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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Now as regards the second question."
2.  "It is that, next to you, Bertuccio must be the richestgentleman in Europe."
3.  "I am all attention," said the abbe.
4.  "l said there were no fixed habitations on it, but I saidalso that it served sometimes as a harbor for smugglers."
5.  "I know it is very bitter," said Valentine; "so bitter, thatall I drink afterwards appears to have the same taste."Noirtier looked inquiringly at his granddaughter. "Yes,grandpapa," said Valentine; "it is so. Just now, before Icame down to you, I drank a glass of sugared water; I lefthalf, because it seemed so bitter." Noirtier turned pale,and made a sign that he wished to speak. Valentine rose tofetch the dictionary. Noirtier watched her with evidentanguish. In fact, the blood was rushing to the young girl'shead already, her cheeks were becoming red. "Oh," cried she,without losing any of her cheerfulness, "this is singular! Ican't see! Did the sun shine in my eyes?" And she leanedagainst the window.
6.  "Because, my lord." said Haidee eagerly, "my miseries recallto me the remembrance of your goodness."


1.  "The same thing that happened to Brutus the night before thebattle of Philippi; I have seen a ghost."
2.  "Yes," said Monte Cristo "you were a major; that is thetitle the French give to the post which you filled inItaly."
3.  "But do you think we shall find the count at home?"
4.  "Certainly not!" returned Danglars. Then added in a lowwhisper, "You understand that, on account of your uncle, M.Policar Morrel, who served under the other government, andwho does not altogether conceal what he thinks on thesubject, you are strongly suspected of regretting theabdication of Napoleon. I should have feared to injure bothEdmond and yourself, had I divulged my own apprehensions toa soul. I am too well aware that though a subordinate, likemyself, is bound to acquaint the shipowner with everythingthat occurs, there are many things he ought most carefullyto conceal from all else."
5.  "Well, and what may you have to say against this name?"inquired Albert; "it is a very pretty name, and theadventures of the gentleman of that name amused me very muchin my youth, I must confess." -- Franz said no more. Thename of Sinbad the Sailor, as may well be supposed, awakenedin him a world of recollections, as had the name of theCount of Monte Cristo on the previous evening.
6.  "No; I have a cousin who has undertaken this sad office. Ishall work, doctor -- when I work I forget everything." And,indeed, no sooner had the doctor left the room, than he wasagain absorbed in study. On the doorsteps d'Avrigny met thecousin whom Villefort had mentioned, a personage asinsignificant in our story as in the world he occupied --one of those beings designed from their birth to makethemselves useful to others. He was punctual, dressed inblack, with crape around his hat, and presented himself athis cousin's with a face made up for the occasion, and whichhe could alter as might be required. At twelve o'clock themourning-coaches rolled into the paved court, and the Rue duFaubourg Saint-Honore was filled with a crowd of idlers,equally pleased to witness the festivities or the mourningof the rich, and who rush with the same avidity to a funeralprocession as to the marriage of a duchess.


1.  "Have you known what it is to have your father starve todeath in your absence?" cried Monte Cristo, thrusting hishands into his hair; "have you seen the woman you lovedgiving her hand to your rival, while you were perishing atthe bottom of a dungeon?"
2.  "Listen," said Morcerf -- "if Mademoiselle Danglars weredisposed to take pity on my supposed martyrdom on heraccount, and would dispense with all matrimonial formalitiesbetween our two families, I am ready to agree to thearrangement. In a word, Mademoiselle Danglars would make acharming mistress -- but a wife -- diable!"
3.  "What did you do then?"
4.  "Well, I think" -- Andrea stopped and looked around.
5.   "Hush," said the count, "do not joke in so loud a tone;Haidee may hear you, perhaps."
6.  The salutation was so well understood that Morrel, with thesame expression in his eyes, placed his handkerchief to hismouth; and these two living statues, whose hearts beat soviolently under their marble aspect, separated from eachother by the whole length of the room, forgot themselves fora moment, or rather forgot the world in their mutualcontemplation. They might have remained much longer lost inone another, without any one noticing their abstraction. TheCount of Monte Cristo had just entered.


1.  Bertuccio bowed respectfully, and turned away, sighingheavily. Monte Cristo, left alone, took three or four stepsonwards, and murmured, "Here, beneath this plane-tree, musthave been where the infant's grave was dug. There is thelittle door opening into the garden. At this corner is theprivate staircase communicating with the sleeping apartment.There will be no necessity for me to make a note of theseparticulars, for there, before my eyes, beneath my feet, allaround me, I have the plan sketched with all the livingreality of truth." After making the tour of the garden asecond time, the count re-entered his carriage, whileBertuccio, who perceived the thoughtful expression of hismaster's features, took his seat beside the driver withoututtering a word. The carriage proceeded rapidly towardsParis.
2.  "As for that, M. Morrel," said he, again turning his quid,"as for that" --
3.  "Your excellency has 5,050,000 francs in your pocket; thatwill be fifty fowls at 100,000 francs apiece, and half afowl for the 50,000."
4、  "Every criminal says the same thing."
5、  "For what reason?"




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      "Do you hear what he says, major?"

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      "Come, come, calm yourself. You will excite your blood, andthat would produce an appetite it would require a million aday to satisfy. Be more economical."

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       "Ah, true. You do not know the Italian nobility; theCavalcanti are all descended from princes."

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      "It was through Haidee that the Chamber was informed of hisfather's treason."

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    {  A light yacht, chaste and elegant in its form, was glidingamidst the first dews of night over the immense lake,extending from Gibraltar to the Dardanelles, and from Tunisto Venice. The vessel resembled a swan with its wings openedtowards the wind, gliding on the water. It advanced swiftlyand gracefully, leaving behind it a glittering stretch offoam. By degrees the sun disappeared behind the westernhorizon; but as though to prove the truth of the fancifulideas in heathen mythology, its indiscreet rays reappearedon the summit of every wave, as if the god of fire had justsunk upon the bosom of Amphitrite, who in vain endeavored tohide her lover beneath her azure mantle. The yacht movedrapidly on, though there did not appear to be sufficientwind to ruffle the curls on the head of a young girl.Standing on the prow was a tall man, of a dark complexion,who saw with dilating eyes that they were approaching a darkmass of land in the shape of a cone, which rose from themidst of the waves like the hat of a Catalan. "Is that MonteCristo?" asked the traveller, to whose orders the yacht wasfor the time submitted, in a melancholy voice.

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      "Sir," replied the host, "we will do all in our power toprocure you one -- this is all I can say."}

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      "Are on either side of the gate, which you see there." AndAndrea continued his plan.

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      It was agreed in a brief council held among them, that Julieshould write to her brother, who was in garrison at Nimes,to come to them as speedily as possible. The poor women feltinstinctively that they required all their strength tosupport the blow that impended. Besides, Maximilian Morrel,though hardly two and twenty, had great influence over hisfather. He was a strong-minded, upright young man. At thetime when he decided on his profession his father had nodesire to choose for him, but had consulted youngMaximilian's taste. He had at once declared for a militarylife, and had in consequence studied hard, passedbrilliantly through the Polytechnic School, and left it assub-lieutenant of the 53d of the line. For a year he hadheld this rank, and expected promotion on the first vacancy.In his regiment Maximilian Morrel was noted for his rigidobservance, not only of the obligations imposed on asoldier, but also of the duties of a man; and he thus gainedthe name of "the stoic." We need hardly say that many ofthose who gave him this epithet repeated it because they hadheard it, and did not even know what it meant. This was theyoung man whom his mother and sister called to their aid tosustain them under the serious trial which they felt theywould soon have to endure. They had not mistaken the gravityof this event, for the moment after Morrel had entered hisprivate office with Cocles, Julie saw the latter leave itpale, trembling, and his features betraying the utmostconsternation. She would have questioned him as he passed byher, but the worthy creature hastened down the staircasewith unusual precipitation, and only raised his hands toheaven and exclaimed, "Oh, mademoiselle, mademoiselle, whata dreadful misfortune! Who could ever have believed it!" Amoment afterwards Julie saw him go up-stairs carrying two orthree heavy ledgers, a portfolio, and a bag of money.

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       "Without any inquiry, without any formality?"

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    {  The count looked at Mercedes as if to interrogate her, butshe continued to walk on in silence, and he refrained fromspeaking. They reached the building, ornamented withmagnificent fruits, which ripen at the beginning of July inthe artificial temperature which takes the place of the sun,so frequently absent in our climate. The countess left thearm of Monte Cristo, and gathered a bunch of Muscatelgrapes. "See, count," she said, with a smile so sad in itsexpression that one could almost detect the tears on hereyelids -- "see, our French grapes are not to be compared, Iknow, with yours of Sicily and Cyprus, but you will makeallowance for our northern sun." The count bowed, butstepped back. "Do you refuse?" said Mercedes, in a tremulousvoice. "Pray excuse me, madame," replied Monte Cristo, "butI never eat Muscatel grapes."

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      "You may."