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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "To the waters of Forges?"
2.  "Yes. The cardinal, as it appears, pursues he and persecutes hermore than ever. He cannot pardon her the history of theSaraband. You know the history of the Saraband?""PARDIEU! Know it!" replied D'Artagnan, who knew nothing aboutit, but who wished to appear to know everything that was goingon.
3.  "To Calais," said D'Artagnan; "that is the most direct line toLondon."
4.  "Oh, it was in vain she told me you would not come! I hoped in silence.I was not willing to fly. Oh, I have done well! How happy I am!"At this word SHE, Athos, who had seated himself quietly, started up."SHE! What she?" asked D'Artagnan.
5.  "Bills upon his Majesty's private treasury," answered D'Artagnan,who, reckoning upon entering into the king's service inconsequence of this recommendation, believed he could make thissomewhat hazardous reply without telling of a falsehood."The devil!" cried the host, at his wit's end.
6.  "My dear D'Artagnan," said Aramis, "don't be too angry with me, Ibeg. Necessity has no law; besides, I am the person punished, asthat rascally horsedealer has robbed me of fifty louis, at least.Ah, you fellows are good managers! You ride on our lackey'shorses, and have your own gallant steeds led along carefully byhand, at short stages."


1.  "The queen will only be the more grateful to you, as she knowsyour antipathy for that amusement; besides, it will be anopportunity for her to wear those beautiful diamonds which yougave her recently on her birthday and with which she has sincehad no occasion to adorn herself."
2.  Still further, in Buckingham's lodging, which he had beenforced to abandon more precipitately than he expected,papers were found which confirmed this alliance and which,as the cardinal asserts in his memoirs, strongly compromisedMme. de Chevreuse and consequently the queen.
3.  "A little town on the Lys; I shall only have to cross the river, and Ishall be in a foreign country."
4.  "Oh, you'll know it someday, Aramis; but at present I mustimitate the discretion of 'the doctor's niece.'"
5.  D'Artagnan sank on his knees and prayed.
6.  It is by more order and for the good of the state that thebearer of this has done what he has done.


1.  "Listen," said he to him. "When you have given the letterto Lord de Winter and he has read it, you will further sayto him: Watch over his Grace Lord Buckingham, for they wishto assassinate him. But this, Planchet, is so serious andimportant that I have not informed my friends that I wouldentrust this secret to you; and for a captain's commission Iwould not write it."
2.  This cry was generally heeded; for the Musketeers were known tobe enemies of the cardinal, and were beloved on account of thehatred they bore to his Eminence. Thus the soldiers of othercompanies than those which belonged to the Red Duke, as Aramishad called him, often took part with the king's Musketeers inthese quarrels. Of three Guardsmen of the company of M.Dessessart who were passing, two came to the assistance of thefour companions, while the other ran toward the hotel of M. deTreville, crying, "To the rescue, Musketeers! To the rescue!"As usual, this hotel was full of soldiers of this company, whohastened to the succor of their comrades. The MELEE becamegeneral, but strength was on the side of the Musketeers. Thecardinal's Guards and M. de la Tremouille's people retreated intothe hotel, the doors of which they closed just in time to preventtheir enemies from entering with them. As to the wounded man, hehad been taken in at once, and, as we have said, in a very badstate.
3.  "My letter of recommendation!" cried D'Artagnan, "my letter ofrecommendation! or, the holy blood, I will spit you all likeortolans!"
4.  The assassins comprehended that if they fled toward the campwithout having killed their man, they should be accused byhim; therefore their first idea was to join the enemy. Oneof them took his gun by the barrel, and used it as he woulda club. He aimed a terrible blow at D'Artagnan, who avoidedit by springing to one side; but by this movement he left apassage free to the bandit, who darted off toward thebastion. As the Rochellais who guarded the bastion wereignorant of the intentions of the man they saw coming towardthem, they fired upon him, and he fell, struck by a ballwhich broke his shoulder.
5.   "You do not understand me, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, throwingup his head, the sharp and bold lines of which were at the momentgilded by a bright ray of the sun. "I asked to be excused incase I should not be able to discharge my debt to all three; forMonsieur Athos has the right to kill me first, which I must abateyour valor in your own estimation, Monsieur Porthos, and renderyours almost null, Monsieur Aramis. And now, gentlemen, Irepeat, excuse me, but on that account only, and--on guard!"At these words, with the most gallant air possible, D'Artagnandrew his sword.
6.  "I know that you have been abducted, madame."


1.  My Dear Cousin, Here is the authorization from my sister to withdrawour little servant from the convent of Bethune, the air of which youthink is bad for her. My sister sends you this authorization with greatpleasure, for she is very partial to the little girl, to whom sheintends to be more serviceable hereafter.
2.  And he drew away his friend, as affectionate as a father, as consolingas a priest, noble as a man who has suffered much.All five, followed by their lackeys leading their horses, took their wayto the town of Bethune, whose outskirts they perceived, and stoppedbefore the first inn they came to.
3.  "My faith! never mind where it comes from," said Porthos,"let us taste it, and if it is good, let us drink it.""No," said Athos; "don't let us drink wine which comes froman unknown source."
4、  "Yes, yes; you have already given me that reason, and I find itexcellent."
5、  "I must have," said the duke, "a proof of his connectionwith Buckingham."




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      At the end of five hundred paces, more or less, they came to a rivulet,which they forded.

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      "Where is that?"

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       "Frightful! frightful!" murmured Athos, while Porthos brokethe bottles and Aramis gave orders, a little too late, thata confessor should be sent for."

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      Milady seized the occasion,

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    {  "You are a jewel of a man, Mr. O'Reilly; but that is not all.These studs cannot be trusted to anybody; it must be done in thepalace."

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      His whole body appeared in its ordinary state of calmness, only anunusual fire beamed from his eyes, like the effects of a fever; his browwas more pale than it generally was; his teeth were clenched, and hisspeech had a short dry accent which indicated that something dark was atwork within him.}

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      He leaped with Planchet into the boat, and five minutes afterthey were on board. It was time; for they had scarcely sailedhalf a league, when D'Artagnan saw a flash and heard adetonation. It was the cannon which announced the closing of theport.

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      "Oh, I am sure of that!"

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       "And you were right," cried Aramis and Porthos, with onevoice.

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    {  Instead of returning directly home, D'Artagnan alighted at thedoor of M. de Treville, and ran quickly up the stairs. This timehe had decided to relate all that had passed. M. de Trevillewould doubtless give him good advice as to the whole affair.Besides, as M. de Treville saw the queen almost daily, he mightbe able to draw from her Majesty some intelligence of the pooryoung woman, whom they were doubtless making pay very dearly forher devotedness to her mistress.

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      "But where are you going to eat my breakfast?" asked thehost.