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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Is there, indeed, my good fellow? Pray tell me, is itsympathy of heart?"
2.  "My good friend, as in all probability I own my presentsafety to that influence, it would ill become me to searchtoo closely into its source; therefore, instead ofcondemning him for his intimacy with outlaws, you must giveme leave to excuse any little irregularity there may be insuch a connection; not altogether for preserving my life,for my own idea was that it never was in much danger, butcertainly for saving me 4,000 piastres, which, beingtranslated, means neither more nor less than 24,000 livresof our money -- a sum at which, most assuredly, I shouldnever have been estimated in France, proving mostindisputably," added Albert with a laugh, "that no prophetis honored in his own country."
3.  The total amount was found to be as M. Noirtier had stated."It is all as he has said; it is very evident that the mindstill retains its full force and vigor." Then, turningtowards the paralytic, he said, "You possess, then, 900,000francs of capital, which, according to the manner in whichyou have invested it, ought to bring in an income of about40,000 livres?"
4.  "Most assuredly; although I might easily have accepted it,for it was I who put into his hands the first silver he everearned; but now M. Dantes has no longer any occasion forassistance -- he is about to become a captain."
5.  "Well," replied Monte Cristo "suppose, then, that thispoison was brucine, and you were to take a milligramme thefirst day, two milligrammes the second day, and so on. Well,at the end of ten days you would have taken a centigramme,at the end of twenty days, increasing another milligramme,you would have taken three hundred centigrammes; that is tosay, a dose which you would support without inconvenience,and which would be very dangerous for any other person whohad not taken the same precautions as yourself. Well, then,at the end of a month, when drinking water from the samecarafe, you would kill the person who drank with you,without your perceiving, otherwise than from slightinconvenience, that there was any poisonous substancemingled with this water."
6.  "Sir?"


1.  "Sir!" exclaimed the young man, quite astounded, "I hope nofalse report" --
2.  "I am glad to hear it, baron, -- for I must claim theprivilege of addressing you after the manner of yourservants. I have acquired the bad habit of calling personsby their titles from living in a country where barons arestill barons by right of birth. But as regards the letter ofadvice, I am charmed to find that it has reached you; thatwill spare me the troublesome and disagreeable task ofcoming to you for money myself. You have received a regularletter of advice?"
3.  "Very well; and where is this house that I purchase?" askedthe count carelessly, addressing himself half to Bertuccio,half to the notary. The steward made a gesture thatsignified, "I do not know." The notary looked at the countwith astonishment. "What!" said he, "does not the count knowwhere the house he purchases is situated?"
4.  "Come nearer," said the magistrate, with a patronizing waveof the hand, "and tell me to what circumstance I owe thehonor of this visit."
5.  "If I live, all would be changed; if I live, interest wouldbe converted into doubt, pity into hostility; if I live I amonly a man who his broken his word, failed in hisengagements -- in fact, only a bankrupt. If, on thecontrary, I die, remember, Maximilian, my corpse is that ofan honest but unfortunate man. Living, my best friends wouldavoid my house; dead, all Marseilles will follow me in tearsto my last home. Living, you would feel shame at my name;dead, you may raise your head and say, `I am the son of himyou killed, because, for the first time, he has beencompelled to break his word.'"
6.  "`Which is to recover a lost and adored son.'"


1.  "Because their deeds have brought them good fortune, whilehonest men have been reduced to misery."
2.  "I think so," answered Albert in a firm tone. "We willaccept them the more readily, since we have them not here;you know they are buried in the garden of the little housein the Allees de Meillan, at Marseilles. With 200 francs wecan reach Marseilles."
3.  "I bought it for two hundred thousand francs, madame," saidMonte Cristo; "but that is a trifle, since it enables me tojustify myself to you."
4.  "And so, in fact, he is," said the owner.
5.   "I say he is a myth," replied Albert, "and never had anexistence."
6.  His whiskers cut off, Noirtier gave another turn to hishair; took, instead of his black cravat, a coloredneckerchief which lay at the top of an open portmanteau; puton, in lieu of his blue and high-buttoned frock-coat, a coatof Villefort's of dark brown, and cut away in front; triedon before the glass a narrow-brimmed hat of his son's, whichappeared to fit him perfectly, and, leaving his cane in thecorner where he had deposited it, he took up a small bambooswitch, cut the air with it once or twice, and walked aboutwith that easy swagger which was one of his principalcharacteristics.


1.  "What? You believe so?"
2.  "Why," said Dantes, "if in two or three days you hail anyfishing-boat, desire them to come here to me. I will paytwenty-five piastres for my passage back to Leghorn. If youdo not come across one, return for me." The patron shook hishead.
3.  "It is he!" said Villefort, turning pale.
4、  "He is a philanthropist," answered the other; "and no doubthis motive in visiting Paris is to compete for the Monthyonprize, given, as you are aware, to whoever shall be provedto have most materially advanced the interests of virtue andhumanity. If my vote and interest can obtain it for him, Iwill readily give him the one and promise the other. Andnow, my dear Franz, let us talk of something else. Come,shall we take our luncheon, and then pay a last visit to St.Peter's?" Franz silently assented; and the followingafternoon, at half-past five o'clock, the young men parted.Albert de Morcerf to return to Paris, and Franz d'Epinay topass a fortnight at Venice. But, ere he entered histravelling carriage, Albert, fearing that his expected guestmight forget the engagement he had entered into, placed inthe care of a waiter at the hotel a card to be delivered tothe Count of Monte Cristo, on which, beneath the name ofVicomte Albert de Morcerf, he had written in pencil -- "27,Rue du Helder, on the 21st May, half-past ten A.M."
5、  "Here he is, here he is!" cried a voice from the landing;"here he is! I see him!" The brigadier had put his eye tothe keyhole, and had discovered Andrea in a posture ofentreaty. A violent blow from the butt end of the musketburst open the lock, two more forced out the bolts, and thebroken door fell in. Andrea ran to the other door, leadingto the gallery, ready to rush out; but he was stopped short,and he stood with his body a little thrown back, pale, andwith the useless knife in his clinched hand.




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      "Well, then, the Frenchman took off his mask; Teresa, withthe chief's consent, did the same. The Frenchman asked for arendezvous; Teresa gave him one -- only, instead of Teresa,it was Beppo who was on the steps of the church of SanGiacomo."

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      "No," said Monte Cristo; "I told you I did not wish to bebehind my time; I dressed myself in the carriage, anddescended at the viscount's door." The young men looked ateach other; they did not know if it was a comedy MonteCristo was playing, but every word he uttered had such anair of simplicity, that it was impossible to suppose what hesaid was false -- besides, why should he tell a falsehood?"We must content ourselves, then," said Beauchamp, "withrendering the count all the little services in our power. I,in my quality of journalist, open all the theatres to him."

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    {  "Oh, you frighten me! But speak; I will listen."

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      "Ah, that is something," said Albert; "to-day is Thursday,and who knows what may arrive between this and Sunday?"}

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      "That is of no consequence; I always have one ready, day andnight."

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      "To Yanina?"

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       "No, for I am only embarked in certainties," repliedDanglars, with the air of a mountebank sounding his ownpraises; "to involve me, three governments must crumble todust."

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    {  "Can we account for instinct?" said Monte Cristo. "Are therenot some places where we seem to breathe sadness? -- why, wecannot tell. It is a chain of recollections -- an idea whichcarries you back to other times, to other places -- which,very likely, have no connection with the present time andplace. And there is something in this room which reminds meforcibly of the chamber of the Marquise de Ganges* orDesdemona. Stay, since we have finished dinner, I will showit to you, and then we will take coffee in the garden. Afterdinner, the play." Monte Cristo looked inquiringly at hisguests. Madame de Villefort rose, Monte Cristo did the same,and the rest followed their example. Villefort and MadameDanglars remained for a moment, as if rooted to their seats;they questioned each other with vague and stupid glances."Did you hear?" said Madame Danglars.

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      "My child," exclaimed the old lady sharply, "let us hearnone of the conventional objections that deter weak mindsfrom preparing for the future. I also was married at thedeath-bed of my mother, and certainly I have not been lesshappy on that account."