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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'But I was after him in an instant and caught him by the sleeve."'Where do you live?' said I.
2.  "Yes, but with my back towards it."
3.  "Plenty more here, Count. Here is the robbery in the train de-luxeto the Riviera on February 13, 1892. Here is the forged check in thesame year on the Credit Lyonnais."
4.  On the bed a woman was lying who was clearly in a high fever. Shewas only half conscious, But as I entered she raised a pair offrightened but beautiful eyes and glared at me in apprehension. Seeinga stranger, she appeared to be relieved and sank back with a sigh uponthe pillow. I stepped up to her with a few reassuring words, and shelay still while I took her pulse and temperature. Both were high,and yet my impression was that the condition was rather that of mentaland nervous excitement than of any actual seizure.
5.  "I told him about the Chinese in the East End."
6.  "I wonder that my very simple stratagem could deceive so old ashikari," said Holmes. "It must be very familiar to you. Have younot tethered a young kid under a tree, lain above it with yourrifle, and waited for the bait to bring up your tiger? This emptyhouse is my tree, and you are my tiger. You have possibly had otherguns in reserve in case there should be several tigers, or in theunlikely supposition of your own arm failing you. These," he pointedaround, "are my other guns. The parallel is exact."


1.  My friend seemed struck by this remark.
2.  "My way ran down a dried-up water course, which we hoped wouldscreen me from the enemy's sentries; but as I crept round the cornerof it I walked right into six of them, who were crouching down inthe dark waiting for me. In an instant I was stunned with a blow andbound hand and foot. But the real blow was to my heart and not to myhead, for as I came to and listened to as much as I could understandof their talk, I heard enough to tell me that my comrade, the very manwho had arranged the way I was to take, had betrayed me by means ofa native servant into the hands of the enemy.
3.  "What is the matter?"
4.  "No, he had taken it with him. I think, Mr. Holmes, it is timethat we were leaving for Euston."
5.  "Anything remarkable about him?"
6.  "Good, Watson, very good- but quite inadmissible. A Spaniard wouldwrite to a Spaniard in Spanish. The writer of this note is certainlyEnglish. Well, we can only possess our souls in patience until thisexcellent inspector comes back for us. Meanwhile we can thank ourlucky fate which has rescued us for a few short hours from theinsufferable fatigues of idleness."


1.  "Then we have stopped all the holes. And now we must besilent and wait."
2.  My friend bowed and smiled. "Mr. Sandeford, of Reading, Isuppose?" said he.
3.  "You have a clue?"
4.  "What price?"
5.   "Well, on the road itself?"
6.  "Excellent! What did they get?"


1.  "My wire! I sent no wire."
2.  "It was you- you yourself?"
3.  "Where the Crown diamond now is."
4、  "Oh, fresh and glossy."
5、  "You don't keep a dog?"




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      "`Then, good-bye, Mr. Jabez Wilson, and let me congratulateyou once more on the important position which you have beenfortunate enough to gain.' He bowed me out of the room, and Iwent home with my assistant, hardly knowing what to say or do, Iwas so pleased at my own good fortune.

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      "That blew over all right."

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       "Yes, from that time onward for the whole morning."

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      I could see, from Hopkins's face, that he never had, but Holmeswas keenly interested.

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    {  "You will perceive," he said, "that the clips are lined with tinybands of cork to soften the pressure upon the nose. One of these isdiscoloured and worn to some slight extent, but the other is new.Evidently one has fallen off and been replaced. I should judge thatthe older of them has not been there more than a few months. Theyexactly correspond, so I gather that the lady went back to the sameestablishment for the second."

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      "Better pick up Mr. Melas on our way," I suggested. "We may needan interpreter."}

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      But there was no great difficulty in the first stage of myadventure. Upper Swandam Lane is a vile alley lurking behind thehigh wharves which line the north side of the river to the east ofLondon Bridge. Between a slop-shop and a gin-shop, approached by asteep flight of steps leading down to a black gap like the mouth ofa cave, I found the den of which I was in search. Ordering my cab towait, I passed down the steps, worn hollow in the centre by theceaseless tread of drunken feet and by the light of a flickeringoillamp above the door I found the latch and made my way into along, low room, thick and heavy with the brown opium smoke, andterraced with wooden berths, like the forecastle of an emigrant ship.Through the gloom one could dimly catch a glimpse of bodies lying instrange fantastic poses, bowed shoulders, bent knees, heads thrownback, and chins pointing upward, with here and there a dark,lack-lustre eye turned upon the newcomer. Out of the black shadowsthere glimmered little red circles of light, now bright, now faint, asthe burning poison waxed or waned in the bowls of the metal pipes. Themost lay silent, but some muttered to themselves, and others talkedtogether in a strange, low, monotonous voice, their conversationcoming in gushes, and then suddenly tailing off into silence, eachmumbling out his own thoughts and paying little heed to the words ofhis neighbour. At the farther end was a small brazier of burningcharcoal, beside which on a three-legged wooden stool there sat atall, thin old man, with his jaw resting upon his two fists, and hiselbows upon his knees, staring into the fire.

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      "I am."

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       "No one."

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    {  "And it will, too," remarked Holmes. "Very good, Mrs. Merrilow. Ishould like to have a little chat with Dr. Watson. That will carryus till lunch-time. About three o'clock you may expect to see us atyour house in Brixton."

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      "Try the settee," said Holmes, relapsing into his armchair andputting his fingertips together, as was his custom when injudicial moods. "I know, my dear Watson, that you share my loveof all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrumroutine of everyday life. You have shown your relish for it bythe enthusiasm which has prompted you to chronicle, and, if youwill excuse my saying so, somewhat to embellish so many of my ownlittle adventures."