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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "He returned to London at the first sound of war.""Well, there's just the man we want," said Athos. "It is hewhom we must warm. We will have him informed that hissister-in-law is on the point of having someone
2.  "well?"
3.  "Yes, I know that," said Buckingham; "he has a prisoner.""It is of that prisoner that I wish to speak to your Grace," repliedFelton.
4.  He found Treville in a joyful mood. He had thought the king andqueen charming at the ball. It is true the cardinal had beenparticularly ill-tempered. He had retired at one o'clock underthe pretense of being indisposed. As to their Majesties, theydid not return to the Louvre till six o'clock in the morning."Now," said Treville, lowering his voice, and looking into everycorner of the apartment to see if they were alone, "now let ustalk about yourself, my young friend; for it is evident that yourhappy return has something to do with the joy of the king, thetriumph of the queen, and the humiliation of his Eminence. Youmust look out for yourself."
5.  "And what was most frightful," continued Milady, her voicealtered, as if she still experienced the same agony as at thatawful minute, "was that at this time I retained a consciousnessof the danger that threatened me; was that my soul, if I may sayso, waked in my sleeping body; was that I saw, that I heard. Itis true that all was like a dream, but it was not the lessfrightful.
6.  "There is something horribly mysterious under all this,Athos; this woman is one of the cardinal's spies, I am sureof that."


1.  "What will you do with the letter, then?" asked Porthos."Come here, Grimaud," said Athos. Grimaud rose and obeyed. "Asa punishment for having spoken without permission, my friend, youwill please to eat this piece of paper; then to recompense youfor the service you will have rendered us, you shall afterwarddrink this glass of wine. First, here is the letter. Eatheartily."
2.  "An infamous scoundrel, monseigneur, a scoundrel!""Give me paper, a quill, and some ink, then," said thecardinal.
3.  D'Artagnan did reflect, and resolved to thrash Planchetprovisionally; which he did with the conscientiousness thatD'Artagnan carried into everything. After having well beatenhim, he forbade him to leave his service without his permission."For," added he, "the future cannot fail to mend; I inevitablylook for better times. Your fortune is therefore made if youremain with me, and I am too good a master to allow you to misssuch a chance by granting you the dismissal you require."This manner of acting roused much respect for D'Artagnan's policyamong the Musketeers. Planchet was equally seized withadmiration, and said no more about going away.
4.  There only his memory returned to him. He shook his head,perceived the cabaret at which he had left Aramis, and puttinghis horse to the trot, he shortly pulled up at the door.This time is was not a host but a hostess who received him.D'Artagnan was a physiognomist. His eye took in at a glance theplump, cheerful countenance of the mistress of the place, and heat once perceived there was no occasion for dissembling with her,or of fearing anything from one blessed with such a joyousphysiognomy.
5.  "In person."
6.  "Planchet!" cried D'Artagnan, beside himself with joy."Planchet!" repeated Aramis and Porthos.


1.  His eyes were fixed upon the little pavilion situated at theangle of the wall, of which all the windows were closed withshutters, except one on the first story. Through this windowshone a mild light which silvered the foliage of two or threelinden trees which formed a group outside the park. There couldbe no doubt that behind this little window, which threw forthsuch friendly beams, the pretty Mme. Bonacieux expected him.Wrapped in this sweet idea, D'Artagnan waited half an hourwithout the least impatience, his eyes fixed upon that charminglittle abode of which he could perceive a part of the ceilingwith its gilded moldings, attesting the elegance of the rest ofthe apartment.
2.  "This evening, monsieur, I am detained in Paris by indispensablebusiness."
3.  "Perfectly," said the dragoon.
4.  "Then, put me to the proof."
5.   "Ah, you are awake, madame," he said; "then I have nothing moreto do here. If you want anything you can ring."
6.  "Ah! This is something new," replied the king. "Will you tellme that your three damned Musketeers, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis,and your youngster from Bearn, have not fallen, like so manyfuries, upon poor Bernajoux, and have not maltreated him in sucha fashion that probably by this time he is dead? Will you tellme that they did not lay siege to the hotel of the Duc de laTremouille, and that they did not endeavor to burn it?--whichwould not, perhaps, have been a great misfortune in time of war,seeing that it is nothing but a nest of Huguenots, but which is,in time of peace, a frightful example. Tell me, now, can youdeny all this?"


1.  "I shall entertain, whatever may happen," said D'Artagnan,placing his hand upon his breast and bowing, "an eternalgratitude toward your Eminence for that which you now do forme."
2.  "That's it. About what time?"
3.  "I set out five hours after her from Portsmouth," said Lord de Winter."I arrived three hours after her at Boulogne. I missed her by twentyminutes at St. Omer. Finally, at Lilliers I lost all trace of her. Iwas going about at random, inquiring of everybody, when I saw yougallop past. I recognized Monsieur d'Artagnan. I called to you, butyou did not answer me; I wished to follow you, but my horse was too muchfatigued to go at the same pace with yours. And yet it appears, inspite of all your diligence, you have arrived too late.""You see!" said Athos, pointing to Mme. Bonacieux dead, and toD'Artagnan, whom Porthos and Aramis were trying to recall to life."Are they both dead?" asked Lord de Winter, sternly."No," replied Athos, "fortunately Monsieur d'Artagnan has only fainted.""Ah, indeed, so much the better!" said Lord de Winter.At that moment D'Artagnan opened his eyes. He tore himself from thearms of Porthos and Aramis, and threw himself like a madman on thecorpse of his mistress.
4、  "By her husband, who was a nobleman of your acquaintance,"continued D'Artagnan, looking intently at Athos.
5、  "And how shall I travel, then?"




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      "I? In what can I have offended her--I who ever since I haveknown her have lived at her feet like a slave? Speak, I begyou!"

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      And Kitty, who had not let go the hand of D'Artagnan, ledhim up a little dark, winding staircase, and after ascendingabout fifteen steps, opened a door.

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       "But your host behaves very well toward you, as it appears, mydear Porthos," said D'Artagnan, directing the sick man'sattention to the full stewpans and the empty bottles."So, so," replied Porthos. "Only three or four days ago theimpertinent jackanapes gave me his bill, and I was forced to turnboth him and his bill out of the door; so that I am heresomething in the fashion of a conqueror, holding my position, asit were, my conquest. So you see, being in constant fear ofbeing forced from that position, I am armed to the teeth.""And yet," said D'Artagnan, laughing, "it appears to me that fromtime to time you must make SORTIES." And he again pointed to thebottles and the stewpans.

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      "In that case I am lost," said D'Artagnan.

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    {  "Too late by a minute!" cried he, "too late by a minute! Oh, my God, myGod! what a misfortune!"

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      "You have cut her to the heart."

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      "Well, how is it with this madman?" exclaimed he, turning roundas the noise of the door announced the entrance of the host, whocame in to inquire if he was unhurt.

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       "I pardon you," said he, "for the poisoning of my brother, and theassassination of his Grace, Lord Buckingham. I pardon you for the deathof poor Felton; I pardon you for the attempts upon my own person. Diein peace!"

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    {  As to D'Artagnan, he remained perfectly insensible to theenthusiasm of the two men in black.

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      "I must have been blind not to have seen."