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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Luigi Vampa himself searched."
2.  "The fifth part of the profits from this stone belongs to usthen, does it not?" asked Caderousse.
3.  "I am looking at you; indeed you are adorable like that! Onewould say you were carrying me off."
4.  "Is it possible," exclaimed Albert, "that you have reachedyour present age without visiting the finest capital in theworld? I can scarcely credit it."
5.  "Yes."
6.  "You got in very well."


1.  "Do you not recognize me, unhappy child?"
2.  "Adieu, adieu!" murmured the old man, clasping Edmond's handconvulsively -- "adieu!"
3.  "Before you leave me, tell me what you are going to do,Maximilian." The young man smiled sorrowfully. "Speak,speak!" said Valentine; "I entreat you."
4.  "O peccato!"
5.  Chapter 9The Evening of the Betrothal.
6.  Chapter 36The Carnival at Rome.


1.  "Well then, my dear count, present me to your princess."
2.  "Oh, indeed -- indeed, sir, he is innocent!" sobbed forthMercedes.
3.  "Surely," answered Danglars, "one cannot be held responsiblefor every chance arrow shot into the air."
4.  "Asked me questions about the vessel, the time she leftMarseilles, the course she had taken, and what was hercargo. I believe, if she had not been laden, and I had beenher master, he would have bought her. But I told him I wasonly mate, and that she belonged to the firm of Morrel &Son. `Ah, yes,' he said, `I know them. The Morrels have beenshipowners from father to son; and there was a Morrel whoserved in the same regiment with me when I was in garrisonat Valence.'"
5.   "Yes, I understand that, but what is the quarrel? Peoplefight for all sorts of reasons, you know."-
6.  "`That this record should have all due authority, it shallbear the imperial seal, which the vendor is bound to haveaffixed to it.'


1.  "A hundred leagues."
2.  "Alas, no," said Albert; "nor even ancient Greek, my dearcount; never had Homer or Plato a more unworthy scholar thanmyself."
3.  "You're wrong. Come with us to Marseilles -- come along."
4、  "Will you permit me to inquire," said Madame de Villefort,as she arose to take her leave, "whether you usually residehere?"
5、  "I have not that honor."




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      "And what did you do then?"

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      "I must confess to you, count," said Danglars, "that I havehitherto imagined myself acquainted with the degree of allthe great fortunes of Europe, and still wealth such as yourshas been wholly unknown to me. May I presume to ask whetheryou have long possessed it?"

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       "He said `very good,'" muttered the major, "then -- sir" --replied he.

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      "Yes, count."

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    {  "`Quick!' said a voice at the end of the gallery. This voicemade every one bow before it, resembling in its effect thewind passing over a field of wheat, by its superior strengthforcing every ear to yield obeisance. As for me, it made metremble. This voice was that of my father. He came last,clothed in his splendid robes and holding in his hand thecarbine which your emperor presented him. He was leaning onthe shoulder of his favorite Selim, and he drove us allbefore him, as a shepherd would his straggling flock. Myfather," said Haidee, raising her head, "was thatillustrious man known in Europe under the name of AliTepelini, pasha of Yanina, and before whom Turkey trembled."

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      When he believed that the right moment had arrived, he tookthe knife, pried open the teeth, which offered lessresistance than before, counted one after the other twelvedrops, and watched; the phial contained, perhaps, twice asmuch more. He waited ten minutes, a quarter of an hour, halfan hour, -- no change took place. Trembling, his hair erect,his brow bathed with perspiration, he counted the seconds bythe beating of his heart. Then he thought it was time tomake the last trial, and he put the phial to the purple lipsof Faria, and without having occasion to force open hisjaws, which had remained extended, he poured the whole ofthe liquid down his throat.}

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      "Proceed!" said he to the host.

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      "And he comes from Marseilles?"

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       "Provided I understand your perfidy, sir, and succeed inmaking you understand that I will be revenged, I shall bereasonable enough," said Albert furiously.

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    {  "I am glad to be reassured on that point. Apropos, when doyou aspect M. d'Epinay?"

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      "Hallo, Catalan! Hallo, Fernand! where are you running to?"exclaimed a voice.