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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The name of Edmond's betrothed was Mercedes."
2.  "`I have promised no more than I have given you, Teresa,'said Luigi proudly. `Go into the grotto and dress yourself.'At these words he drew away the stone, and showed Teresa thegrotto, lighted up by two wax lights, which burnt on eachside of a splendid mirror; on a rustic table, made by Luigi,were spread out the pearl necklace and the diamond pins, andon a chair at the side was laid the rest of the costume.
3.  "A most dangerous conspirator, a man we are ordered to keepthe most strict watch over, as he is daring and resolute."
4.  "I speak as one who admires you, mademoiselle."
5.  Ali brought the box to his master, who examined the weaponswith a solicitude very natural to a man who is about tointrust his life to a little powder and shot. These werepistols of an especial pattern, which Monte Cristo had hadmade for target practice in his own room. A cap wassufficient to drive out the bullet, and from the adjoiningroom no one would have suspected that the count was, assportsmen would say, keeping his hand in. He was just takingone up and looking for the point to aim at on a little ironplate which served him as a target, when his study dooropened, and Baptistin entered. Before he had spoken a word,the count saw in the next room a veiled woman, who hadfollowed closely after Baptistin, and now, seeing the countwith a pistol in his hand and swords on the table, rushedin. Baptistin looked at his master, who made a sign to him,and he went out, closing the door after him. "Who are you,madame?" said the count to the veiled woman.
6.  "Ah," said the count negligently, looking attentively atMorcerf, "is there not something like an execution upon thePiazza del Popolo?"


1.  "1829, your excellency."
2.  "Did Barrois make your lemonade?"
3.  "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo; "so this gentleman is anAcademician?"
4.  In his whole life, perhaps, Franz had never beforeexperienced so sudden an impression, so rapid a transitionfrom gayety to sadness, as in this moment. It seemed asthough Rome, under the magic breath of some demon of thenight, had suddenly changed into a vast tomb. By a chance,which added yet more to the intensity of the darkness, themoon, which was on the wane, did not rise until eleveno'clock, and the streets which the young man traversed wereplunged in the deepest obscurity. The distance was short,and at the end of ten minutes his carriage, or rather thecount's, stopped before the Hotel de Londres. Dinner waswaiting, but as Albert had told him that he should notreturn so soon, Franz sat down without him. Signor Pastrini,who had been accustomed to see them dine together, inquiredinto the cause of his absence, but Franz merely replied thatAlbert had received on the previous evening an invitationwhich he had accepted. The sudden extinction of themoccoletti, the darkness which had replaced the light, andthe silence which had succeeded the turmoil, had left inFranz's mind a certain depression which was not free fromuneasiness. He therefore dined very silently, in spite ofthe officious attention of his host, who presented himselftwo or three times to inquire if he wanted anything.
5.  "I do not know -- I only guess it, because that sort ofthing is generally found in prisoners' cells."
6.  "Yes; but then he could tell of what complaint the poormarquis had died."


1.  "Well, leave them with your porter; he is to be trusted. Iwill call for them."
2.  "They are all here," said Caderousse, briskly. He fetchedfrom an old secretary a sheet of white paper and pen andink. "Here," said Caderousse, "draw me all that on thepaper, my boy." Andrea took the pen with an imperceptiblesmile and began. "The house, as I said, is between the courtand the garden; in this way, do you see?" Andrea drew thegarden, the court and the house.
3.  "I know -- the famous hashish!"
4.  "Take some, then, and come back immediately." Barrois tookaway the waiter, and hardly was he outside the door, whichin his haste he forgot to shut, than they saw him throw backhis head and empty to the very dregs the glass whichValentine had filled. Valentine and Morrel were exchangingtheir adieux in the presence of Noirtier when a ring washeard at the door-bell. It was the signal of a visit.Valentine looked at her watch.
5.   "At the prefect's last night. Paris, you can understand, isastonished at the sight of such unusual splendor, and thepolice have made inquiries."
6.  "I do; that is about the distance that separates yourchamber from mine; only, unfortunately, I did not curvearight; for want of the necessary geometrical instruments tocalculate my scale of proportion, instead of taking anellipsis of forty feet, I made it fifty. I expected, as Itold you, to reach the outer wall, pierce through it, andthrow myself into the sea; I have, however, kept along thecorridor on which your chamber opens, instead of goingbeneath it. My labor is all in vain, for I find that thecorridor looks into a courtyard filled with soldiers."


1.  "Because you have not yet invited me."
2.  "Yes, but they are never used. That Count of Monte Cristo isan original, who loves to look at the sky even at night."
3.  "You know this chief, then?"
4、  "Then, count, I admire you," said Villefort, who, for thefirst time in this strange conversation, used thearistocratic form to the unknown personage, whom, until now,he had only called monsieur. "Yes, and I say to you, if youare really strong, really superior, really pious, orimpenetrable, which you were right in saying amounts to thesame thing -- then be proud, sir, for that is thecharacteristic of predominance. Yet you have unquestionablysome ambition."
5、  "And why did you refuse, my son?" inquired the old man.




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      Chapter 91Mother and Son.

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      "May not Barrois, the old servant, have made a mistake, andhave given Madame de Saint-Meran a dose prepared for hismaster?"

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       "The marshal."

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      "I did."

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    {  "Yes, sir," answered Caderousse; "and remorse preys on menight and day. I often ask pardon of God, I swear to you,because this action, the only one with which I haveseriously to reproach myself in all my life, is no doubt thecause of my abject condition. I am expiating a moment ofselfishness, and so I always say to La Carconte, when shecomplains, `Hold your tongue, woman; it is the will ofGod.'" And Caderousse bowed his head with every sign of realrepentance.

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      "And what may you have to say to him?" said Danglars,laughing in his turn.

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      "Well, since you will grant me no more, I must be contentwith what you give me. But one word more, count."

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       Monte Cristo rang; Baptistin appeared. The count advanced tomeet him. "Well?" said he in a low voice. "The young man ishere," said the valet de chambre in the same tone.

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    {  "And a thousand francs a year."

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      "I will name to you several sums which will increase bygradation; you will stop me when I reach the onerepresenting the amount of your own possessions?"