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2.  "That is excellent," said Mr. Bennett. "I warn you, however, thatthe professor is irascible and violent at times."
3.  "What time?"
4.  "No, I have moved nothing."
5.  Holmes was gray with anger and mortification.
6.  disappointment and annoyance.


1.  "How did he come?"
2.  "I am sure you did not, for a duster would have swept away theseshreds of varnish. Who has the key of this bureau?"
3.  "I think I have known how to frame the letter," said SherlockHolmes. "In fact, if I am not very much mistaken, here is thegentleman himself coming up the drive."
4.  "On the face of it the case is not a very complex one, though itcertainly presents some novel and interesting features. A furtherknowledge of facts is necessary before I would venture to give a finaland definite opinion. By the way, Mr. Baynes, did you find anythingremarkable besides this note in your examination of the house?"The detective looked at my friend in a singular way.
5.  "'Not at all. I only doubt-'
6.  "Well, it might do- so far as it goes."


2.  "No, no. The place belonged to her late husband, Sir James Norbertonhas no claim on it at all. It is only a life interest and reverts toher husband's brother. Meantime, she draws the rents every year.""And brother Robert, I suppose, spends the said rents?""That is about the size of it. He is a devil of a fellow and mustlead her a most uneasy life. Yet I have heard that she is devoted tohim. But what is amiss at Shoscombe?"
3.  "'Ay, we'll just ask ye when we want ye,' said she, and shut thedoor in my face. Annoyed at the churlish rebuff, I turned my backand walked home. All evening, though I tried to think of otherthines my mind would still turn to the apparition at the window andthe rudeness of the woman. I determined to say nothing about theformer to my wife, for she is a nervous, highly strung woman, and Ihad no wish that she should share the unpleasant impression whichhad been produced upon myself. I remarked to her, however, before Ifell asleep, that the cottage was now occupied, to which shereturned no reply.
4.  "It is not for me, my dear Watson, to stand in the way of theofficial police force. I leave them all the evidence which I found.The poison still remained upon the talc had they the wit to find it.Now, Watson, we will light our lamp; we will, however, take theprecaution to open our window to avoid the premature decease of twodeserving members of society, and you will seat yourself near thatopen window in an armchair unless, like a sensible man, youdetermine to have nothing to do with the affair. Oh, you will see itout, will you? I thought I knew my Watson. This chair I will placeopposite yours, so that we may be the same distance from the poisonand face to face. The door we will leave ajar. Each is now in aposition to watch the other and to bring the experiment to an endshould the symptoms seem alarming. Is that all clear? Well, then, Itake our powder- or what remains of it- from the envelope, and I layit above the burning lamp. So! Now, Watson, let us sit down andawait developments."
5.   Cyril Overton pressed his hands to his head. "I can make nothingof it," said he.
6.  "Well," I said, laughing, "I am prepared to take your word for it.Does anything depend upon it?"


1.  "Why should I tell you?"
2.  "Return ticket from Mackleton, in the north of England," saidHolmes, drawing it from the watch-pocket. "It is not twelve o'clockyet He has certainly been an early starter."
3.  "I give it up," said Lestrade.
4、  "There is one thing," said John Openshaw. He rummaged in hiscoat pocket, and, drawing out a piece of discoloured, blue-tintedpaper, he laid it out upon the table. "I have some remembrance,"said he, "that on the day when my uncle burned the papers Iobserved that the small, unburned margins which lay amid the asheswere of this particular colour. I found this single sheet uponthe floor of his room, and I am inclined to think that it may beone of the papers which has, perhaps, fluttered out from among theothers, and in that way has escaped destruction. Beyond themention of pips, I do not see that it helps us much. I thinkmyself that it is a page from some private diary. The writing isundoubtedly my uncle's."
5、  "Ah! You recognize the symptoms?"




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      "Quite so, it is perfectly possible. What, are you off?"Yes, Mr. Holmes, there is no rest for me until I have got to thebottom of the business. I suppose you have no hint to give me?""I have given you one."

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      "Then I can assure you that our relations were entirely and alwaysthose of an employer towards a young lady whom he never conversedwith, or ever saw, save when she was in the company of his children."Holmes rose from his chair.

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       "'That's not quite good enough,' answered Forbes. 'We have reason tobelieve that you have taken a paper of importance from the ForeignOffice, and that you ran in here to dispose of it. You must comeback with us to Scotland Yard to be searched.'

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      "So they have. And many men have been wrongfully hanged.""What is the young man's own account of the matter?"

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    {  "This outburst rather astonished me, as you can think. 'Well,'said I, 'other people don't think quite so much of me as you seem todo, Mr. Pinner. I had a hard enough fight to get this berth, and Iam very glad to have it.'

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      "Well, I suggested a blind."}

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      "An outspoken, honest antagonist is the doctor," said Holmes. "Well,well, he excites my curiosity, and I must really know before I leavehim."

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      "I was going to tell you when we had this comic interlude. Here isMrs. Maberley's note. If you care to come with me we will wire her andgo out at once."

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       I remembered Holmes's injunction.

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    {  "And they were posted to-day at Gravesend. Well, Mrs. St. Clair, theclouds lighten, though I should not venture to say that the dangeris over."

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      "I've got him thoroughly frightened for his own skin, Watson,"Holmes remarked as we walked on. "I think he would double-cross hisemployer if he knew who he was. It was lucky I had some knowledge ofthe Spencer John crowd, and that Steve was one of them. Now, Watson,this is a case for Langdale Pike, and I am going to see him now.When I get back I may be clearer in the matter."