, while the tech-focused Shenzhen Composite is down 8.19 per cent.

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    {Fifty-two colleges and universities across 11 provinces in China are equipped with vending machines that sell AIDS detection reagent for students to conduct self-examinations.

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    The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) produced its Worldwide Cost of Living 2016 report, ranking countries based on the cost of various products and services.}

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    Best chances: It's always hard to bet against Streep getting a best actress nomination, and Hanks is overdue for an acting nomination after missing out in recent years.

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     A vibrant ETF market would depend on the evolution of fee-based distribution networks. Mark Talbot, managing director of Asia-Pacific at Fidelity International, says the distribution infrastructure is holding back retail demand.

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    {As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the iconic Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni’s death, up to 13 of his classics - from his debut feature Story of a Love Affair to the 1995 romance Beyond the Clouds - will be screened as an homage to the master.

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    adj. 受影响的,受感动的,受疾病侵袭的 adj. 做