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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Doubtless you made, then, some apology or explanation?"
2.  All that evening nothing was spoken of but the foresight ofDanglars, who had sold his shares, and of the luck of thestock-jobber, who only lost five hundred thousand francs bysuch a blow. Those who had kept their shares, or boughtthose of Danglars, looked upon themselves as ruined, andpassed a very bad night. Next morning Le Moniteur containedthe following:
3.  "Alas, alas, sir, have pity on me!"
4.  "You have no money coming in on which you can rely?"
5.  "Do you not know their history?"
6.  "But," said Beauchamp, who, as became a journalist, was veryincredulous, "you always carry this drug about you?"


1.  "Tell me on which point you desire information, and I willtell all I know; only," added he, with a smile, "I warn youI know very little."
2.  "But so it is."
3.  "Yes, let us go to the library, please." The marquis tookhis arm, and they left the salon.
4.  "I am innocent."
5.  "My father -- I will know who my father is," said theobstinate youth; "I will perish if I must, but I will knowit. What does scandal signify to me? What possessions, whatreputation, what `pull,' as Beauchamp says, -- have I? Yougreat people always lose something by scandal,notwithstanding your millions. Come, who is my father?"
6.  "He fancies he possesses an immense treasure. The first yearhe offered government a million of francs for his release;the second, two; the third, three; and so on progressively.He is now in his fifth year of captivity; he will ask tospeak to you in private, and offer you five millions."


1.  "So much the better -- so much the better! Nothing will givegreater pleasure to all your old friends; and I know onedown there behind the Saint Nicolas citadel who will not besorry to hear it."
2.  "He quietly said, `What do I care if I am?'"
3.  Danglars followed Edmond and Mercedes with his eyes untilthe two lovers disappeared behind one of the angles of FortSaint Nicolas, then turning round, he perceived Fernand, whohad fallen, pale and trembling, into his chair, whileCaderousse stammered out the words of a drinking-song.
4.  "And who found this father for you?"
5.   "Oh, no, for when I had taken out the thread I required, Ihemmed the edges over again."
6.  "Yes," said Morrel, "it is true; I have but now left a housewhere death has just entered, to run to you."


1.  "It has returned, count," exclaimed Morrel; "that is why Ihastened to you."
2.  "But do you know this mysterious count is a bachelor?"
3.  "By whom?"
4、  "What is the matter?" said Madame de Villefort in a harshand constrained tone.
5、  According to the arrangements, the carriage was waiting atthe door. The guide held the door open. Guides are usefulpeople, who will turn their hands to anything. Danglarsleaped into the carriage like a young man of twenty. Thecicerone reclosed the door, and sprang up by the side of thecoachman. Peppino mounted the seat behind.




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      "Well, M. Morrel," said Danglars, "you have heard of themisfortune that has befallen us?"

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      In the court showing his merchandise, was a tradesman whohad been admitted with the same precautions. The baronessascended the steps; she felt herself strongly infected withthe sadness which seemed to magnify her own, and stillguided by the valet de chambre, who never lost sight of herfor an instant, she was introduced to the magistrate'sstudy. Preoccupied as Madame Danglars had been with theobject of her visit, the treatment she had received fromthese underlings appeared to her so insulting, that shebegan by complaining of it. But Villefort, raising his head,bowed down by grief, looked up at her with so sad a smilethat her complaints died upon her lips. "Forgive myservants," he said, "for a terror I cannot blame them for;from being suspected they have become suspicious."

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       "Hush," said the count, "do not joke in so loud a tone;Haidee may hear you, perhaps."

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      "Spada set out about two o'clock to San Pierdarena. The popeawaited him. The first sight that attracted the eyes ofSpada was that of his nephew, in full costume, and CaesarBorgia paying him most marked attentions. Spada turned pale,as Caesar looked at him with an ironical air, which provedthat he had anticipated all, and that the snare was wellspread. They began dinner and Spada was only able to inquireof his nephew if he had received his message. The nephewreplied no; perfectly comprehending the meaning of thequestion. It was too late, for he had already drunk a glassof excellent wine, placed for him expressly by the pope'sbutler. Spada at the same moment saw another bottle approachhim, which he was pressed to taste. An hour afterwards aphysician declared they were both poisoned through eatingmushrooms. Spada died on the threshold of the vineyard; thenephew expired at his own door, making signs which his wifecould not comprehend.

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    {  "I have no one."

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      "Once for all, sir," replied the baroness sharply, "I tellyou I will not hear cash named; it is a style of language Inever heard in the house of my parents or in that of myfirst husband."}

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      "My worthy Cocles," said Morrel in a tone impossible todescribe, "do you remain in the ante-chamber. When thegentleman who came three months ago -- the agent of Thomson& French -- arrives, announce his arrival to me." Coclesmade no reply; he made a sign with his head, went into theanteroom, and seated himself. Morrel fell back in his chair,his eyes fixed on the clock; there were seven minutes left,that was all. The hand moved on with incredible rapidity, heseemed to see its motion.

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      "Well, well! Nothing more is wanting than to arrest thecount as a vagabond, on the pretext of his being too rich."

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       "Yes," said Madame Danglars, "that is she. Shall I tell youwhat you ought to do, Morcerf?"

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    {  "The skilful swordsman whom you have conquered."

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      Barrois, therefore, as we have seen, watched for Valentine,and informed her of her grandfather's wish. Consequently,Valentine came up to Noirtier, on leaving Madame deSaint-Meran, who in the midst of her grief had at lastyielded to fatigue and fallen into a feverish sleep. Withinreach of her hand they placed a small table upon which stooda bottle of orangeade, her usual beverage, and a glass.Then, as we have said, the young girl left the bedside tosee M. Noirtier. Valentine kissed the old man, who looked ather with such tenderness that her eyes again filled withtears, whose sources he thought must be exhausted. The oldgentleman continued to dwell upon her with the sameexpression. "Yes, yes," said Valentine, "you mean that Ihave yet a kind grandfather left, do you not." The old manintimated that such was his meaning. "Ah, yes, happily Ihave," replied Valentine. "Without that, what would becomeof me?"