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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I see," he said. "Do you live here in the city?"
2.  "On Wednesday," he replied.
3.  There was a good dinner in the flat that evening, owing to themere lifting of the terrible strain. Hurstwood went out for ashave, and returned with a fair-sized sirloin steak.
4.  The morning seemed peculiarly bright to him now. He wonderedwhatever could have put such a thought into his head. Impossibleas it was, he could not help smiling at its cleverness. Itshowed how she loved him. There was no doubt in his mind now,and he would find a way to win her.
5.  "You said I did real well in Chicago," she rejoined.
6.  If ever there was dressiness it was here. It was thepersonification of the old term spick and span.


1.  Carrie had gone sobbing from the door to the window. She was soovercome she could not speak.
2.  It was so with the vast railroad yards, with the crowded array ofvessels she saw at the river, and the huge factories over theway, lining the water's edge. Through the open windows she couldsee the figures of men and women in working aprons, moving busilyabout. The great streets were wall-lined mysteries to her; thevast offices, strange mazes which concerned far-off individualsof importance. She could only think of people connected withthem as counting money, dressing magnificently, and riding incarriages. What they dealt in, how they laboured, to what end itall came, she had only the vaguest conception. It was allwonderful, all vast, all far removed, and she sank in spiritinwardly and fluttered feebly at the heart as she thought ofentering any one of these mighty concerns and asking forsomething to do--something that she could do--anything.
3.  "Oh, because," she said, "I wouldn't want to."
4.  "Well, I must see more of you to-day. I'm just going in here forbreakfast. Come in when you're through."
5.  "Put that girl at the head of the white column," he suggested tothe man in charge of the ballet.
6.  He watched her walk from him with tender solicitation. Suchyouth and prettiness reacted upon him more subtly than wine.


1.  Carrie looked at him, while pedestrians stared at her. She feltthe strain of publicity. So did Hurstwood.
2.  "Better get it, then; your car won't be ready for a littlewhile."
3.  She suited action to word, fastened the piece of leather, whichwas eventually to form the right half of the upper of a man'sshoe, by little adjustable clamps, and pushed a small steel rodat the side of the machine. The latter jumped to the task ofpunching, with sharp, snapping clicks, cutting circular bits ofleather out of the side of the upper, leaving the holes whichwere to hold the laces. After observing a few times, the girllet her work at it alone. Seeing that it was fairly well done,she went away.
4.  She began to wonder how one would go about getting a place. Herexperience in Chicago proved that she had not tried the rightway. There must be people who would listen to and try you--menwho would give you an opportunity.
5.   "Well," she said, "I think I'll look around tomorrow. I've gotFriday and Saturday, and it won't be any trouble. Which way isthe business part?"
6.  "Why, any time you like," said Carrie.


1.  "I meant to," he said, "but you know I forgot it until it was toolate to do any good."
2.  "Ah, such little feet," said the leather of the soft new shoes;"how effectively I cover them. What a pity they should ever wantmy aid."
3.  Chapter XXIV
4、  Carrie sat still, looking out. She was wondering what she coulddo. They would be expecting her to go home this week.
5、  "Why, hello, Charlie, old man," said Hurstwood, as Drouet came inthat evening about eight o'clock. "How goes it?" The room wascrowded.




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      "Grand Central Station!" called the trainman, as, after a fewminutes of darkness and smoke, daylight reappeared. Hurstwoodarose and gathered up his small grip. He was screwed up to thehighest tension. With Carrie he waited at the door and thendismounted. No one approached him, but he glanced furtively toand fro as he made for the street entrance. So excited was hethat he forgot all about Carrie, who fell behind, wondering athis self-absorption. As he passed through the depot proper thestrain reached its climax and began to wane. All at once he wason the sidewalk, and none but cabmen hailed him. He heaved agreat breath and turned, remembering Carrie.

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      Carrie obeyed.

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       Carrie related the incidents of the rehearsal, warming up as sheproceeded.

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      "Pretty, too, isn't she?" said Quincel.

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    {  "Ah," thought Carrie, with mournful misgivings, "what is it Ihave lost?"

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      "Do you travel far?"}

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      "Here you are," he said to Carrie, when she came through again.

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      On the other hand, his interest in Drouet's little shop-girl grewin an almost evenly balanced proportion. That young lady, underthe stress of her situation and the tutelage of her new friend,changed effectively. She had the aptitude of the struggler whoseeks emancipation. The glow of a more showy life was not lostupon her. She did not grow in knowledge so much as she awakenedin the matter of desire. Mrs. Hale's extended harangues upon thesubjects of wealth and position taught her to distinguish betweendegrees of wealth.Mrs. Hale loved to drive in the afternoon in the sun when it wasfine, and to satisfy her soul with a sight of those mansions andlawns which she could not afford. On the North Side had beenerected a number of elegant mansions along what is now known asthe North Shore Drive. The present lake wall of stone andgranitoid was not then in place, but the road had been well laidout, the intermediate spaces of lawn were lovely to look upon,and the houses were thoroughly new and imposing. When the winterseason had passed and the first fine days of the early springappeared, Mrs. Hale secured a buggy for an afternoon and invitedCarrie. They rode first through Lincoln Park and on far outtowards Evanston, turning back at four and arriving at the northend of the Shore Drive at about five o'clock. At this time ofyear the days are still comparatively short, and the shadows ofthe evening were beginning to settle down upon the great city.Lamps were beginning to burn with that mellow radiance whichseems almost watery and translucent to the eye. There was asoftness in the air which speaks with an infinite delicacy offeeling to the flesh as well as to the soul. Carrie felt that itwas a lovely day. She was ripened by it in spirit for manysuggestions. As they drove along the smooth pavement anoccasional carriage passed. She saw one stop and the footmandismount, opening the door for a gentleman who seemed to beleisurely returning from some afternoon pleasure. Across thebroad lawns, now first freshening into green, she saw lampsfaintly glowing upon rich interiors. Now it was but a chair, nowa table, now an ornate corner, which met her eye, but it appealedto her as almost nothing else could. Such childish fancies asshe had had of fairy palaces and kingly quarters now came back.She imagined that across these richly carved entrance-ways, wherethe globed and crystalled lamps shone upon panelled doors setwith stained and designed panes of glass, was neither care norunsatisfied desire. She was perfectly certain that here washappiness. If she could but stroll up yon broad walk, cross thatrich entrance-way, which to her was of the beauty of a jewel, andsweep in grace and luxury to possession and command--oh! howquickly would sadness flee; how, in an instant, would theheartache end. She gazed and gazed, wondering, delighting,longing, and all the while the siren voice of the unrestful waswhispering in her ear.

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       After eating, he stood about as before, waiting until his turncame.

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    {  She remembered that she was hungry and went to the littlecupboard in the rear room where were the remains of one of theirbreakfasts. She looked at these things with certain misgivings.The contemplation of food had more significance than usual.

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      The man scarcely looked at him, fished in his vest pocket andtook out a dime.