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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Stanley Hopkins gave a cry of joy.
2.  "No, I had a feeling something was there."
3.  "None save my partner with his family and an occasional friend ofArthur's. Sir George Burnwell has been several times lately. No oneelse, I think."
4.  "Had it been raining all evening?"
5.  The official looked at them with a puzzled expression.
6.  "Good heavens! I thought it was Wednesday. It is Wednesday. Whatd'you want to frighten the chap for?" He sank his face onto his armsand began to sob in a high treble key.


1.  She was as good as her word, but there was nothing which was helpfulin our investigation. She had no reason to think that her fiance hadany hidden enemy, but she admitted that she had had several warmadmirers.
2.  "Now for the events at Lachine between nine and ten on the eveningof last Monday.
3.  The doctor was our next goal. He had been called in, had found thewoman dying of pure senility, had actually seen her pass away, and hadsigned the certificate in due form. "I assure you that everythingwas perfectly normal and there was no room for foul play in thematter," said he. Nothing in the house had struck him as suspicioussave that for people of their class it was remarkable that they shouldhave no servant. So far and no farther went the doctor.Finally we found our way to Scotland Yard. There had beendifficulties of procedure in regard to the warrant. Some delay wasinevitable. The magistrate's signature might not be obtained untilnext morning. If Holmes would call about nine he could go down withLestrade and see it acted upon. So ended the day, save that nearmidnight our friend, the sergeant, called to say that he had seenflickering lights here and there in the windows of the great darkhouse, but that no one had left it and none had entered. We couldbut pray for patience and wait for the morrow.
4.  Lord St. Simon glanced over it. "Yes, it is correct, as far as itgoes."
5.  "Well we have been married now for a year, and very happy we havebeen. But about a month ago, at the end of June, I saw for the firsttime signs of trouble. One day my wife received a letter from America.I saw the American stamp. She turned deadly white, read the letter,and threw it into the fire. She made no allusion to it afterwards, andI made none, for a promise is a promise, but she has never known aneasy hour from that moment. There is always a look of fear upon herface- a look as if she were waiting and expecting. She would do betterto trust me. She would find that I was her best friend. But untilshe speaks, I can say nothing. Mind you, she is a truthful woman,Mr. Holmes, and whatever trouble there may have been in her pastlife it has been no fault of hers. I am only a simple Norfolksquire, but there is not a man in England who ranks his familyhonour more highly than I do. She knows it well, and she knew itwell before she married me. She would never bring any stain upon it-of that I am sure.


1.  "Did your wife hear all this?"
2.  "Some of it, but the main part at the hotel."
3.  "I believe you are right, Mr. Holmes. He would take so valuable aprize to headquarters with his own hands. I think that your courseof action is an excellent one. Meanwhile, Hope, we cannot neglectall our other duties on account of this one misfortune. Should therebe any fresh developments during the day we shall communicate withyou, and you will no doubt let us know the results of your owninquiries."
4.  "The glass still keeps very high," he remarked as he sat down. "Itis of importance that it should not rain before we are able to go overthe ground. On the other hand, a man should be at his very best andkeenest for such nice work as that, and I did not wish to do it whenfagged by a long journey. I have seen young McCarthy."
5.   "Well, then, do you imagine that this other one, Henry Baker,had anything to do with the matter?"
6.  Mrs. Hudson had appeared with a lady's card upon her salver.Holmes glanced at it, raised his eyebrows, and handed it over to me."Ask Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope if she will be kind enough to stepup," said he.


1.  "Surely it is evident that it is unequal in its intensity. Thereis a dot of extravasated blood here, and another there. There aresimilar indications in this other weal down here. What can that mean?""I have no idea. Have you?"
2.  "Now, Watson," said Holmes, as a tall dog-cart dashed up through thegloom, throwing out two golden tunnels of yellow light from its sidelanterns. "You'll come with me, won't you?"
3.  "I have made inquiries," said the inspector. "William received aletter by the afternoon post yesterday. The envelope was destroyedby him."
4、  "Then, pray tell me what it is that you can infer from thishat?"
5、  "Then he certainly took a footpath on one side or the other.""It could not have been on the side of the heath, or I should haveseen him."




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      "'We have judged it best that you should come late. It is torecompense you for any inconvenience that we are paying to you, ayoung and unknown man, a fee which would buy an opinion from thevery heads of your profession. Still, of course, if you would liketo draw out of the business, there is plenty of time to do so.'"I thought of the fifty guineas, and of how very useful they wouldbe to me. 'Not at all,' said I, 'I shall be very happy toaccommodate myself to your wishes. I should like, however, tounderstand a little more clearly what it is that you wish me to do.'"'Quite so. It is very natural that the pledge of secrecy which wehave exacted from you should have aroused your curiosity. I have nowish to commit you to anything without your having it all laidbefore you. I suppose that we are absolutely safe from eavesdroppers?'"'Entirely.'

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      For answer Holmes clapped the hat upon his head. It cameright over the forehead and settled upon the bridge of his nose."It is a question of cubic capacity," said he; "a man with solarge a brain must have something in it."

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       "No, sir; I had a telegram."

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      "My good Hopkins, I have investigated many crimes, but I havenever yet seen one which was committed by a flying creature. As longas the criminal remains upon two legs so long must there be someindentation, some abrasion, some trifling displacement which can bedetected by the scientific searcher. It is incredible that thisblood-bespattered room contained no trace which could have aided us. Iunderstand, however, from the inquest that there were some objectswhich you failed to overlook?"

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    {  Sherlock Holmes's quick eye took in my occupation, and heshook his head with a smile as he noticed my questioning glances."Beyond the obvious facts that he has at some time done manuallabour, that he takes snuff, that he is a Freemason, that he hasbeen in China, and that he has done a considerable amount ofwriting lately, I can deduce nothing else."

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      "I have heard nothing of it."}

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      consulting-room, where we found the doctor seated behind his table.It argues the degree in which I had lost touch with my professionthat the name of Leslie Armstrong was unknown to me. Now I am awarethat he is not only one of the heads of the medical school of theuniversity, but a thinker of European reputation in more than onebranch of science. Yet even without knowing his brilliant record onecould not fail to be impressed by a mere glance at the man, thesquare, massive face, the brooding eyes under the thatched brows,and the granite moulding of the inflexible jaw. A man of deepcharacter, a man with an alert mind, grim, ascetic, self-contained,formidable- so I read Dr. Leslie Armstrong. He held my friend's cardin his hand, and he looked up with no very pleased expression upon hisdour features.

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      "My dear fellow! I congrat-"

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       "Yes, but there is another empty house farther up the street whichhe must have passed before he came to this one. Why did he not breakit there, since it is evident that every yard that he carried itincreased the risk of someone meeting him?"

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    {  A look of surprise passed over his face, and at the first quiverof his eyebrows my heart turned to lead in my breast.

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      "I am about to tell you, Mr. Holmes, all that actually occurred, foryou already know so much that it is clearly to my interest that youshould know all. I have already explained the relationship in whichI stood to the Tregennis family. For the sake of the sister I wasfriendly with the brothers. There was a family quarrel about moneywhich estranged this man Mortimer, but it was supposed to be madeup, and I afterwards met him as I did the others. He was a sly,subtle, scheming man, and several things arose which gave me asuspicion of him, but I had no cause for any positive quarrel."One day, only a couple of weeks ago, he came down to my cottage andI showed him some of my African curiosities. Among other things Iexhibited this powder, and I told him of its strange properties, howit stimulates those brain centres which control the emotion of fear,and how either madness or death is the fate of the unhappy nativewho is subjected to the ordeal by the priest of his tribe. I toldhim also how powerless European science would be to detect it. Howhe took it I cannot say, for I never left the room, but there is nodoubt that it was then, while I was opening cabinets and stooping toboxes, that he managed to abstract some of the devil's-foot root. Iwell remember how he plied me with questions as to the amount andthe time that was needed for its effect, but I little dreamed thathe could have a personal reason for asking.