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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That I may have the pleasure of seeing you, my littlefellow."
2.  "Oh, no," said Morrel; "my sister is five and twenty, mybrother-in-law is thirty, they are gay, young, and happy.Besides, the count will be in his own house, and only seethem when he thinks fit to do so."
3.  "I love Zaccone, and he hates him; we are consequently notfriends."
4.  "And who thus advised you?"
5.  "Tell me."
6.  "Did I not tell you just now that I was rich, Maximilian --too rich? I possess nearly 50,000 livres in right of mymother; my grandfather and my grandmother, the Marquis andMarquise de Saint-Meran, will leave me as much, and M.Noirtier evidently intends making me his heir. My brotherEdward, who inherits nothing from his mother, will,therefore, be poor in comparison with me. Now, if I hadtaken the veil, all this fortune would have descended to myfather, and, in reversion, to his son."


1.  We have already said that there was something in the countwhich attracted universal attention wherever he appeared. Itwas not the coat, unexceptional in its cut, though simpleand unornamented; it was not the plain white waistcoat; itwas not the trousers, that displayed the foot so perfectlyformed -- it was none of these things that attracted theattention, -- it was his pale complexion, his waving blackhair, his calm and serene expression, his dark andmelancholy eye, his mouth, chiselled with such marvellousdelicacy, which so easily expressed such high disdain, --these were what fixed the attention of all upon him. Manymen might have been handsomer, but certainly there could benone whose appearance was more significant, if theexpression may be used. Everything about the count seemed tohave its meaning, for the constant habit of thought which hehad acquired had given an ease and vigor to the expressionof his face, and even to the most trifling gesture, scarcelyto be understood. Yet the Parisian world is so strange, thateven all this might not have won attention had there notbeen connected with it a mysterious story gilded by animmense fortune.
2.  About two-thirds of the way along the Faubourg Saint-Honore,and in the rear of one of the most imposing mansions in thisrich neighborhood, where the various houses vie with eachother for elegance of design and magnificence ofconstruction, extended a large garden, where thewide-spreading chestnut-trees raised their heads high abovethe walls in a solid rampart, and with the coming of everyspring scattered a shower of delicate pink and whiteblossoms into the large stone vases that stood upon the twosquare pilasters of a curiously wrought iron gate, thatdated from the time of Louis XII. This noble entrance,however, in spite of its striking appearance and thegraceful effect of the geraniums planted in the two vases,as they waved their variegated leaves in the wind andcharmed the eye with their scarlet bloom, had fallen intoutter disuse. The proprietors of the mansion had many yearsbefore thought it best to confine themselves to thepossession of the house itself, with its thickly plantedcourt-yard, opening into the Faubourg Saint-Honore, and tothe garden shut in by this gate, which formerly communicatedwith a fine kitchen-garden of about an acre. For the demonof speculation drew a line, or in other words projected astreet, at the farther side of the kitchen-garden. Thestreet was laid out, a name was chosen and posted up on aniron plate, but before construction was begun, it occurredto the possessor of the property that a handsome sum mightbe obtained for the ground then devoted to fruits andvegetables, by building along the line of the proposedstreet, and so making it a branch of communication with theFaubourg Saint-Honore itself, one of the most importantthoroughfares in the city of Paris.
3.  "That proves," returned the abbe, "that you are like thoseof Holy Writ, who having ears hear not, and having eyes seenot."
4.  "If this law were adopted, sir," said the procureur, "itwould greatly simplify our legal codes, and in that case themagistrates would not (as you just observed) have much todo."
5.  "Well, I understand what I now have to do," repliedVillefort. "In less than one week from this time I willascertain who this M. de Monte Cristo is, whence he comes,where he goes, and why he speaks in our presence of childrenthat have been disinterred in a garden." Villefortpronounced these words with an accent which would have madethe count shudder had he heard him. Then he pressed the handthe baroness reluctantly gave him, and led her respectfullyback to the door. Madame Danglars returned in another cab tothe passage, on the other side of which she found hercarriage, and her coachman sleeping peacefully on his boxwhile waiting for her.
6.  "A great misfortune, more important to me than life. Don'tquestion me, I beg of you, but lend me a horse."


1.  "And his name was" --
2.  To Danglars Monte Cristo also wrote, requesting him toexcuse the whimsical gift of a capricious millionaire, andto beg the baroness to pardon the Eastern fashion adopted inthe return of the horses.
3.  "Very good; have what time you require, Dantes. It will takequite six weeks to unload the cargo, and we cannot get youready for sea until three months after that; only be backagain in three months, for the Pharaon," added the owner,patting the young sailor on the back, "cannot sail withouther captain."
4.  "Everything," answered Franz, -- "your voice, your look,your pallid complexion, and even the life you lead."
5.   "Come," said Monte Cristo, "this cross seems to me to bewisely awarded. I suppose, had he found another additionalvertebra, they would have made him a commander."
6.  "Indeed?" returned Monte Cristo, "that is a prejudice onyour part, M. de Villefort, for which I am quite at a lossto account."


1.  "`Thank you,' said Luigi, drawing back his hand; `I render aservice, I do not sell it.' -- `Well,' replied thetraveller, who seemed used to this difference between theservility of a man of the cities and the pride of themountaineer, `if you refuse wages, you will, perhaps, accepta gift.' -- `Ah, yes, that is another thing.' -- `Then,'said the traveller, `take these two Venetian sequins andgive them to your bride, to make herself a pair ofearrings.'
2.  "What?" said the latter with apparent coolness, but withdeep emotion, "have you another invalid?"
3.  "Dear Maximilian, why not attribute your escape to myconstant prayers for your safety? When you are away, I nolonger pray for myself, but for you."
4、  "Quite so; my steward transacts all this business for me."
5、  "That man cannot injure me, Haidee," said Monte Cristo; "itwas his son alone that there was cause to fear."




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      The stranger smiled a melancholy smile. "Then listen," saidhe. "l am the Abbe Faria, and have been imprisoned as youknow in this Chateau d'If since the year 1811; previously towhich I had been confined for three years in the fortress ofFenestrelle. In the year 1811 I was transferred to Piedmontin France. It was at this period I learned that the destinywhich seemed subservient to every wish formed by Napoleon,had bestowed on him a son, named king of Rome even in hiscradle. I was very far then from expecting the change youhave just informed me of; namely, that four yearsafterwards, this colossus of power would be overthrown. Thenwho reigns in France at this moment -- Napoleon II.?"

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      "His voice went to my heart," observed Julie; "and two orthree times I fancied that I had heard it before."

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       "Of course we do," replied Albert. "Still, I must own I amsorry to be obliged to give up the cart and the group ofreapers -- it would have produced such an effect! And wereit not for the windows at the Palazzo Rospoli, by way ofrecompense for the loss of our beautiful scheme, I don'tknow but what I should have held on by my original plan.What say you, Franz?"

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      "Sir, I should make a terrestrial paradise of it."

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    {  "I must learn where we are going. I will summon him hither."

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      "That is admirable!" said Eugenie with sovereign contempt,smoothing her gloves out one upon the other.}

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      What, above all, manifested the shrewdness of the steward,and the profound science of the master, the one in carryingout the ideas of the other, was that this house whichappeared only the night before so sad and gloomy,impregnated with that sickly smell one can almost fancy tobe the smell of time, had in a single day acquired theaspect of life, was scented with its master's favoriteperfumes, and had the very light regulated according to hiswish. When the count arrived, he had under his touch hisbooks and arms, his eyes rested upon his favorite pictures;his dogs, whose caresses he loved, welcomed him in theante-chamber; the birds, whose songs delighted him, cheeredhim with their music; and the house, awakened from it's longsleep, like the sleeping beauty in the wood, lived, sang,and bloomed like the houses we have long cherished, and inwhich, when we are forced to leave them, we leave a part ofour souls. The servants passed gayly along the finecourt-yard; some, belonging to the kitchens, gliding downthe stairs, restored but the previous day, as if they hadalways inhabited the house; others filling the coach-houses,where the equipages, encased and numbered, appeared to havebeen installed for the last fifty years; and in the stablesthe horses replied with neighs to the grooms, who spoke tothem with much more respect than many servants pay theirmasters.

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      "Ask her," said Morrel, translating Noirtier's thought thistime by his look. The servant went out, but returned almostimmediately. "Mademoiselle Valentine passed through the roomto go to Madame de Villefort's," said he; "and in passing,as she was thirsty, she drank what remained in the glass; asfor the decanter, Master Edward had emptied that to make apond for his ducks." Noirtier raised his eyes to heaven, asa gambler does who stakes his all on one stroke. From thatmoment the old man's eyes were fixed on the door, and didnot quit it.

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       "How so?"

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    {  "No."

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      "You know the best harbors?"