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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You have seen M. de Monte Cristo have you not?"
2.  "Quite sufficient," replied the count, as, taking out histablets, he wrote down "No. 27, Rue du Helder, 21st May,half-past ten in the morning."
3.  "My daughter" --
4.  "Stay," said Beauchamp, "surely I am not deceived."
5.  "Ten millions! Do you think so? It is magnificent!" saidCavalcanti, who was quite confounded at the metallic soundof these golden words. "Without reckoning," replied MonteCristo, "that all his fortune will come to you, and justlytoo, since Mademoiselle Danglars is an only daughter.Besides, your own fortune, as your father assured me, isalmost equal to that of your betrothed. But enough of moneymatters. Do you know, M. Andrea, I think you have managedthis affair rather skilfully?"
6.  "Zaccone? -- is not his name Monte Cristo?"


1.  "A rope-ladder and some tools?"
2.  "Yes, I wish to speak to him." Valentine durst not opposeher grandmother's wish, the cause of which she did not know,and an instant afterwards Villefort entered. "Sir," saidMadame de Saint-Meran, without using any circumlocution, andas if fearing she had no time to lose, "you wrote to meconcerning the marriage of this child?"
3.  "Well, we will wait, -- a week, a month, two months, if needbe, -- and meanwhile your strength will return. Everythingis in readiness for our flight, and we can select any timewe choose. As soon as you feel able to swim we will go."
4.  "And yet they say orphans are to be pitied," said Danglars,wishing to prolong the jest. "Poor things!"
5.  "The stock is in your own hands?" The look which M. Noirtiercast on Barrois showed that there was something wantingwhich he knew where to find. The old servant left the room,and presently returned, bringing with him a small casket."Do you permit us to open this casket?" asked the notary.Noirtier gave his assent. They opened it, and found 900,000francs in bank scrip. The first notary handed over eachnote, as he examined it, to his colleague.
6.  "Oh, see, Maximilian, see the power you have over me, youalmost make me believe you; and yet, what you tell me ismadness, for my father will curse me -- he is inflexible --he will never pardon me. Now listen to me, Maximilian; if byartifice, by entreaty, by accident -- in short, if by anymeans I can delay this marriage, will you wait?"


1.  "Well done!" said the Englishman.
2.  "Is that what you wish for?" said Barrois.
3.  "No, I do not," replied Monte Cristo; "it is a small place Ihave purchased quite lately. My place of abode is No. 30,Avenue des Champs Elysees; but I see you have quiterecovered from your fright, and are, no doubt, desirous ofreturning home. Anticipating your wishes, I have desired thesame horses you came with to be put to one of my carriages,and Ali, he whom you think so very ugly," continued he,addressing the boy with a smiling air, "will have the honorof driving you home, while your coachman remains here toattend to the necessary repairs of your calash. As soon asthat important business is concluded, I will have a pair ofmy own horses harnessed to convey it direct to MadameDanglars."
4.  "Madame," replied Danglars, "the horses were notsufficiently quiet for you; they were scarcely four yearsold, and they made me extremely uneasy on your account."
5.   "Absolutely the same."
6.  "I am in possession of all my senses, sir," he said; "mybody alone suffers, as you may suppose. I acknowledge myselfguilty of all the young man has brought against me, and fromthis hour hold myself under the authority of the procureurwho will succeed me."


1.  "What is the matter?" said the count.
2.  ...content with making me pay for my hat,
3.  "That will account to you for the unreserved manner whichyou observed between me and Eugenie, as in speaking of theman whom I could not love, my thoughts involuntarilyreverted to him on whom my affections were fixed."
4、  "Nothing is impossible," gravely replied Monte Cristo; andtaking leave of Albert, he returned into the house, andstruck the gong three times. Bertuccio appeared. "MonsieurBertuccio, you understand that I intend entertaining companyon Saturday at Auteuil." Bertuccio slightly started. "Ishall require your services to see that all be properlyarranged. It is a beautiful house, or at all events may bemade so."
5、  "When shall you send your invitations?"




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      "You are mistaken, my friend," replied the abbe; "God mayseem sometimes to forget for a time, while his justicereposes, but there always comes a moment when he remembers-- and behold -- a proof!" As he spoke, the abbe took thediamond from his pocket, and giving it to Caderousse, said,-- "Here, my friend, take this diamond, it is yours."

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      The inspector asked if they had anything else to ask for.They shook their heads. What could they desire beyond theirliberty? The inspector turned smilingly to the governor.

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       "Yes, doubtless I have promised to give my daughter to a manwho loves her, but not to one who does not. See him there,cold as marble and proud like his father. If he were rich,if he had Cavalcanti's fortune, that might be pardoned. Mafoi, I haven't consulted my daughter; but if she has goodtaste" --

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      "Ah, then, you wish to ask advice of me?"

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    {  "A person to whom I can refuse nothing has come to demandyou."

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      "Yes," replied Noirtier.}

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      "In what way converted?"

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      "Well," said the president; "your name?"

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       "Yes, but listen: this was not all. The war with Spain beingended, Fernand's career was checked by the long peace whichseemed likely to endure throughout Europe. Greece only hadrisen against Turkey, and had begun her war of independence;all eyes were turned towards Athens -- it was the fashion topity and support the Greeks. The French government, withoutprotecting them openly, as you know, gave countenance tovolunteer assistance. Fernand sought and obtained leave togo and serve in Greece, still having his name kept on thearmy roll. Some time after, it was stated that the Comte deMorcerf (this was the name he bore) had entered the serviceof Ali Pasha with the rank of instructor-general. Ali Pashawas killed, as you know, but before he died he recompensedthe services of Fernand by leaving him a considerable sum,with which he returned to France, when he was gazettedlieutenant-general."

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    {  "Where are you going?" asked Dantes.

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      At any other time Valentine would have seized the silkenbell-pull and summoned assistance, but nothing astonishedher in her present situation. Her reason told her that allthe visions she beheld were but the children of herimagination, and the conviction was strengthened by the factthat in the morning no traces remained of the nocturnalphantoms, who disappeared with the coming of daylight. Frombehind the door a human figure appeared, but the girl wastoo familiar with such apparitions to be alarmed, andtherefore only stared, hoping to recognize Morrel. Thefigure advanced towards the bed and appeared to listen withprofound attention. At this moment a ray of light glancedacross the face of the midnight visitor.