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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "This was not all. I have a new writing-table with a fine surface ofred leather. I am prepared to swear, and so is Bannister, that itwas smooth and unstained. Now I found a clean cut in it about threeinches long- not a mere scratch, but a positive cut. Not only this,but on the table I found a small ball of black dough or clay, withspecks of something which looks like sawdust in it. I am convincedthat these marks were left by the man who rifled the papers. Therewere no footmarks and no other evidence as to his identity. I was atmy wit's end, when suddenly the happy thought occurred to me thatyou were in the town, and I came straight round to put the matter intoyour hands. Do help me, Mr. Holmes. You see my dilemma. Either Imust find the man or else the examination must be postponed untilfresh papers are prepared, and since this cannot be done withoutexplanation, there will ensue a hideous scandal, which will throw acloud not only on the college, but on the university. Above allthings, I desire to settle the matter quietly and discreetly.""I shall be happy to look into it and to give you such advice as Ican," said Holmes, rising and putting on his overcoat. "The case isnot entirely devoid of interest. Had anyone visited you in your roomafter the papers came to you?"
2.  "Well, yes, of course the pay is good-too good. That is what makesme uneasy. Why should they give you L120 a year, when they couldhave their pick for L40? There must be some strong reason behind.""I thought that if I told you the circumstances you would understandafterwards if I wanted your help. I should feel so much stronger ifI felt that you were at the back of me."
3.  "And also unfrocked."
4.  "No, no, nothing of the kind. It is perhaps the best possiblesolution. I trust Mr. Holder, that you are nearing the end of yourtroubles."
5.  It was not a long vigil. Within a quarter of an hour we saw thebig open yellow barouche coming down the long avenue, with twosplendid, high-stepping gray carriage horses in the shafts. Holmescrouched behind his bush with the dog. I stood unconcernedlyswinging a cane in the roadway. A keeper ran out and the gates swungopen.
6.  "Dead, sir. Died of grief for its master."


1.  In the third week of November, in the year 1895, a dense yellow fogsettled down upon London. From the Monday to the Thursday I doubtwhether it was ever possible from our windows in Baker Street to seethe loom of the opposite houses. The first day Holmes had spent incross-indexing his huge book of references. The second and third hadbeen patiently occupied upon a subject which he had recently madehis hobby- the music of the Middle Ages. But when, for the fourthtime, after pushing back our chairs from breakfast we saw thegreasy, heavy brown swirl still drifting past us and condensing inoily drops upon the window-panes, my comrade's impatient and activenature could endure this drab existence no longer. He paced restlesslyabout our sitting-room in a fever of suppressed energy, biting hisnails, tapping the furniture, and chafing against inaction."Nothing of interest in the paper, Watson?" he said.
2.  "This is Grosvenor mixture at eightpence an ounce," Holmes answered,knocking a little out on his palm. "As he might get an excellent smokefor half the price, he has no need to practise economy.""And the other points?"
3.  We both put our eyes to the grating. The prisoner lay with hisface towards us, in a very deep sleep, breathing slowly and heavily.He was a middle-sized man, coarsely clad as became his calling, with acoloured shirt protruding through the rent in his tattered coat. Hewas, as the inspector had said, extremely dirty, but the grime whichcovered his face could not conceal its repulsive ugliness. A broadwheal from an old scar ran right across it from eye to chin, and byits contraction had turned up one side of the upper lip, so that threeteeth were exposed in a perpetual snarl. A shock of very bright redhair grew low over his eyes and forehead.
4.  "I should have gone to the City that day, but I was too disturbed inmy mind to be able to pay attention to business matters. My wifeseemed to be as upset as myself, and I could see from the littlequestioning glances which she kept shooting at me that sheunderstood that I disbelieved her statement, and that she was at herwit's end what to do. We hardly exchanged a word during breakfast, andimmediately afterwards I went out for a walk that I might think thematter out in the fresh morning air.
5.  As I dressed I glanced at my watch. It was no wonder that no one wasstirring. It was twenty-five minutes past four. I had hardlyfinished when Holmes returned with the news that the boy was puttingin the horse.
6.  "You must know that my grandfather had two sons--my uncleElias and my father Joseph. My father had a small factory atCoventry, which he enlarged at the time of the invention ofbicycling. He was a patentee of the Openshaw unbreakable tire,and his business met with such success that he was able to sell itand to retire upon a handsome competence.


1.  She cast a look of the deepest disdain in his direction. "Why shouldyou cling so hard to that wretched life of yours, Sergius?" saidshe. "It has done harm to many and good to none- not even to yourself.However, it is not for me to cause the frail thread to be snappedbefore God's time. I have enough already upon my soul since Icrossed the threshold of this cursed house. But I must speak or Ishall be too late.
2.  "We are on the outskirts of Lee," said my companion. "We havetouched on three English counties in our short drive, starting inMiddlesex, passing over an angle of Surrey, and ending in Kent. Seethat light among the trees? That is The Cedars, and beside that lampsits a woman whose anxious ears have already, I have little doubt,caught the clink of our horse's feet."
3.  yourself in the meanwhile, for I do not think that there can be adoubt that you are threatened by a very real and imminent danger.How do you go back?"
5.   "Sir Eustace Brackenstall, the driver tells me."
6.  "Oh, that's your idea!"


1.  "'Within the last five?'
2.  "We shall spend the night in your room, and we shall investigate thecause of this noise which has disturbed you."
3.  "Because, my dear Watson, I had the strongest possible reason forwishing certain people to think that I was there when I was reallyelsewhere."
4、  "But what were his relations with the governess, and how did youdiscover them?"
5、  "That was what the county coroner asked me at the inquiry. It ismy strong impression that I heard it, and yet, among the crash ofthe gale and the creaking of an old house, I may possibly have beendeceived."




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      "But why on earth should you be pursued with such animosity?""Ah, that is the question."

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      "Because Inspector Martin from Norwich has just passed through.But maybe you are the surgeons. She's not dead- or wasn't by lastaccounts. You may be in time to save her yet- though it be for thegallows."

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       I was living in my own rooms in Queen Anne Street at the time, but Iwas round at Baker Street before the time named. Sharp to thehalf-hour, Colonel Sir James Damery was announced. It is hardlynecessary to describe him, for many will remember that large, bluff,honest personality, that broad, clean-shaven face, and, above all,that pleasant, mellow voice. Frankness shone from his gray Irish eyes,and good humour played round his mobile, smiling lips. His lucenttop-hat, his dark frock-coat, indeed, every detail, from the pearl pinin the black satin cravat to the lavender spats over the varnishedshoes, spoke of the meticulous care in dress for which he wasfamous. The big, masterful aristocrat dominated the little room."Of course, I was prepared to find Dr. Watson," he remarked with acourteous bow. "His collaboration may be very necessary, for we aredealing on this occasion, Mr. Holmes, with a man to whom violence isfamiliar and who will, literally, stick at nothing. I should saythat there is no more dangerous man in Europe."

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      "Is it one of your cases?"

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    {  "We have a long way to go yet," said he. "And yet- and yet- well, wehave some suggestive facts to act upon. The possession of thistrifling bust was worth more, in the eyes of this strange criminal,than a human life. That is one point. Then there is the singularfact that he did not break it in the house, or immediately outside thehouse, if to break it was his sole object."

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      "And as far off as Birmingham?"}

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      "Well, Holmes, I must confess that when I consider that this is aman who would certainly brush any obstacle from his path, and when Iremember that his wife may have been an obstacle and an object ofdislike, as that man Bates plainly told us, it seems to me-""Exactly. And to me also."

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      "I want to know what you have done with the Lady Frances Carfax,whom you brought away with you from Baden."

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       "I fancy that, for some few years, you will find your time veryfully occupied," said he. "By the way, what was it you put into thewood-pile besides your old trousers? A dead dog, or rabbits, orwhat? You won't tell? Dear me, how very unkind of you! Well, well, Idaresay that a couple of rabbits would account both for the bloodand for the charred ashes. If ever you write an account, Watson, youcan make rabbits serve your turn."

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    {  Some three hours or so afterwards we were all in the train together,bound from Reading to the little Berkshire village. There wereSherlock Holmes, the hydraulic engineer, Inspector Bradstreet, ofScotland Yard, a plain-clothes man, and myself. Bradstreet hadspread an ordnance map of the county out upon the seat and was busywith his compasses drawing a circle with Eyford for its centre."There you are," said he. "That circle is drawn at a radius of tenmiles from the village. The place we want must be somewhere nearthat line. You said ten miles, I think, sir."

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      "Oh, if you find your own cases more interesting than mine-" saidHolmes with some asperity.