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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Then the shots were repeated without regularity, but alwaysaimed with the same accuracy. Nevertheless, as if they hadbeen aware of the numerical weakness of the friends, theRochellais continued to advance in quick time.
2.  "It appears so."
3.  "And now," said Athos, "while they bring the wine, tell me,D'Artagnan, what has become of the others, come!"D'Artagnan related how he had found Porthos in bed with astrained knee, and Aramis at a table between two theologians. Ashe finished, the host entered with the wine ordered and a hamwhich, fortunately for him, had been left out of the cellar."That's well!" said Athos, filling his glass and that of hisfriend; "here's to Porthos and Aramis! But you, D'Artagnan, whatis the matter with you, and what has happened to you personally?You have a sad air."
4.  At the moment she entered, the curtain of a small gallery whichto that time had been closed, was drawn, and the pale face of thecardinal appeared, he being dresses as a Spanish cavalier. Hiseyes were fixed upon those of the queen, and a smile of terriblejoy passed over his lips; the queen did not wear her diamondstuds.
5.  "This is not the way that I wished to avenge myself," said Milady,replacing the glass upon the table, with an infernal smile, "but, myfaith! we do what we can!" And she rushed out of the room.Mme. Bonacieux saw her go without being able to follow her; she was likepeople who dream they are pursued, and who in vain try to walk.A few moments passed; a great noise was heard at the gate. Everyinstant Mme. Bonacieux expected to see Milady, but she did not return.Several times, with terror, no doubt, the cold sweat burst from herburning brow.
6.  They soon arrived at the silent, solitary inn. No doubt thehost knew what illustrious visitor was expected, and hadconsequently sent intruders out of the way.


1.  It was the second time the cardinal had mentioned these diamondstuds to the king. Louis XIII was struck with this insistence,and began to fancy that this recommendation concealed somemystery.
2.  "Me?"
3.  "And you come?" asked Milady.
4.  "I will carry the letter in the lining of my coat," saidPlanchet; "and if I am taken I will swallow it."
5.  "What love?" asked the young girl.
6.  However, a few instants after she had finished her religioussong, Milady thought she heard a profound sigh. Then the samesteps she had heard approach slowly withdrew, as if with regret.


1.  And he moved out of the way to let the mercer pass. The latterobeyed without reply, and entered the chamber, where he appearedto be expected.
2.  "Monsieur Porthos gave us a note for his duchess, ordering us toput it in the post. This was before his servant came. As hecould not leave his chamber, it was necessary to charge us withthis commission."
3.  "'Yes; for as soon as I leave this place I will tell everything.I will proclaim the violence you have used toward me. I willdescribe my captivity. I will denounce this place of infamy.You are placed on high, my Lord, but tremble! Above you there isthe king; above the king there is God!'
4.  He thought that, beginning to be afraid, they had stayedbehind, and he continued to advance.
5.   "Immediately," replied D'Artagnan; "we have not a minute tolose."
6.  "That's all that is necessary," said Athos; "now for myidea."


1.  "Would you dare to lift your hand to your queen?" said Anne ofAustria, drawing herself up to her full height, and fixing hereyes upon the chancellor with an expression almost threatening."I am a faithful subject of the king, madame, and all that hisMajesty commands I shall do."
2.  "Three times she attempted to kill me, and I pardoned her; but shemurdered the woman I loved. Then my friends and I took her, tried her,and condemned her."
3.  "One of yours! how many have you, then?" asked D'Artagnan."Three," replied Aramis, smiling.
4、  During the examination of Milady by the officer, as may well beimagined, Milady on her part was not less scrutinizing in herglances. But however great was the power of this woman with eyesof flame in reading the hearts of those whose secrets she wishedto divine, she met this time with a countenance of suchimpassivity that no discovery followed her investigation. Theofficer who had stopped in front of her and studied her with somuch care might have been twenty-five or twenty-six years of age.He was of pale complexion, with clear blue eyes, rather deeplyset; his mouth, fine and well cut, remained motionless in itscorrect lines; his chin, strongly marked, denoted that strengthof will which in the ordinary Britannic type denotes mostlynothing but obstinacy; a brow a little receding, as is proper forpoets, enthusiasts, and soldiers, was scarcely shaded by shortthin hair which, like the beard which covered the lower part ofhis face, was of a beautiful deep chestnut color.When they entered the port, it was already night. The fogincreased the darkness, and formed round the sternlights andlanterns of the jetty a circle like that which surrounds the moonwhen the weather threatens to become rainy. The air theybreathed was heavy, damp, and cold.
5、  "Himself!"




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      "And what took place?"

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      At that moment Porthos entered. "PARDIEU!" said he, "here is astrange thing! Since when, I wonder, in the Musketeers, did theygrant men leave of absence without their asking for it?""Since," said D'Artagnan, "they have friends who ask it forthem."

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       The life of the four young men had become fraternal. D'Artagnan,who had no settled habits of his own, as he came from hisprovince into the midst of his world quite new to him, felleasily into the habits of his friends.

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      "Has returned to the Louvre."

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    {  We say the gravel he trod under his feet, for D'Artagnanmade these reflections while walking solitarily along apretty little road which led from the camp to the village ofAngoutin. Now, these reflections had led him further thanhe intended, and the day was beginning to decline when, bythe last ray of the setting sun, he thought he saw thebarrel of a musket glitter from behind a hedge.

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      "To be sure, to see you. What is there astonishing in that?""And you had no other object in coming to England but to see me?""No."}

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      "Oh, no, monsieur; but out of the regard I have for you, Ihave taken the resolution to tell you so."

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      The chancellor carried the letter to the king without having reada single word of it. The king took it with a trembling hand,looked for the address, which was wanting, became very pale,opened it slowly, then seeing by the first words that it wasaddressed to the King of Spain, he read it rapidly.It was nothing but a plan of attack against the cardinal. Thequeen pressed her brother and the Emperor of Austria to appear tobe wounded, as they really were, by the policy of Richelieu--theeternal object of which was the abasement of the house ofAustria--to declare war against France, and as a condition ofpeace, to insist upon the dismissal of the cardinal; but as tolove, there was not a single word about it in all the letter.The king, quite delighted, inquired if the cardinal was still atthe Louvre; he was told that his Eminence awaited the orders ofhis Majesty in the business cabinet.

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       "Some lackey," murmured D'Artagnan. "Poor woman, poor woman,what have they done with you?"

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    {  "Is it thus you perform your charge, monsieur?" continued theking, without directly replying to De Treville's question. "Isit for this I name you captain of my Musketeers, that they shouldassassinate a man, disturb a whole quarter, and endeavor to setfire to Paris, without your saying a word? But yet," continuedthe king, "undoubtedly my haste accuses you wrongfully; withoutdoubt the rioters are in prison, and you come to tell me justiceis done."

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      "Where will it take me?"