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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What did they take?"
2.  "We put it at different angles, so that it may seem more lifelike. Iwouldn't dare touch it if the blind were not down. But when it's upyou can see this from across the way."
3.  "I did not understand that you were merely an intermediary. Who isthe principal?"
4.  Amid the droning of the wind there had come the stamping of ahorse's hoofs, and the long grind of a wheel as it rasped againstthe curb. The cab which I had seen had pulled up at our door."What can he want?" I ejaculated, as a man stepped out of it."Want? He wants us. And we, my poor Watson, want overcoats andcravats and goloshes, and every aid that man ever invented to fightthe weather. Wait a bit, though! There's the cab off again! There'shope yet. He'd have kept it if he had wanted us to come. Run down,my dear fellow, and open the door, for all virtuous folk have beenlong in bed."
5.  "Dear me, Watson," said Holmes, staring with great curiosity atthe slips of foolscap which the landlady had handed to him, "this iscertainly a little unusual. Seclusion I can understand; but why print?Printing is a clumsy process. Why not write? What would it suggestWatson?"
6.  "I say that I have solved it."


1.  "When we were taking coffee in the drawing-room that night afterdinner, I told Arthur and Mary my experience, and of the precioustreasure which we had under our roof, suppressing only the name ofmy client. Lucy Parr, who had brought in the coffee, had, I am sure,left the room; but I cannot swear that the door was closed. Mary andArthur were much interested and wished to see the famous coronet,but I thought it better not to disturb it.
2.  "Such a fact must tell against the theory that the man who breaksthem is influenced by any general hatred of Napoleon. Consideringhow many hundreds of statues of the great Emperor must exist inLondon, it is too much to suppose such a coincidence as that apromiscuous iconoclast should chance to begin upon three specimensof the same bust."
3.  Spaulding. `I should be able to look after that for you.'"`What would be the hours?' I asked.
4.  "It was on a Mediterranean yachting voyage. The company, thoughselect, paid their own passages. No doubt the promoters hardlyrealized the Baron's true character until it was too late. The villainattached himself to the lady, and with such effect that he hascompletely and absolutely won her heart. To say that she loves himhardly expresses it. She dotes upon him; she is obsessed by him.Outside of him there is nothing on earth. She will not hear one wordagainst him. Everything has been done to cure her of her madness,but in vain. To sum up, she proposes to marry him next month. As sheis of age and has a will of iron, it is hard to know how to preventher."
5.  "That will do, Mr. Wilson. I shall be happy to give you anopinion upon the subject in the course of a day or two. To-day isSaturday, and I hope that by Monday we may come to a conclusion.""Well, Watson," said Holmes when our visitor had left us,"what do you make of it all?"
6.  "Your hands, my dear sir. Your right hand is quite a sizelarger than your left. You have worked with it, and the musclesare more developed."


1.  "Why in my presence, sir?"
2.  Hall Pycroft shook his clenched hands in the air. "Good Lord!" hecried "while I have been fooled in this way, what has this otherHall Pycroft been doing at Mawson's? What should we do, Mr. Holmes?Tell me what to do."
3.  "No, thank goodness, she did not."
4.  "One moment, sir," said he. "To actually go off with the Mazarinstone would be a more serious offence than to be found in temporarypossession of it."
5.   Mycroft Holmes was a much larger and stouter man than Sherlock.His body was absolutely corpulent, but his face, though massive, hadpreserved something of the sharpness of expression which was soremarkable in that of his brother. His eyes, which were of apeculiarly light, watery gray, seemed to always retain thatfar-away, introspective look which I had only observed in Sherlock'swhen he was exerting his full powers.
6.  "Holmes, the busybody?"


1.  "James came into contact with this fellow Hayes, because the man wasa tenant of mine, and James acted as agent. The fellow was a rascalfrom the beginning, but, in some extraordinary way, James becameintimate with him. He had always a taste for low company. When Jamesdetermined to kidnap Lord Saltire, it was of this man's service thathe availed himself. You remember that I wrote to Arthur upon that lastday. Well, James opened the letter and inserted a note asking Arthurto meet him in a little wood called the Ragged Shaw, which is nearto the school. He used the Duchess's name, and in that way got the boyto come. That evening James bicycled over- I am telling you what hehas himself confessed to me- and he told Arthur, whom he met in thewood, that his mother longed to see him, that she was awaiting himon the moor, and that if he would come back into the wood atmidnight he would find a man with a horse, who would take him toher. Poor Arthur fell into the trap. He came to the appointment, andfound this fellow Hayes with a led pony. Arthur mounted, and theyset off together. It appears- though this James only heardyesterday- that they were pursued, that Hayes struck the pursuerwith his stick, and that the man died of his injuries. Hayes broughtArthur to his public-house, the Fighting Cock, where he was confinedin an upper room, under the care of Mrs. Hayes, who is a kindly woman,but entirely under the control of her brutal husband.
2.  "You see the point of my questions, of course. Either the boy wascarried off by force or he went of his own free will. In the lattercase, you would expect that some prompting from outside would beneeded to make so young a lad do such a thing. If he has had novisitors, that prompting must have come in letters; hence I try tofind out who were his correspondents."
3.  "What the deuce is he knocking at his own door for?" cried theclerk.
4、  "'It is very possible. We took no pains to hide it.'
5、  "As a rule," said Holmes, "the more bizarre a thing is theless mysterious it proves to be. It is your commonplace,featureless crimes which are really puzzling, just as acommonplace face is the most difficult to identify. But I must beprompt over this matter."




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      "I will see him there."

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      "I followed him to the top of a very lofty stair, and there, rightunder the slates, were a couple of empty, dusty little rooms,uncarpeted and uncurtained, into which he led me. I had thought of agreat office with shining tables and rows of clerks, such as I wasused to, and I daresay I stared rather straight at the two deal chairsand one little table, which with a ledger and a waste-paper basket,made up the whole furniture.

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       "It's a terrible business," said the stationmaster. "They are shotboth Mr. Hilton Cubitt and his wife. She shot him and then herself- sothe servants say. He's dead and her life is despaired of. Dear,dear, one of the oldest families in the county of Norfolk, and oneof the most honoured."

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      "I had only one confidant- my brother Mycroft. I owe you manyapologies, my dear Watson, but it was all-important that it shouldbe thought I was dead, and it is quite certain that you would not havewritten so convincing an account of my unhappy end had you notyourself thought that it was true. Several times during the last threeyears I have taken up my pen to write to you, but always I feared lestyour affectionate regard for me should tempt you to someindiscretion which would betray my secret. For that reason I turnedaway from you this evening when you upset my books, for I was indanger at the time, and any show of surprise and emotion upon yourpart might have drawn attention to my identity and led to the mostdeplorable and irreparable results. As to Mycroft, I had to confide inhim in order to obtain the money which I needed. The course ofevents in London did not run so well as I had hoped, for the trialof the Moriarty gang left two of its most dangerous members, my ownmost vindictive enemies, at liberty. I travelled for two years inTibet, therefore, and amused myself by visiting Lhassa, and spendingsome days with the head lama. You may have read of the remarkableexplorations of a Norwegian named Sigerson, but I am sure that itnever occurred to you that you were receiving news of your friend. Ithen passed through Persia, looked in at Mecca, and paid a short butinteresting visit to the Khalifa at Khartoum the results of which Ihave communicated to the Foreign Office. Returning to France, Ispent some months in a research into the coal-tar derivatives, which Iconducted in a laboratory at Montpellier, in the south of France.Having concluded this to my satisfaction and learning that only one ofmy enemies was now left in London I was about to return when mymovements were hastened by the news of this very remarkable ParkLane Mystery, which not only appealed to me by its own merits, butwhich seemed to offer some most peculiar personal opportunities. Icame over at once to London, called in my own person at BakerStreet, threw Mrs. Hudson into violent hysterics, and found thatMycroft had preserved my rooms and my papers exactly as they hadalways been. So it was, my dear Watson, that at two o'clock to-day Ifound myself in my old armchair in my own old room, and only wishingthat I could have seen my old friend Watson in the other chair whichhe has so often adorned."

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    {  "'This is my secretary and manager,' said the colonel. 'By theway, I was under the impression that I left this door shut just now. Ifear that you have felt the draught.'

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      "Here in his room."}

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      "Could they have forged a medical certificate?"

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      "If this is so, whose interest is it that, the letter should comeout? Why should anyone desire to steal it or to publish it?""There, Mr. Holmes, you take me into regions of high internationalpolitics. But if you consider the European situation you will haveno difficulty in perceiving the motive. The whole of Europe is anarmed camp. There is a double league which makes a fair balance ofmilitary power. Great Britain holds the scales. If Britain were driveninto war with one confederacy, it would assure the supremacy of theother confederacy, whether they joined in the war or not. Do youfollow?"

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       "But you must look at it with my eyes, Mr. Holmes. You mustrealize it from the point of view of a woman who sees all her life'sambition about to be ruined at the last moment. Is such a woman tobe blamed if she protects herself?"

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    {  "It's very black against her. I can't deny that. And women lead aninward life and may do things beyond the judgment of a man. At first Iwas so rattled and taken aback that I was ready to think she hadbeen led away in some extraordinary fashion that was clean against herusual nature. One explanation came into my head. I give it to you, Mr.Holmes, for what it is worth. There is no doubt that my wife wasbitterly jealous. There is a soul-jealousy that can be as frantic asany body-jealousy, and though my wife had no cause- and I think sheunderstood this- for the latter, she was aware that this Englishgirl exerted an influence upon my mind and my acts that she herselfnever had. It was an influence for good, but that did not mend thematter. She was crazy with hatred, and the beat of the Amazon wasalways in her blood. She might have planned to murder Miss Dunbar-or we will say to threaten her with a gun and so frighten her intoleaving us. Then there might have been a scuffle and the gun goneoff and shot the woman who held it."

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      "Excellent! You should have been a surgeon."