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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I don't know what to say, Mr. Holmes," he blurted out at last, witha very red face. "It seems to me that I have been making a fool ofmyself from the beginning. I understand now, what I should neverhave forgotten, that I am the pupil and you are the master. Even now Isee what you have done, but I don't know how you did it or what itsignifies."
2.  Sherlock Holmes closed his eyes and placed his elbows upon thearms of his chair, with his finger-tips together. "The idealreasoner," he remarked, "would, when he had once been shown asingle fact in all its bearings, deduce from it not only all thechain of events which led up to it but also all the results whichwould follow from it. As Cuvier could correctly describe a wholeanimal by the contemplation of a single bone, so the observer whohas thoroughly understood one link in a series of incidents shouldbe able to accurately state all the other ones, both before andafter. We have not yet grasped the results which the reason alonecan attain to. Problems may be solved in the study which havebaffled all those who have sought a solution by the aid of theirsenses. To carry the art, however, to its highest pitch, it isnecessary that the reasoner should be able to utilize all thefacts which have come to his knowledge; and this in itselfimplies, as you will readily see, a possession of all knowledge,which, even in these days of free education and encyclopaedias, isa somewhat rare accomplishment. It is not so impossible, however,that a man should possess all knowledge which is likely to beuseful to him in his work, and this I have endeavoured in my caseto do. If I remember rightly, you on one occasion, in the earlydays of our friendship, defined my limits in a very precisefashion."
3.  "Did you make any local inquiries?"
4.  "Pals of the Dook, I suppose?" said the landlord, surveying ourmud-stained garments with ironical eyes.
5.  "No."
6.  "Mr. Fowler was a very kind-spoken, free-handed gentleman," saidMrs. Toller serenely.


1.  "Yes, my correspondence has certainly the charm of variety," heanswered, smiling, "and the humbler are usually the moreinteresting. This looks like one of those unwelcome social summonseswhich call upon a man either to be bored or to lie."
2.  "It was too delicate a thing for me to put the details on paper. Andtoo complicated. It was only face to face I could do it.""Well, we are at your disposal."
3.  "I am sorry to hear this," said he. "I only know Mr. Holmesthrough some business dealings which we have had, but I have everyrespect for his talents and his character. He is an amateur ofcrime, as I am of disease. For him the villain, for me the microbe.There are my prisons," he continued, pointing to a row of bottlesand jars which stood upon a side table. "Among those gelatinecultivations some of the very worst offenders in the world are nowdoing time."
4.  The unfortunate young man staggered back, and cast a look full ofhorror and reproach at Bannister.
5.  "Exactly. Well, now, Watson, how many cows did you see on the moor?""I don't remember seeing any."
6.  "Dear me! Well, it is certainly a most curious little problem. I maytake a glance at it in my leisure. By the way, it is curious thatyou should have come from Topeka. I used to have a correspondent- heis dead now- old Dr. Lysander Starr, who was mayor in 1890.""Good old Dr. Starr!" said our visitor. "His name is still honoured.Well, Mr. Holmes, I suppose all we can do is to report to you andlet you know how we progress. I reckon you will hear within a day ortwo." With this assurance our American bowed and departed.Holmes had lit his pipe, and he sat for some time with a curioussmile upon his face.


1.  "Still, jealousy is a strange transformer of characters. Pray whatis your own theory as to what took place?"
2.  "Save for the business in the crypt."
4.  "Here was one of my fixed points secured.
5.   "There is a chance for you to make some money, friend Watson,"said he. "Have you ever heard the name of Garrideb?"
6.  Ferguson looked at me with a question in his eyes.


1.  "On the contrary," said Holmes, "out of my last fifty-three cases myname has only appeared in four, and the police have had all the creditin forty-nine. I don't blame you for not knowing this, for you areyoung and inexperienced, but if you wish to get on in your newduties you will work with me and not against me."
2.  "Undoubtedly it is blood. This alone puts the lady's story out ofcourt. If she were seated on the chair when the crime was done, howcomes that mark? No, no, she was placed in the chair after the deathof her husband. I'll wager that the black dress shows acorresponding mark to this. We have not yet met our Waterloo,Watson, but this is our Marengo, for it begins in defeat and ends invictory. I should like now to have a few words with the nurse,Theresa. We must be wary for a while, if we are to get the informationwhich we want."
3.  Holmes had been examining the cover of the notebook with hismagnifying lens.
4、  "Run away, little Jacky," said he, and he watched his son withloving eyes until he disappeared. "Now, Mr. Holmes," he continued whenthe boy was gone, "I really feel that I have brought you on a fool'serrand, for what can you possibly do save give me your sympathy? Itmust be an exceedingly delicate and complex affair from your pointof view."
5、  "Capital! Between your brandy and your bandage, I feel a new man.I was very weak, but I have had a good deal to go through.""Perhaps you had better not speak of the matter. It is evidentlytrying to your nerves."




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      "Ah! who? I would call your attention very particularly to twopoints. One is that the murdered man had an appointment with someoneat the pool, and that the someone could not have been his son, for hisson was away, and he did not know when he would return. The secondis that the murdered man was heard to cry 'Cooee!' before he knew thathis son had returned. Those are the crucial points upon which the casedepends. And now let us talk about George Meredith, if you please, andwe shall leave all minor matters until to-morrow."

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      Holmes laughed softly to himself and stretched himself out uponthe cushioned seat. "Both you and the coroner have been at somepains," said he, "to single out the very strongest points in the youngman's favour. Don't you see that you alternately give him credit forhaving too much imagination and too little? Too little, if he couldnot invent a cause of quarrel which would give him the sympathy of thejury; too much, if he evolved from his own inner consciousnessanything so outre as a dying reference to a rat, and the incident ofthe vanishing cloth. No, sir, I shall approach this case from thepoint of view that what this young man says is true, and we shallsee whither that hypothesis will lead us. And now here is my pocketPetrarch, and not another word shall I say of this case until we areon the scene of action. We lunch at Swindon, and I see that we shallbe there in twenty minutes."

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       "Pangs shot through the chest, causing me to fall as if struck bya bullet. The pulsation would cease, and then the heart would give sixor seven leaps as if it would force its way through the chest."It nearly killed him, although he had only been exposed to it inthe disturbed ocean and not in the narrow calm waters of abathing-pool. He says that he could hardly recognize himselfafterwards, so white, wrinkled and shrivelled was his face. Hegriped down brandy, a whole bottleful, and it seems to have savedhis life. There is the book, Inspector. I leave it with you, and youcannot doubt that it contains a full explanation of the tragedy ofpoor McPherson."

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      "But you have read the evidence, You have formed some conclusion? Doyou not see some loophole, some flaw? Do you not yourself think thathe is innocent?"

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    {  So, indeed, it proved, and as I come to the dark conclusion of astory which had seemed to me to be only childish and bizarre, Iexperience once again the dismay and horror with which I was filled.Would that I had some brighter ending to communicate to my readers,but these are the chronicles of fact, and I must follow to theirdark crisis the strange chain of events which for some days madeRiding Thorpe Manor a household word through the length and breadth ofEngland.

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      "I should say it was impossible. If you examine the roofs you willfind that they are slightly rounded, and there is no railing roundthem. Therefore, we can say for certain that young Cadogan West wasplaced on it."}

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      I ascended again and handed the note to Dolores, who cautiouslyopened the door. A minute later I heard a cry from within, a cry inwhich joy and surprise seemed to be blended. Dolores looked out."She will see them. She will leesten," said she.

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       "That's for a jury to decide," said Lestrade. "Anyhow, we shall haveyou on a charge of conspiracy, if not for attempted murder.""And you'll probably find that your creditors will impound thebanking account of Mr. Cornelius," said Holmes.

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    {  "How could he be placed there?"

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      "By George, it's marvellous!" cried Hopkins, in an ecstasy ofadmiration. "To think that I had all that evidence in my hand andnever knew it! I had intended, however, to go the round of theLondon opticians."