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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why so?" asked the young man, surprised.
2.  At nine o'clock next morning she arose, and without ringingfor her maid or giving the least sign of her activity, shedressed herself in the same simple style as on the previousnight; then running down-stairs, she left the hotel. walkedto the Rue de Provence, called a cab, and drove to M. deVillefort's house. For the last month this wretched househad presented the gloomy appearance of a lazaretto infectedwith the plague. Some of the apartments were closed withinand without; the shutters were only opened to admit aminute's air, showing the scared face of a footman, andimmediately afterwards the window would be closed, like agravestone falling on a sepulchre, and the neighbors wouldsay to each other in a low voice, "Will there be anotherfuneral to-day at the procureur's house?" Madame Danglarsinvoluntarily shuddered at the desolate aspect of themansion; descending from the cab, she approached the doorwith trembling knees, and rang the bell. Three times did thebell ring with a dull, heavy sound, seeming to participate,in the general sadness, before the concierge appeared andpeeped through the door, which he opened just wide enough toallow his words to be heard. He saw a lady, a fashionable,elegantly dressed lady, and yet the door remained almostclosed.
3.  "Pardon me," said Albert, "I was not aware that he was aprince. And Prince Cavalcanti sang with Mademoiselle Eugenieyesterday? It must have been charming, indeed. I regret nothaving heard them. But I was unable to accept yourinvitation, having promised to accompany my mother to aGerman concert given by the Baroness of Chateau-Renaud."This was followed by rather an awkward silence. "May I alsobe allowed," said Morcerf, "to pay my respects toMademoiselle Danglars?" "Wait a moment," said the banker,stopping the young man; "do you hear that delightfulcavatina? Ta, ta, ta, ti, ta, ti, ta, ta; it is charming,let them finish -- one moment. Bravo, bravi, brava!" Thebanker was enthusiastic in his applause.
4.  Dantes heard joyfully the key grate in the lock; he listeneduntil the sound of steps died away, and then, hastilydisplacing his bed, saw by the faint light that penetratedinto his cell, that he had labored uselessly the previousevening in attacking the stone instead of removing theplaster that surrounded it.
5.  "True," said Caderousse; "Benedetto has become the son of agreat lord."
6.  "Still, sir; and I shall always do so," replied d'Avrigny,"for it has never for one instant ceased to retainpossession of my mind; and that you may be quite sure I amnot mistaken this time, listen well to what I am going tosay, M. de Villefort." The magistrate trembled convulsively."There is a poison which destroys life almost withoutleaving any perceptible traces. I know it well; I havestudied it in all its forms and in the effects which itproduces. I recognized the presence of this poison in thecase of poor Barrois as well as in that of Madame deSaint-Meran. There is a way of detecting its presence. Itrestores the blue color of litmus-paper reddened by an acid,and it turns syrup of violets green. We have nolitmus-paper, but, see, here they come with the syrup ofviolets."


1.  "You see I am perfectly composed," said Albert.
2.  "What our enemies say of us is then true. We have learntnothing, forgotten nothing! If I were betrayed as he was, Iwould console myself; but to be in the midst of personselevated by myself to places of honor, who ought to watchover me more carefully than over themselves, -- for myfortune is theirs -- before me they were nothing -- after methey will be nothing, and perish miserably from incapacity-- ineptitude! Oh, yes, sir, you are right -- it isfatality!"
3.  Such was the conversation in almost all the carriages; thesetwo sudden deaths, so quickly following each other,astonished every one, but no one suspected the terriblesecret which M. d'Avrigny had communicated, in his nocturnalwalk to M. de Villefort. They arrived in about an hour atthe cemetery; the weather was mild, but dull, and in harmonywith the funeral ceremony. Among the groups which flockedtowards the family vault, Chateau-Renaud recognized Morrel,who had come alone in a cabriolet, and walked silently alongthe path bordered with yew-trees. "You here?" saidChateau-Renaud, passing his arms through the youngcaptain's; "are you a friend of Villefort's? How is it thatI have never met you at his house?"
4.  "Well", said Caderousse, "why don't you come? Are you reallyin such a hurry that you have no time to pass the time ofday with your friends?"
5.  "Oh, I think you swore, Eugenie." And the two young girls,whom every one might have thought plunged in grief, the oneon her own account, the other from interest in her friend,burst out laughing, as they cleared away every visible traceof the disorder which had naturally accompanied thepreparations for their escape. Then, having blown out thelights, the two fugitives, looking and listening eagerly,with outstretched necks, opened the door of a dressing-roomwhich led by a side staircase down to the yard, -- Eugeniegoing first, and holding with one arm the portmanteau, whichby the opposite handle Mademoiselle d'Armilly scarcelyraised with both hands. The yard was empty; the clock wasstriking twelve. The porter was not yet gone to bed. Eugenieapproached softly, and saw the old man sleeping soundly inan arm-chair in his lodge. She returned to Louise, took upthe portmanteau, which she had placed for a moment on theground, and they reached the archway under the shadow of thewall.
6.  It was no longer the same man -- the fearful revelations ofthe three last days had crushed him. This thought -- thehouse of Morrel is about to stop payment -- bent him to theearth more than twenty years would otherwise have done.


1.  "Yes, yes," said Albert, "and may there remain only theeternal friendship which I promised to my deliverer, whichshall be transmitted to our children's children, and shallalways remind me that I owe my life and the honor of my nameto you, -- for had this been known, oh, Beauchamp, I shouldhave destroyed myself; or, -- no, my poor mother! I couldnot have killed her by the same blow, -- I should have fledfrom my country."
2.  "Oh, merciful heavens!" murmured Villefort. Morrel raisedhis head, and reading the eyes of the old man, which gleamedwith unnatural lustre, -- "Stay," he said, "M. Noirtierwishes to speak."
3.  In this state of mutual understanding, they reached Leghorn.Here Edmond was to undergo another trial; he was to find outwhether he could recognize himself, as he had not seen hisown face for fourteen years. He had preserved a tolerablygood remembrance of what the youth had been, and was now tofind out what the man had become. His comrades believed thathis vow was fulfilled. As he had twenty times touched atLeghorn, he remembered a barber in St. Ferdinand Street; hewent there to have his beard and hair cut. The barber gazedin amazement at this man with the long, thick and black hairand beard, which gave his head the appearance of one ofTitian's portraits. At this period it was not the fashion towear so large a beard and hair so long; now a barber wouldonly be surprised if a man gifted with such advantagesshould consent voluntarily to deprive himself of them. TheLeghorn barber said nothing and went to work.
4.  "I believe so." The conviction that they came from M. deVillefort relieved all Dantes' apprehensions; he advancedcalmly, and placed himself in the centre of the escort. Acarriage waited at the door, the coachman was on the box,and a police officer sat beside him.
5.   "Calls himself, do you say?"
6.  "Bah," said Debray; "he scarcely knew Mademoiselle deVillefort; you said so yourself."


1.  "Yes, that is very true, Mercedes," replied the young man,"Yes, you have been cruelly frank with me; but do you forgetthat it is among the Catalans a sacred law to intermarry?"
2.  "Why so?"
3.  Had a thunderbolt fallen in the midst of the spectators ofthis unexpected scene, it would not have surprised them morethan did Albert's declaration. As for Monte Cristo, his eyesslowly rose towards heaven with an expression of infinitegratitude. He could not understand how Albert's fierynature, of which he had seen so much among the Romanbandits, had suddenly stooped to this humiliation. Herecognized the influence of Mercedes, and saw why her nobleheart had not opposed the sacrifice she knew beforehandwould be useless. "Now, sir," said Albert, "if you think myapology sufficient, pray give me your hand. Next to themerit of infallibility which you appear to possess, I rankthat of candidly acknowledging a fault. But this confessionconcerns me only. I acted well as a man, but you have actedbetter than man. An angel alone could have saved one of usfrom death -- that angel came from heaven, if not to make usfriends (which, alas, fatality renders impossible), at leastto make us esteem each other."
4、  "Dear Valentine," said Morrel, endeavoring to conceal hisown emotion, "listen, I entreat you; what I am about to sayis very serious. When are you to be married?"
5、  "Oh, it is all my wife's fault. She dreamed Don Carlos hadreturned to Spain; she believes in dreams. It is magnetism,she says, and when she dreams a thing it is sure to happen,she assures me. On this conviction I allow her to speculate,she having her bank and her stockbroker; she speculated andlost. It is true she speculates with her own money, notmine; nevertheless, you can understand that when 700,000francs leave the wife's pocket, the husband always finds itout. But do you mean to say you have not heard of this? Why,the thing has made a tremendous noise."




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      Faria replied to this sarcasm with a glance of profoundcontempt. They went out. The turnkey closed the door behindthem.

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      "Summer balls are fashionable."

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       "And if you fail?"

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      "I agree with M. de Villefort," said Monte Cristo, fixinghis eyes on Madame de Villefort; "and if I were sufficientlyintimate with him to allow of giving my advice, I wouldpersuade him, since I have been told M. d'Epinay is comingback, to settle this affair at once beyond all possibilityof revocation. I will answer for the success of a projectwhich will reflect so much honor on M. de Villefort." Theprocureur arose, delighted with the proposition, but hiswife slightly changed color. "Well, that is all that Iwanted, and I will be guided by a counsellor such as youare," said he, extending his hand to Monte Cristo."Therefore let every one here look upon what has passedto-day as if it had not happened, and as though we had neverthought of such a thing as a change in our original plans."

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    {  "Paid the last debt of nature?"

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      "Why, it was won by a horse and rider utterly unknown on thecourse."}

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      "`And where is the dear boy, our little Edmond?'

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      "Mother, I must go," said Albert in a firm, calm voice; "youlove me too well to wish me to remain useless and idle withyou; besides, I have signed."

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       Then, throwing himself back in his carriage, Danglars calledout to his coachman, in a voice that might be heard acrossthe road, "To the Chamber of Deputies."

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    {  "My good friend," said Franz, turning to him, while Albertcontinued to point his glass at every box in the theatre,"you seem determined not to approve; you are really toodifficult to please." The curtain at length fell on theperformances, to the infinite satisfaction of the Viscountof Morcerf, who seized his hat, rapidly passed his fingersthrough his hair, arranged his cravat and wristbands, andsignified to Franz that he was waiting for him to lead theway. Franz, who had mutely interrogated the countess, andreceived from her a gracious smile in token that he would bewelcome, sought not to retard the gratification of Albert'seager impatience, but began at once the tour of the house,closely followed by Albert, who availed himself of the fewminutes required to reach the opposite side of the theatreto settle the height and smoothness of his collar, and toarrange the lappets of his coat. This important task wasjust completed as they arrived at the countess's box. At theknock, the door was immediately opened, and the young manwho was seated beside the countess, in obedience to theItalian custom, instantly rose and surrendered his place tothe strangers, who, in turn, would be expected to retireupon the arrival of other visitors.

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      "Where can I sleep?"