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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That is the misfortune! You see I have not these necessarypapers."
2.  "Gaspard Caderousse," rejoined the priest. "Yes, --Christian and surname are the same. You formerly lived, Ibelieve in the Allees de Meillan, on the fourth floor?"
3.  Furnished with this plunder, Andrea leaped with a lighterheart from the window, intending to slip through the handsof the gendarmes. Tall and well proportioned as an ancientgladiator, and muscular as a Spartan, he walked for aquarter of an hour without knowing where to direct hissteps, actuated by the sole idea of getting away from thespot where if he lingered he knew that he would surely betaken. Having passed through the Rue Mont Blanc, guided bythe instinct which leads thieves always to take the safestpath, he found himself at the end of the Rue Lafayette.There he stopped, breathless and panting. He was quitealone; on one side was the vast wilderness of theSaint-Lazare, on the other, Paris enshrouded in darkness."Am I to be captured?" he cried; "no, not if I can use moreactivity than my enemies. My safety is now a mere questionof speed." At this moment he saw a cab at the top of theFaubourg Poissonniere. The dull driver, smoking his pipe,was plodding along toward the limits of the FaubourgSaint-Denis, where no doubt he ordinarily had his station."Ho, friend!" said Benedetto.
4.  "Silence!" said Albert, with a thundering voice. "No; it isnot you who have directly made this exposure and broughtthis sorrow on us, but you hypocritically provoked it."
5.  "He is worse than that, -- he is a devil!" returned theturnkey.
6.  "You do not like M. Franz?" The eyes repeated several times,"No, no, no."


1.  "Very good," resumed Danglars; "now your revenge looks likecommon-sense, for in no way can it revert to yourself, andthe matter will thus work its own way; there is nothing todo now but fold the letter as I am doing, and write upon it,`To the king's attorney,' and that's all settled." AndDanglars wrote the address as he spoke.
2.  Danglars turned to the left; another man on horseback wasgalloping on that side. "Decidedly," said Danglars, with theperspiration on his forehead, "I must be under arrest." Andhe threw himself back in the calash, not this time to sleep,but to think. Directly afterwards the moon rose. He then sawthe great aqueducts, those stone phantoms which he hadbefore remarked, only then they were on the right hand, nowthey were on the left. He understood that they had describeda circle, and were bringing him back to Rome. "Oh,unfortunate!" he cried, "they must have obtained my arrest."The carriage continued to roll on with frightful speed. Anhour of terror elapsed, for every spot they passed showedthat they were on the road back. At length he saw a darkmass, against which it seemed as if the carriage was aboutto dash; but the vehicle turned to one side, leaving thebarrier behind and Danglars saw that it was one of theramparts encircling Rome.
3.  "Why, yes," replied the count.
4.  "Yes, truly; and I assure you. You are the only man of whomI have heard her speak with interest." Albert rose and tookhis hat; the count conducted him to the door. "I have onething to reproach myself with," said he, stopping Albert onthe steps. "What is it?"
5.  "To find such a wife as my father found." Monte Cristoturned pale, and looked at Albert, while playing with somemagnificent pistols.
6.  "I believe so."


1.  "I mean that if there were, it would be impossible to drawup with impunity two such deeds as these. In France, my dearsir, half such a piece of effrontery as that would cause youto be quickly despatched to Toulon for five years, forchange of air."
2.  "Every day."
3.  "Received of Baron Danglars the sum of five million onehundred thousand francs, to be repaid on demand by the houseof Thomson & French of Rome."
4.  "Madame, you are mistaken, they are not misfortunes, -- itis a punishment. It is not I who strike M. de Morcerf; it isprovidence which punishes him."
5.   "I only await one thing before following your advice; thatis, a minister who will hold office for six months. My dearAlbert, one word, for I must give poor Lucien a respite. Dowe breakfast or dine? I must go to the Chamber, for our lifeis not an idle one."
6.  "The count is very temperate." Mercedes smiled sadly."Approach him," said she, "and when the next waiter passes,insist upon his taking something."


1.  "Never; you can talk to her, she so delights in yourconversation."
2.  "Was it Ali," asked the Count of Morcerf, "who rescued myson from the hands of bandits?"
3.  "No, I do not," replied Monte Cristo, without even knowingof what or to whom he was speaking, so much was he occupiedin watching Morrel, who was holding his breath with emotion."The discourse is over; farewell, gentlemen," said thecount. And he disappeared without anyone seeing whither hewent. The funeral being over, the guests returned to Paris.Chateau-Renaud looked for a moment for Morrel; but whilethey were watching the departure of the count, Morrel hadquitted his post, and Chateau-Renaud, failing in his search,joined Debray and Beauchamp.
4、  "Whom do you bring?" asked the young girl in Romaic, ofMonte Cristo; "is it a friend, a brother, a simpleacquaintance, or an enemy."
5、  "What? You believe so?"




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      "That is of no consequence; I always have one ready, day andnight."

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      "No," said Caderousse, "no; I will not repent. There is noGod; there is no providence -- all comes by chance." --

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       "Well," said Albert, with a sigh, "it seems you aredetermined to marry me."

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      "Because I am he who saved your father's life when he wishedto destroy himself, as you do to-day -- because I am the manwho sent the purse to your young sister, and the Pharaon toold Morrel -- because I am the Edmond Dantes who nursed you,a child, on my knees." Morrel made another step back,staggering, breathless, crushed; then all his strength giveway, and he fell prostrate at the feet of Monte Cristo. Thenhis admirable nature underwent a complete and suddenrevulsion; he arose, rushed out of the room and to thestairs, exclaiming energetically, "Julie, Julie -- Emmanuel,Emmanuel!"

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    {  Chapter 68A Summer Ball.

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      "As your excellency pleases. You mentioned a fowl, I think?"

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      "Better still, since it will afford me the pleasure ofseeing you." They shook hands. "By the way," said M. deBoville, "are you not going to the funeral of poorMademoiselle de Villefort, which I met on my road here?"

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       "But how could you have these fish brought to France?"

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    {  "I give you his very words; and if the marquis chooses to becandid, he will confess that they perfectly agree with whathis majesty said to him, when he went six months ago toconsult him upon the subject of your espousing hisdaughter."

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      Villefort retained his place, but his marriage was put offuntil a more favorable opportunity. If the emperor remainedon the throne, Gerard required a different alliance to aidhis career; if Louis XVIII. returned, the influence of M. deSaint-Meran, like his own, could be vastly increased, andthe marriage be still more suitable. The deputy-procureurwas, therefore, the first magistrate of Marseilles, when onemorning his door opened, and M. Morrel was announced.