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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  My friend's face grew graver still.
2.  "I do not know that there is anything else for me to explain. Iwas determined to preserve my disguise as long as possible, andhence my preference for a dirty face. Knowing that my wife would beterribly anxious, I slipped off my ring and confided it to thelascar at a moment when no constable was watching me, together witha hurried scrawl, telling her that she had no cause to fear.""That note only reached her yesterday," said Holmes.
3.  "'Danger is part of my trade,' I remarked.
4.  "Instead of being ruined, my good sir, you will find that yourreputation has been enormously enhanced. Just make a few alterationsin that report which you were writing, and they will understand howhard it is to throw dust in the eyes of Inspector Lestrade.""And you don't want your name to appear?"
5.  "No; his needs were very simple and his salary ample. He had saved afew hundreds, and we were to marry at the New Year."
6.  "I am for west," remarked the plain-clothes man. "There areseveral quiet little villages up there."


1.  "'Well, matters went from bad to worse with us, and this animalHudson became more and more intrusive, until at last, on his makingsome insolent reply to my father in my presence one day, I took him bythe shoulders and turned him out of the room. He slunk away with alivid face and two venomous eyes which uttered more threats than histongue could do. I don't know what passed between the poor dad and himafter that, but the dad came to me next day and asked me whether Iwould mind apologizing to Hudson. I refused, as you can imagine, andasked my father how he could allow such a wretch to take suchliberties with himself and his household.
2.  "I have given a margin of half an hour," said he. "If that is hertrap, she must be making for the earlier train. I fear, Watson, thatshe will be past Charlington before we can possibly meet her."From the instant that we passed the rise, we could no longer see thevehicle, but we hastened onward at such a pace that my sedentarylife began to tell upon me, and I was compelled to fall behind.Holmes, however, was always in training, for he had inexhaustiblestores of nervous energy upon which to draw. His springy step neverslowed until suddenly, when he was a hundred yards in front of me,he halted, and I saw him throw up his hand with a gesture of grief anddespair. At the same instant an empty dog-cart, the horse cantering,the reins trailing, appeared round the curve of the road and rattledswiftly towards us.
3.  It was a bitter night, so we drew on our ulsters and wrappedcravats about our throats. Outside, the stars were shining coldlyin a cloudless sky, and the breath of the passers-by blew out intosmoke like so many pistol shots. Our footfalls rang out crisplyand loudly as we swung through the doctors' quarter, WimpoleStreet, Harley Street, and so through Wigmore Street into OxfordStreet. In a quarter of an hour we were in Bloomsbury at theAlpha Inn, which is a small public-house at the corner of one ofthe streets which runs down into Holborn. Holmes pushed open thedoor of the private bar and ordered two glasses of beer from theruddy-faced, white-aproned landlord.
4.  "What is Mrs. Mason like?" asked Holmes.
5.  "No, he took it himself."
6.  "Mrs. Hilton Cubitt was seriously injured, and is at death's door."The man gave a hoarse cry of grief, which rang through the house."You're crazy!" he cried, fiercely. "It was he that was hurt, notshe. Who would have hurt little Elsie? I may have threatened her-God forgive me!- but I would not have touched a hair of her prettyhead. Take it back- you! Say that she is not hurt!"


1.  "'I tell you, and I give you my word for it, that from that moment Iwas not my own master, and it is all like a dim dream when I look backon it. I had been drinking hard of late, and the two things togetherfairly turned my brain. There's something throbbing in my head now,like a docker's hammer, but that morning I seemed to have allNiagara whizzing and buzzing in my ears.
2.  "Half a mo'," said the boxer, looking suspiciously at the bedroomdoor. "He's a leary cove that wants watching. I suppose he's notlistening?"
3.  "By the way, Watson, I suppose you see it all clearly?""No, I can't say that I do. I only gather that we are going to seethe lady who is behind all this mischief."
4.  At that instant there was a clatter and a rattle in the streetbelow. Looking down I saw a stately carriage and pair, the brilliantlamps gleaming on the glossy haunches of the noble chestnuts. Afootman opened the door, and a small, stout man in a shaggyastrakhan overcoat descended. A minute later he was in the room.Charles Augustus Milverton was a man of fifty, with a large,intellectual head, a round, plump, hairless face, a perpetual frozensmile, and two keen gray eyes, which gleamed brightly from behindbroad, gold-rimmed glasses. There was something of Mr. Pickwick'sbenevolence in his appearance, marred only by the insincerity of thefixed smile and by the hard glitter of those restless andpenetrating eyes. His voice was as smooth and suave as hiscountenance, as he advanced with a plump little hand extended,murmuring his regret for having missed us at his first visit. Holmesdisregarded the outstretched hand and looked at him with a face ofgranite. Milverton's smile broadened, he shrugged his shouldersremoved his overcoat, folded it with great deliberation over theback of a chair, and then took a seat.
5.   "There was a double line of tracks of a booted man, and a seconddouble line which I saw with delight belonged to a man with nakedfeet. I was at once convinced from what you had told me that thelatter was your son. The first had walked both ways, but the other hadrun swiftly, and as his tread was marked in places over the depressionof the boot, it was obvious that he had passed after the other. Ifollowed them up and found they led to the hall window, where Bootshad worn all the snow away while waiting. Then I walked to the otherend, which was a hundred yards or more down the lane. I saw whereBoots had faced round, where the snow was cut up as though there hadbeen a struggle, and, finally, where a few drops of blood hadfallen, to show me that I was not mistaken. Boots had then run downthe lane, and another little smudge of blood showed that it was he whohad been hurt. When he came to the highroad at the other end, Ifound that the pavement had been cleared, so there was an end tothat clue.
6.  "A promise is a promise, Mr. Holmes. If Elsie wished to tell meshe would. If not, it is not for me to force her confidence. But Iam justified in taking my own line- and I will."


1.  The young man took from his waistcoat a crumpled envelope, andturning to the table he shook out upon it five little dried orangepips.
2.  "Pray sit down," said Sherlock Holmes. "We shall, I fancy, have agood deal to discuss." He took up his sheets of foolscap. "You are, ofcourse, the Mr. John Garrideb mentioned in this document. But surelyyou have been in England some time?"
3.  "Well, we can soon determine that. If your friend was going to hisrelative, Lord Mount-James, you have then to explain the visit of thisrough-looking fellow at so late an hour, and the agitation that wascaused by his coming."
4、  "It is very good of you- very noble of you. I appreciate yourspecial knowledge."
5、  "Oh! he impressed you in that way, did he? There are the horses,there is the smithy. Yes, it is an interesting place, this FightingCock. I think we shall have another look at it in an unobtrusive way."A long, sloping hillside, dotted with gray limestone boulders,stretched behind us. We had turned off the road, and were making ourway up the hill, when, looking in the direction of Holdernesse Hall, Isaw a cyclist coming swiftly along.




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      "It opens a pleasing field for intelligent speculation. The wordsare written with a broad-pointed, violet-tinted pencil of a notunusual pattern. You will observe that the paper is torn away at theside here after the printing was done, so that the 'S' of 'SOAP' ispartly gone. Suggestive, Watson, is it not?"

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      "Or rather, I fancy, of that goose. It was one bird, Iimagine, in which you were interested--white, with a black baracross the tail."

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       "'I can give you it at once. It was sixty-four feet.'

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      "I have not had time to explain it."

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    {  "I need not explain, madame. I have too much respect for yourintelligence to do so- though I confess that intelligence has beensurprisingly at fault of late."

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      "I did not observe that."}

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      "'Five hundred a year!' I shouted.

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      "Yes," said he, "I have solved it."

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       'Yours faithfully,

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    {  "It has been a most remarkable experience."

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      "What is the question, Mr. Holmes?"