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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do you intend devoting it to charitable purposes, then?"pursued the notary.
2.  "How many covers?"
3.  "In any case, sir, you will allow," replied Madame Danglars,"that, even if the fault were alone mine, I last nightreceived a severe punishment for it."
4.  "How so?" asked Beauchamp.
5.  "I hoped for a moment that it might," said Villefort; "butthat happiness was denied me. However, recovering mystrength and my ideas, `Why,' said I, `should that man havecarried away the corpse?'"
6.  "As a matter of fact," said Monte Cristo, approaching, "I ammuch afraid that I am the involuntary cause of his absence."


1.  At the Place Louis XV. the three young people separated --that is to say, Morrel went to the Boulevards,Chateau-Renaud to the Pont de la Revolution, and Debray tothe Quai. Most probably Morrel and Chateau-Renaud returnedto their "domestic hearths," as they say in the gallery ofthe Chamber in well-turned speeches, and in the theatre ofthe Rue Richelieu in well-written pieces; but it was not thecase with Debray. When he reached the wicket of the Louvre,he turned to the left, galloped across the Carrousel, passedthrough the Rue Saint-Roch, and, issuing from the Rue de laMichodiere, he arrived at M. Danglars' door just at the sametime that Villefort's landau, after having deposited him andhis wife at the Faubourg St. Honore, stopped to leave thebaroness at her own house. Debray, with the air of a manfamiliar with the house, entered first into the court, threwhis bridle into the hands of a footman, and returned to thedoor to receive Madame Danglars, to whom he offered his arm,to conduct her to her apartments. The gate once closed, andDebray and the baroness alone in the court, he asked, --"What was the matter with you, Hermine? and why were you soaffected at that story, or rather fable, which the countrelated?"
2.  "But," observed the honest notary, "the count is, I think,mistaken; it is only fifty thousand francs, everythingincluded."
3.  "Well, I was but four years old when one night I wassuddenly awakened by my mother. We were in the palace ofYanina; she snatched me from the cushions on which I wassleeping, and on opening my eyes I saw hers filled withtears. She took me away without speaking. When I saw herweeping I began to cry too. `Hush, child!' said she. Atother times in spite of maternal endearments or threats, Ihad with a child's caprice been accustomed to indulge myfeelings of sorrow or anger by crying as much as I feltinclined; but on this occasion there was an intonation ofsuch extreme terror in my mother's voice when she enjoinedme to silence, that I ceased crying as soon as her commandwas given. She bore me rapidly away.
4.  Albert's witnesses looked at each other. Franz and Debrayexchanged some words in a whisper, and Morrel, rejoiced atthis unexpected incident, went to fetch the count, who waswalking in a retired path with Emmanuel. "What does he wantwith me?" said Monte Cristo.
5.  "To the Palais."
6.  "I did say so."


1.  "What do you mean? you will not? Well, just as you like, myprince; there's liberty for all the world. Come along,Danglars, and let the young gentleman return to the Catalansif he chooses."
2.  "Well, then, if you obtain the reprieve?"
3.  "My good friend," said Valentine, "I should take you for avisionary, and should tremble for your reason, if I werealways to hear you talk in a strain similar to this. Is itpossible that you can see anything more than the merestchance in this meeting? Pray reflect a little. My father,who never goes out, has several times been on the point ofrefusing this invitation; Madame de Villefort, on thecontrary, is burning with the desire of seeing thisextraordinary nabob in his own house, therefore, she haswith great difficulty prevailed on my father to accompanyher. No, no; it is as I have said, Maximilian, -- there isno one in the world of whom I can ask help but yourself andmy grandfather, who is little better than a corpse."
4.  "I said they would skin me," thought Danglars; but resolvingto resist the extortion, he said, "Come, how much do I oweyou for this fowl?"
5.   "Come, magistrate," said M. d'Avrigny, "show yourself a man;as an interpreter of the law, do honor to your profession bysacrificing your selfish interests to it."
6.  "Alas!" exclaimed Mercedes, "if it were so, if I possessedfree-will, but without the power to render that willefficacious, it would drive me to despair." Monte Cristodropped his head and shrank from the vehemence of her grief."Will you not even say you will see me again?" he asked.


1.  "Oh, my dear count, husbands are pretty much the sameeverywhere; an individual husband of any country is a prettyfair specimen of the whole race."
2.  "Well," said Franz to Albert, "do you know what is the bestthing we can do? It is to pass the Carnival at Venice; therewe are sure of obtaining gondolas if we cannot havecarriages."
3.  "Undeceive yourself, monsieur," replied Monte Cristo; "I amquite sure, that, on the contrary, he will choose everythingas I wish. He knows my tastes, my caprices, my wants. He hasbeen here a week, with the instinct of a hound, hunting byhimself. He will arrange everything for me. He knew, that Ishould arrive to-day at ten o'clock; he was waiting for meat nine at the Barriere de Fontainebleau. He gave me thispaper; it contains the number of my new abode; read ityourself," and Monte Cristo passed a paper to Albert. "Ah,that is really original," said Beauchamp.
4、  "Oh," replied Valentine with a convulsive movement, "oh,indeed, Maximilian, you are too timid for an officer, for asoldier who, they say, never knows fear. Ah, ha, ha!" sheburst into a forced and melancholy laugh, her arms stiffenedand twisted, her head fell back on her chair, and sheremained motionless. The cry of terror which was stopped onNoirtier's lips, seemed to start from his eyes. Morrelunderstood it; he knew he must call assistance. The youngman rang the bell violently; the housemaid who had been inMademoiselle Valentine's room, and the servant who hadreplaced Barrois, ran in at the same moment. Valentine wasso pale, so cold, so inanimate that without listening towhat was said to them they were seized with the fear whichpervaded that house, and they flew into the passage cryingfor help. Madame Danglars and Eugenie were going out at thatmoment; they heard the cause of the disturbance. "I told youso!" exclaimed Madame de Villefort. "Poor child!"
5、  "Exactly; and he who changes them will follow friendCaderousse, lay hands on him, and demand what farmers payhim their rent in gold. No nonsense, my good fellow; silversimply, round coins with the head of some monarch or otheron them. Anybody may possess a five-franc piece."




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      "`I accept it,' answered the traveller, `but then theobligation will be on my side, for this poniard is worthmore than two sequins.' -- `For a dealer perhaps; but forme, who engraved it myself, it is hardly worth a piastre.'

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      "I did."

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       "In the first place, and before everything else, sir, is thenews as bad in your opinion as I am asked to believe?"

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      "I have a passport, and my clothes are ready packed," saidMorrel in his tranquil but mournful manner.

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    {  "Indeed," said the receiver.

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      "Yes, indeed she is," replied Cavalcanti, in a very modesttone.}

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      "Willingly. Your Spanish wine is excellent. You see we werequite right to pacify that country."

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      "I have, sir."

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       "I know him?"

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    {  "Beware," said M. d'Avrigny, "it may come slowly; you willsee it approach after having struck your father, your wife,perhaps your son."

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      "Are you going to marry Mademoiselle Danglars?"