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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Fortunately the storm began to subside, but still the sea wasdisturbed. The little boat bounded over the waves like a nut-shell.
2.  "Oh, difficulties do not affright me," said D'Artagnan. "Ishrink before nothing but impossibilities."
3.  "Wretch!" cried Milady.
4.  "Pardon me, monseigneur, for saying such things, but they form myexcuse. The authorities had terrified me, and you know that aninnkeeper must keep on good terms with the authorities.""But once again, that gentleman-where is he? What has become ofhim? Is he dead? Is he living?"
5.  "Yes, yes," continued M. de Treville, growing warmer as he spoke,"and his majesty was right; for, upon my honor, it is true thatthe Musketeers make but a miserable figure at court. Thecardinal related yesterday while playing with the king, with anair of condolence very displeasing to me, that the day beforeyesterday those DAMNED MUSKETEERS, those DAREDEVILS--he dweltupon those words with an ironical tone still more displeasing tome--those BRAGGARTS, added he, glancing at me with his tiger-cat's eye, had made a riot in the Rue Ferou in a cabaret, andthat a party of his Guards (I thought he was going to laugh in myface) had been forced to arrest the rioters! MORBLEU! You mustknow something about it. Arrest Musketeers! You were amongthem--you were! Don't deny it; you were recognized, and thecardinal named you. But it's all my fault; yes, it's all myfault, because it is myself who selects my men. You, Aramis, whythe devil did you ask me for a uniform when you would have beenso much better in a cassock? And you, Porthos, do you only wearsuch a fine golden baldric to suspend a sword of straw from it?And Athos--I don't see Athos. Where is he?"
6.  "With me you will be as safe as in a temple; I give you my wordof a gentleman."


1.  Kitty was but too well aware of that. In a turn of the handshe muffled him up in a flowered robe, a large hood, and acloak. She gave him some slippers, in which he placed hisnaked feet, and then conducted him down the stairs. It wastime. Milady had already rung her bell, and roused thewhole hotel. The porter was drawing the cord at the momentMilady cried from her window, "Don't open!"
2.  "I passed the day and the night in prayer, for I hoped that Godwould pardon me my suicide.
3.  "No, sire, but I say that he deceives himself. I say that he isill-informed. I say that he has hastily accused your Majesty'sMusketeers, toward whom he is unjust, and that he has notobtained his information from good sources."
4.  "Oh, good Lord! What have I said?"
5.  D'Artagnan followed Milady without being perceived by her.He saw her get into her carriage, and heard her order thecoachman to drive to St. Germain.
6.  All the rest of the furniture indicated that the dweller in this houseoccupied himself with the study of natural science. There were largebottles filled with serpents, ticketed according to their species; driedlizards shone like emeralds set in great squares of black wood, andbunches of wild odoriferous herbs, doubtless possessed of virtuesunknown to common men, were fastened to the ceiling and hung down in thecorners of the apartment. There was no family, no servant; the tall manalone inhabited this house.


1.  "Oh, no; he must have been prevented by Monsieur de Trevilleor Monsieur Dessessart. I understand my game, Kitty; I havethis one safe."
2.  "Are you quite sure of it?"
3.  In fact the Rochellais had made a sortie during the night,and had retaken a bastion of which the royal army had gainedpossession two days before. The matter was to ascertain, byreconnoitering, how the enemy guarded this bastion.At the end of a few minutes Monsieur raised his voice, andsaid, "I want for this mission three or four volunteers, ledby a man who can be depended upon."
4.  D'Artagnan became more and more astonished.
5.   Milady smiled. "I am her best friend."
6.  "What matter, if you are paid for it?" said Athos, and hethrew two pistoles majestically on the table.


1.  "Bah! Be satisfied," said D'Artagnan, laughing, "Porthos willpay you with the money of the Duchess Coquenard.""Oh, monsieur, procurator's wife or duchess, if she will butloosen her pursestrings, it will be all the same; but shepositively answered that she was tired of the exigencies andinfidelities of Monsieur Porthos, and that she would not send hima denier."
2.  "I have told, sir," murmured Milady, lowering her voice, andallowing herself to sink overpowered to the ground; "I have toldmy secret! He knows all! My God, I am lost!"
3.  "And you have that letter of the cardinal?" said D'Artagnan."Here it is," said Athos; and he took the invaluable paperfrom the pocket of his uniform. D'Artagnan unfolded it withone hand, whose trembling he did not even attempt toconceal, to read:
4、  "What would you? The cardinal has a weakness for these men which Icannot comprehend."
5、  "Yes, I have something of the highest importance to tell you.""True," said he, "and I have some questions sufficiently seriousto put to you. Describe to me your abduction, I pray you.""Oh, that's of no consequence just now," said Mme. Bonacieux."And what does it concern, then--my captivity?"




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      "For life," replied Porthos, in the same manner.

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      "You villian, will you finish?" cried D'Artagnan, "Athos-what hasbecome of Athos?"

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      "Planchet," said D'Artagnan to his domestic, who just theninsinuated his head through the half-open door in order to catchsome fragments of the conversation, "go down to my landlord,Monsieur Bonacieux, and ask him to send me half a dozen bottlesof Beaugency wine; I prefer that."

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    {  "I say, sire, that my health is sinking under these excessivestruggles and these never-ending labors. I say that according toall probability I shall not be able to undergo the fatigues ofthe siege of La Rochelle, and that it would be far better thatyou should appoint there either Monsieur de Conde, Monsieur deBassopierre, or some valiant gentleman whose business is war, andnot me, who am a churchman, and who am constantly turned asidefor my real vocation to look after matters for which I have noaptitude. You would be the happier for it at home, sire, and Ido not doubt you would be the greater for it abroad.""Monsieur Duke," said the king, "I understand you. Be satisfied,all who are named in that letter shall be punished as theydeserve, even the queen herself."

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      It was a frightful thing to see this wretch, leaving a longtrack of blood on the ground he passed over, pale withapproaching death, trying to drag himself along withoutbeing seen to the body of his accomplice, which lay twentypaces from him.}

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      "If I should happen to be any distance from you when the carriage comesfor you--at dinner or supper, for instance?"

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      M. de Treville entertained good company, wholly anticardinalst,though. It may easily be understood, therefore, that theconversation during the whole of dinner turned upon the twochecks that his Eminence's Guardsmen had received. Now, asD'Artagnan had been the hero of these two fights, it was upon himthat all the felicitations fell, which Athos, Porthos, and Aramisabandoned to him, not only as good comrades, but as men who hadso often had their turn that could very well afford him his.Toward six o'clock M. de Treville announced that it was time togo to the Louvre; but as the hour of audience granted by hisMajesty was past, instead of claiming the ENTREE by the backstairs, he placed himself with the four young men in theantechamber. The king had not yet returned from hunting. Ouryoung men had been waiting about half an hour, amid a crowd ofcourtiers, when all the doors were thrown open, and his Majestywas announced.

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       D'Artagnan bowed with respect.

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    {  At length a fresh discharge was heard, and this time theballs came rattling among the stones around the fourfriends, and whistling sharply in their ears. TheRochellais had at last taken possession of the bastion."These Rochellais are bungling fellows," said Athos; "howmany have we killed of them--a dozen?"

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      "I wore an enormous cloak," said Aramis.