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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Franz had by degrees become accustomed to the count'spallor, which had so forcibly struck him at their firstmeeting. He could not refrain from admiring the severebeauty of his features, the only defect, or rather theprincipal quality of which was the pallor. Truly, a Byronichero! Franz could not, we will not say see him, but eventhink of him without imagining his stern head upon Manfred'sshoulders, or beneath Lara's helmet. His forehead was markedwith the line that indicates the constant presence of bitterthoughts; he had the fiery eyes that seem to penetrate tothe very soul, and the haughty and disdainful upper lip thatgives to the words it utters a peculiar character thatimpresses them on the minds of those to whom they areaddressed. The count was no longer young. He was at leastforty; and yet it was easy to understand that he was formedto rule the young men with whom he associated at present.And, to complete his resemblance with the fantastic heroesof the English poet, the count seemed to have the power offascination. Albert was constantly expatiating on their goodfortune in meeting such a man. Franz was less enthusiastic;but the count exercised over him also the ascendency astrong mind always acquires over a mind less domineering. Hethought several times of the project the count had ofvisiting Paris; and he had no doubt but that, with hiseccentric character, his characteristic face, and hiscolossal fortune, he would produce a great effect there. Andyet he did not wish to be at Paris when the count was there.The evening passed as evenings mostly pass at Italiantheatres; that is, not in listening to the music, but inpaying visits and conversing. The Countess G---- wished torevive the subject of the count, but Franz announced he hadsomething far newer to tell her, and, in spite of Albert'sdemonstrations of false modesty, he informed the countess ofthe great event which had preoccupied them for the lastthree days. As similar intrigues are not uncommon in Italy,if we may credit travellers, the comtess did not manifestthe least incredulity, but congratulated Albert on hissuccess. They promised, upon separating, to meet at the Dukeof Bracciano's ball, to which all Rome was invited. Theheroine of the bouquet kept her word; she gave Albert nosign of her existence the morrow or the day after.
2.  "Well? that is all I require. To-morrow morning, at seveno'clock, you will be with me, will you not?"
3.  "In landed property?"
4.  "Come," said he, "this matter will want a good deal oftalking over; a retractation is always a serious thing, youknow. Sit down, and I will read it again." Albert resumedhis seat, and Beauchamp read, with more attention than atfirst, the lines denounced by his friend. "Well," saidAlbert in a determined tone, "you see that your paper hisinsulted a member of my family, and I insist on aretractation being made."
5.  "Agreed," returned Albert; "but remember, Signor Pastrini,that both my friend and myself attach the greatestimportance to having to-morrow the costumes we have askedfor." The host again assured them they might rely on him,and that their wishes should be attended to; upon whichFranz and Albert mounted to their apartments, and proceededto disencumber themselves of their costumes. Albert, as hetook off his dress, carefully preserved the bunch ofviolets; it was his token reserved for the morrow. The twofriends sat down to table; but they could not refrain fromremarking the difference between the Count of Monte Cristo'stable and that of Signor Pastrini. Truth compelled Franz, inspite of the dislike he seemed to have taken to the count,to confess that the advantage was not on Pastrini's side.During dessert, the servant inquired at what time theywished for the carriage. Albert and Franz looked at eachother, fearing really to abuse the count's kindness. Theservant understood them. "His excellency the Count of MonteCristo had," he said, "given positive orders that thecarriage was to remain at their lordships' orders all day,and they could therefore dispose of it without fear ofindiscretion."
6.  But at the same instant the crowd of guests rushed in alarminto the principal salon as if some frightful monster hadentered the apartments, quaerens quem devoret. There was,indeed, reason to retreat, to be alarmed, and to scream. Anofficer was placing two soldiers at the door of eachdrawing-room, and was advancing towards Danglars, precededby a commissary of police, girded with his scarf. MadameDanglars uttered a scream and fainted. Danglars, who thoughthimself threatened (certain consciences are never calm), --Danglars even before his guests showed a countenance ofabject terror.


1.  "And I again repeat, you shall not commit suicide."
2.  "What I mean to say is this, sir, -- that during the lastfortnight unforeseen circumstances have occurred" --
3.  "I am the spectre of a wretch you buried in the dungeons ofthe Chateau d'If. God gave that spectre the form of theCount of Monte Cristo when he at length issued from histomb, enriched him with gold and diamonds, and led him toyou!"
4.  "Yes, forever." Madame Danglars had listened to this recitalwith a sigh, a tear, or a shriek for every detail. "And thisis all?" said she; "and you stopped there?"
5.  "Rue de la Fontaine."
6.  "Certainly. And when I told you I had foreseen the result,it is the honor of your visit I alluded to."


1.  "Both."
2.  "Really; and you think this cousin pays her attentions?"
3.  "The same."
4.  "Yes, really, sir, you were in fact a medical man," saidMadame de Villefort, "since you had cured the sick."
5.   "I do not think so," added Chateau-Renaud, with the air of aman who knows the whole of the European nobility perfectly.
6.  "Well, what do you want?"


1.  "The story begins in 1815."
2.  "Swear it."
3.  "Then they shall go for him directly, dear grandpapa. Isthat all you want?"
4、  "M. Noirtier," resumed M. d'Avrigny in the same pitilesstone, -- "M. Noirtier had once made a will against you --against your family -- in favor of the poor, in fact; M.Noirtier is spared, because nothing is expected from him.But he has no sooner destroyed his first will and made asecond, than, for fear he should make a third, he is struckdown. The will was made the day before yesterday, I believe;you see there has been no time lost."
5、  "Are you really frightened, madame?" said Monte Cristo.




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      "My dear father," said Villefort, "I am, on the contrary,delighted; but I so little expected your visit, that it hassomewhat overcome me."

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      "And is it possible that this frightful combination ofcrimes has been invented by a woman?"

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       "Indeed, sir," said he to Albert, "if you are come toquarrel with this gentleman because I have preferred him toyou, I shall resign the case to the king's attorney."

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      "Oh, it is not that; he has plenty, and to spare, forsupper; but he makes one condition, and rather a peculiarone, before he will receive you at his house."

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    {  "You have never heard his name?"

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      Morrel looked around him, and then, drawing Dantes on oneside, he said suddenly -- "And how is the emperor?"}

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      "You?" cried she, with tones of thrilling tenderness, "youare everywhere!" Monte Cristo took the delicate hand of theyoung girl in his, and was about to raise it to his lips,when the simple child of nature hastily withdrew it, andpresented her cheek. "You now understand, Haidee," said thecount, "that from this moment you are absolutely free; thathere you exercise unlimited sway, and are at liberty to layaside or continue the costume of your country, as it maysuit your inclination. Within this mansion you are absolutemistress of your actions, and may go abroad or remain inyour apartments as may seem most agreeable to you. Acarriage waits your orders, and Ali and Myrtho willaccompany you whithersoever you desire to go. There is butone favor I would entreat of you."

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       "Not their application, certainly, but their principles youmay; to learn is not to know; there are the learners and thelearned. Memory makes the one, philosophy the other."

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    {  Albert, still extended on the chair, covered his face withboth hands, as if to prevent the light from reaching him. "Ihastened to you," continued Beauchamp, "to tell you, Albert,that in this changing age, the faults of a father cannotrevert upon his children. Few have passed through thisrevolutionary period, in the midst of which we were born,without some stain of infamy or blood to soil the uniform ofthe soldier, or the gown of the magistrate. Now I have theseproofs, Albert, and I am in your confidence, no human powercan force me to a duel which your own conscience wouldreproach you with as criminal, but I come to offer you whatyou can no longer demand of me. Do you wish these proofs,these attestations, which I alone possess, to be destroyed?Do you wish this frightful secret to remain with us?Confided to me, it shall never escape my lips; say, Albert,my friend, do you wish it?"

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