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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Such is really the case, I assure you, upon my honor!Baptiste, give me yesterday's paper," cried Beauchamp.
2.  The night gradually drew on, and the foliage in the gardenassumed a deeper hue. Then Morrel came out from hishiding-place with a beating heart, and looked through thesmall opening in the gate; there was yet no one to be seen.The clock struck half-past eight, and still anotherhalf-hour was passed in waiting, while Morrel walked to andfro, and gazed more and more frequently through the opening.The garden became darker still, but in the darkness helooked in vain for the white dress, and in the silence hevainly listened for the sound of footsteps. The house, whichwas discernible through the trees, remained in darkness, andgave no indication that so important an event as thesignature of a marriage-contract was going on. Morrel lookedat his watch, which wanted a quarter to ten; but soon thesame clock he had already heard strike two or three timesrectified the error by striking half-past nine.
3.  "Is it possible you were so kind?"
4.  "How do you know?" Debray shrugged his shoulders. "The ideaof asking how I hear the news," he said. The baroness didnot wait for a repetition; she ran to her husband, whoimmediately hastened to his agent, and ordered him to sellat any price. When it was seen that Danglars sold, theSpanish funds fell directly. Danglars lost five hundredthousand francs; but he rid himself of all his Spanishshares. The same evening the following was read in LeMessager:
5.  "He did not speak to me of it," replied the shipowner; "butif there be any letter he will give it to me."
6.  "An old gentleman," continued the concierge, "a stanchfollower of the Bourbons; he had an only daughter, whomarried M. de Villefort, who had been the king's attorney atNimes, and afterwards at Versailles." Monte Cristo glancedat Bertuccio, who became whiter than the wall against whichhe leaned to prevent himself from falling. "And is not thisdaughter dead?" demanded Monte Cristo; "I fancy I have heardso."


1.  "I do not mean to say you will lose, but, nevertheless, mindyou hold to the terms of the agreement."
2.  "Just as he was, his mind perfectly clear, but the sameincapability of moving or speaking."
3.  "Oh, as for that, I'll take you to a splendid place," saidthe man with the handkerchief; and taking the horse's bit heled the tilbury where it was certainly impossible for anyone to witness the honor that Andrea conferred upon him.
4.  "Well, you would do much better to find him a jacket and apair of trousers, if you have them."
5.  "I ought not to influence you, because it is only my ownpersonal impression."
6.  There, seated before a walnut table he had brought with himfrom Hartwell, and to which, from one of those fancies notuncommon to great people, he was particularly attached, theking, Louis XVIII., was carelessly listening to a man offifty or fifty-two years of age, with gray hair,aristocratic bearing, and exceedingly gentlemanly attire,and meanwhile making a marginal note in a volume ofGryphius's rather inaccurate, but much sought-after, editionof Horace -- a work which was much indebted to the sagaciousobservations of the philosophical monarch.


1.  "Why, he must be a nabob. Do you know what those threewindows were worth?"
2.  "My father, my father!" cried the young man, "why should younot live?"
3.  "My father knows me," replied Villefort; "he is quite surethat his wishes will be held sacred by me; besides, heunderstands that in my position I cannot plead against thepoor." The eye of Noirtier beamed with triumph. "What do youdecide on, sir?" asked the notary of Villefort.
4.  "Well, yes, and I had good reason to be so," repliedChateau-Renaud. "I was retreating on foot, for my horse wasdead. Six Arabs came up, full gallop, to cut off my head. Ishot two with my double-barrelled gun, and two more with mypistols, but I was then disarmed, and two were still left;one seized me by the hair (that is why I now wear it soshort, for no one knows what may happen), the other swung ayataghan, and I already felt the cold steel on my neck, whenthis gentleman whom you see here charged them, shot the onewho held me by the hair, and cleft the skull of the otherwith his sabre. He had assigned himself the task of saving aman's life that day; chance caused that man to be myself.When I am rich I will order a statue of Chance from Klagmannor Marochetti."
5.   "And so he is in Paris?"
6.  "Ah, that would be a great pity," said Villefort.


1.  "His talent? I believe he thrusts pins through the heads ofrabbits, he makes fowls eat madder, and punches the spinalmarrow out of dogs with whalebone."
2.  "It was."
3.  Before him is a dead sea that stretches in azure calm beforethe eye; but he who unwarily ventures within its embracefinds himself struggling with a monster that would drag himdown to perdition. Once thus ensnared, unless the protectinghand of God snatch him thence, all is over, and hisstruggles but tend to hasten his destruction. This state ofmental anguish is, however, less terrible than thesufferings that precede or the punishment that possibly willfollow. There is a sort of consolation at the contemplationof the yawning abyss, at the bottom of which lie darknessand obscurity.
4、  "`Wait while I light the lamp,' said La Carconte; `it isgrowing dark, and there may be some mistake.' In fact, nighthad come on during this conversation, and with night thestorm which had been threatening for the last half-hour. Thethunder growled in the distance; but it was apparently notheard by the jeweller, Caderousse, or La Carconte, absorbedas they were all three with the demon of gain. I myselffelt; a strange kind of fascination at the sight of all thisgold and all these bank-notes; it seemed to me that I was ina dream, and, as it always happens in a dream, I felt myselfriveted to the spot. Caderousse counted and again countedthe gold and the notes, then handed them to his wife, whocounted and counted them again in her turn. During thistime, the jeweller made the diamond play and sparkle in thelamplight, and the gem threw out jets of light which madehim unmindful of those which -- precursors of the storm --began to play in at the windows. `Well,' inquired thejeweller, `is the cash all right?'
5、  "I say that Monte Cristo is an island in the midst of theMediterranean, without inhabitants or garrison, the resortof smugglers of all nations, and pirates of every flag. Whoknows whether or not these industrious worthies do not payto their feudal lord some dues for his protection?"




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      As for Villefort, instead of sending to Paris, he carefullypreserved the petition that so fearfully compromised Dantes,in the hopes of an event that seemed not unlikely, -- thatis, a second restoration. Dantes remained a prisoner, andheard not the noise of the fall of Louis XVIII.'s throne, orthe still more tragic destruction of the empire.

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      "Oh, that I do, and with infinite pleasure," answeredAlbert; "and so much the more readily as a letter receivedthis morning from my father summons me to Paris, inconsequence of a treaty of marriage (my dear Franz, do notsmile, I beg of you) with a family of high standing, andconnected with the very cream of Parisian society."

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       "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo, with the same indomitablecoolness; "let us see. Are you not the soldier Fernand whodeserted on the eve of the battle of Waterloo? Are you notthe Lieutenant Fernand who served as guide and spy to theFrench army in Spain? Are you not the Captain Fernand whobetrayed, sold, and murdered his benefactor, Ali? And havenot all these Fernands, united, made Lieutenant-General, theCount of Morcerf, peer of France?"

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      At eight o'clock in the morning Albert had arrived atBeauchamp's door. The valet de chambre had received ordersto usher him in at once. Beauchamp was in his bath. "Here Iam," said Albert.

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    {  "Oh, as for parricides, and such dreadful people as that,"interposed Renee, "it matters very little what is done tothem; but as regards poor unfortunate creatures whose onlycrime consists in having mixed themselves up in politicalintrigues" --

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      "What did he answer?"}

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      "No, my dear Vampa," replied the count; "besides, youcompensate for your mistakes in so gentlemanly a way, thatone almost feels obliged to you for having committed them."

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    {  "Oh, speak, speak, doctor; I shall have courage."

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      The general, with his head thrown back, hands extended, gazefixed, looked silently at this dreadful apparition; thenseeking the wall to support him, he glided along close to ituntil he reached the door, through which he went outbackwards, uttering this single mournful, lamentable,distressing cry, -- "Edmond Dantes!" Then, with sighs whichwere unlike any human sound, he dragged himself to the door,reeled across the court-yard, and falling into the arms ofhis valet, he said in a voice scarcely intelligible, --"Home, home." The fresh air and the shame he felt at havingexposed himself before his servants, partly recalled hissenses, but the ride was short, and as he drew near hishouse all his wretchedness revived. He stopped at a shortdistance from the house and alighted.