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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  McFarlane wiped his damp brow, and then continued his narrative:"I was shown by this woman into a sitting-room, where a frugalsupper was laid out. Afterwards, Mr. Jonas Oldacre led me into hisbedroom, in which there stood a heavy safe. This he opened and tookout a mass of documents, which we went over together. It was betweeneleven and twelve when we finished. He remarked that we must notdisturb the housekeeper. He showed me out through his own Frenchwindow, which had been open all this time."
2.  per E. J. C.
3.  "My name is Sherlock Holmes."
4.  "I am glad to say that my investigation has not been entirelybarren," he remarked. "I cannot remain to discuss the matter withthe police, but I should be exceedingly obliged, Mr. Roundhay, ifyou would give the inspector my compliments and direct his attentionto the bedroom window and to the sitting-room lamp. Each issuggestive, and together they are almost conclusive. If the policewould desire further information I shall be happy to see any of themat the cottage. And now, Watson, I think that, perhaps, we shall bebetter employed elsewhere."
5.  "'In order to reach the billiard-room I had to descend a flight ofstairs and then to cross the head of a passage which led to thelibrary and the gun-room. You can imagine my surprise when, as Ilooked down this corridor, I saw a glimmer of light coming from theopen door of the library. I had myself extinguished the lamp andclosed the door before coming to bed. Naturally my first thought wasof burglars. The corridors at Hurlstone have their walls largelydecorated with trophies of old weapons. From one of these I picked abattle-axe, and then, leaving my candle behind me, I crept on tiptoedown the passage and peeped in at the open door.
6.  "I was sure that you would see it in that light," he purred."At the same time," Holmes continued, "Lady Eva is not a wealthywoman. I assure you that two thousand pounds would be a drain upon herresources, and that the sum you name is utterly beyond her power. Ibeg, therefore, that you will moderate your demands, and that you willreturn the letters at the price I indicate, which is, I assure you,the highest that you can get."


1.  Well, the scandal has been pretty clear for a long time.""But she may not have seen it before. Let us suppose that she hassuddenly found it out. She waits to get rid of the woman. Herbrother will not permit it. The invalid, with her weak heart andinability to get about, has no means of enforcing her will. Thehated maid is still tied to her. The lady refuses to speak, sulks,takes to drink. Sir Robert in his anger takes her pet spaniel awayfrom her. Does not all this hang together?"
2.  Holmes raised his eyebrows.
3.  "I have given him notice. In a couple of weeks I shall have shakenoff his accursed slavery. A hard man, Mr. Holmes, hard to all abouthim. Those public charities are a screen to cover his privateiniquities. But his wife was his chief victim. He was brutal to her-yes, sir, brutal! How she came by her death I do not know, but I amsure that he had made her life a misery to her. She was a creatureof the tropics, a Brazilian by birth, as no doubt you know.""No, it had escaped me."
4.  -THE END-
5.  "My dear sir, there is no need. It is all in the way of professionalexperience."
6.  "Let us look at it. Halloa, halloa! What is this?"


1.  "'My dear young lady! my dear young lady!'-you cannot think howcaressing and soothing his manner was-;'and what has frightened you,my dear lady?'
2.  We found The Three Gables a very different establishment to theorderly household of the previous day. A small group of idlers hadassembled at the garden gate, while a couple of constables wereexamining the windows and the geranium beds. Within we met a grayold gentleman, who introduced himself as the lawyer, together with abustling, rubicund inspector, who greeted Holmes as an old friend."Well, Mr. Holmes, no chance for you in this case, I'm afraid.Just a common, ordinary burglary, and well within the capacity ofthe poor old police. No experts need apply."
3.  "I have told you all I know."
4.  "I think that there is a small experiment which we may tryto-morrow, Watson, in order to throw some light on the matter.Meanwhile, if we mean to keep up our characters, I suggest that wehave our host in for a glass of his own wine and hold some highconverse upon eels and dace, which seems to be the straight road tohis affections. We may chance to come upon some useful local gossip inthe process."
5.   I seated myself in his armchair and warmed my hands before hiscrackling fire, for a sharp frost had set in, and the windows werethick with the ice crystals. "I suppose," I remarked, "that,homely as it looks, this thing has some deadly story linked on toit--that it is the clue which will guide you in the solution ofsome mystery and the punishment of some crime."
6.  "Let me say right here, Mr. Holmes," he began, "that money isnothing to me in this case. You can burn it if it's any use inlighting you to the truth. This woman is innocent and this woman hasto be cleared, and it's up to you to do it. Name your figure!""My professional charges are upon a fixed scale," said Holmescoldly. "I do not vary them, save when I remit them altogether.""Well, if dollars make no difference to you, think of thereputation. If you pull this off every paper in England and Americawill be booming you. You'll be the talk of two continents.""Thank you, Mr. Gibson, I do not think that I am in need of booming.It may surprise you to know that I prefer to work anonymously, andthat it is the problem itself which attracts me. But we are wastingtime. Let us get down to the facts."


1.  "How about poison?"
2.  "I will conceal nothing from you. I agree with you that completefrankness, however painful it may be to me, is the best policy in thisdesperate situation to which James's folly and jealousy have reducedus. When I was a very young man, Mr. Holmes, I loved with such alove as comes only once in a lifetime. I offered the lady marriage,but she refused it on the grounds that such a match might mar mycareer. Had she lived, I would certainly never have married anyoneelse. She died, and left this one child, whom for her sake I havecherished and cared for. I could not acknowledge the paternity tothe world, but I gave him the best of educations, and since he came tomanhood I have kept him near my person. He surprised my secret, andhas presumed ever since upon the claim which he has upon me, andupon his power of provoking a scandal which would be abhorrent tome. His presence had something to do with the unhappy issue of mymarriage. Above all, he hated my young legitimate heir from thefirst with a persistent hatred. You may well ask me why, under thesecircumstances, I still kept James under my roof. I answer that itwas because I could see his mother's face in his, and that for herdear sake there was no end to my long-suffering. All her pretty waystoo- there was not one of them which he could not suggest and bringback to my memory. I could not send him away. But I feared so muchlest he should do Arthur- that is, Lord Saltire- a mischief, that Idispatched him for safety to Dr. Huxtable's school.
3.  "I take him. I no ask leave. She needs doctor."
4、  1893
5、  "You like this weather?"




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      The train had already begun to move as Holmes spoke. Glancingback, I saw a tall man pushing his way furiously through the crowd,and waving his hand as if he desired to have the train stopped. It wastoo late, however, for we were rapidly gathering momentum, and aninstant later had shot clear of the station.

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      "Here we are, Watson- this must be the one." He threw it open, andas he did so there was a low, harsh murmur, growing steadily into aloud roar as a train dashed past us in the darkness. Holmes swepthis light along the window-sill. It was thickly coated with sootfrom the passing engines, but the black surface was blurred and rubbedin places.

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      "A house on fire?" asked Bradstreet as the train steamed off againon its way.

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    {  "Come, Watson, come!" he cried. "The game is afoot. Not a word! Intoyour clothes and come!"

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      "No one else?"}

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      "Exactly! Well, Watson, you have done all that a good friendcould. You can now disappear from the scene."

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       "She is there," said Holmes, and he pointed to a high bookcase inthe corner of the room.

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    {  "Which of you is Holmes?" asked this apparition.

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      "Next morning, when the police made their search."