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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Besides what?" asked the Count.
2.  "Yes."
3.  As the distance increased between the travellers and Paris,almost superhuman serenity appeared to surround the count;he might have been taken for an exile about to revisit hisnative land. Ere long Marseilles presented herself to view,-- Marseilles, white, fervid, full of life and energy, --Marseilles, the younger sister of Tyre and Carthage, thesuccessor to them in the empire of the Mediterranean, --Marseilles, old, yet always young. Powerful memories werestirred within them by the sight of the round tower, FortSaint-Nicolas, the City Hall designed by Puget,* the portwith its brick quays, where they had both played inchildhood, and it was with one accord that they stopped onthe Cannebiere. A vessel was setting sail for Algiers, onboard of which the bustle usually attending departureprevailed. The passengers and their relations crowded on thedeck, friends taking a tender but sorrowful leave of eachother, some weeping, others noisy in their grief, the wholeforming a spectacle that might be exciting even to those whowitnessed similar sights daily, but which had no power todisturb the current of thought that had taken possession ofthe mind of Maximilian from the moment he had set foot onthe broad pavement of the quay.
4.  "Simply an acquaintance, sir."
5.  "No matter! I could never agree to it."
6.  "Madame," answered the count, "you are under the roof of onewho esteems himself most fortunate in having been able tosave you from a further continuance of your sufferings."


1.  Monte Cristo remembered that on that very spot, on the samerock, he had been violently dragged by the guards, whoforced him to ascend the slope at the points of theirbayonets. The journey had seemed very long to Dantes, butMonte Cristo found it equally short. Each stroke of the oarseemed to awaken a new throng of ideas, which sprang up withthe flying spray of the sea.
2.  "A quarter to ten."
3.  "Not in the least."
4.  "Will there be any mass?" asked one of the attendants.
5.  "No; the letter."
6.  "Then Caesar and the pope hastened to lay hands on theheritage, under presence of seeking for the papers of thedead man. But the inheritance consisted in this only, ascrap of paper on which Spada had written: -- `I bequeath tomy beloved nephew my coffers, my books, and, amongst others,my breviary with the gold corners, which I beg he willpreserve in remembrance of his affectionate uncle.'


1.  "And on what have you written all this?"
2.  "I am satisfied, madame, that he did what I have told you;besides, that is not much more odious than that a Frenchmanby adoption should pass over to the English; that a Spaniardby birth should have fought against the Spaniards; that astipendiary of Ali should have betrayed and murdered Ali.Compared with such things, what is the letter you have justread? -- a lover's deception, which the woman who hasmarried that man ought certainly to forgive; but not so thelover who was to have married her. Well, the French did notavenge themselves on the traitor, the Spaniards did notshoot the traitor, Ali in his tomb left the traitorunpunished; but I, betrayed, sacrificed, buried, have risenfrom my tomb, by the grace of God, to punish that man. Hesends me for that purpose, and here I am." The poor woman'shead and arms fell; her legs bent under her, and she fell onher knees. "Forgive, Edmond, forgive for my sake, who loveyou still!"
3.  "Agreed."
4.  As he left the room, Debray called out loudly, "Mycarriage."
5.   "Poor thing," said Villefort, pressing her hand, "it was toosevere for your strength, for you were twice overwhelmed,and yet" --
6.  "Do you know the house of Thomson & French?"


1.  "What is the matter, Barrois?" said Valentine. The old mandid not answer, but looked at his master with wild staringeyes, while with his cramped hand he grasped a piece offurniture to enable him to stand upright. "He is going tofall!" cried Morrel. The rigors which had attacked Barroisgradually increased, the features of the face became quitealtered, and the convulsive movement of the muscles appearedto indicate the approach of a most serious nervous disorder.Noirtier, seeing Barrois in this pitiable condition, showedby his looks all the various emotions of sorrow and sympathywhich can animate the heart of man. Barrois made some stepstowards his master.
2.  "But the contract?" The same smile returned. "Will youassure me it shall not be signed?"
3.  The abbe was a man of the world, and had, moreover, mixed inthe first society of the day; he wore an air of melancholydignity which Dantes, thanks to the imitative powersbestowed on him by nature, easily acquired, as well as thatoutward polish and politeness he had before been wanting in,and which is seldom possessed except by those who have beenplaced in constant intercourse with persons of high birthand breeding. At the end of fifteen months the level wasfinished, and the excavation completed beneath the gallery,and the two workmen could distinctly hear the measured treadof the sentinel as he paced to and fro over their heads.
4、  "And do you account me that title?"
5、  "Thousands of wild goats."




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      "Yes; I had been told that I should see you to-day at seveno'clock."

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      "Not with us, sir," replied Dantes.

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       Frs.Coupe, thirty-five francs ............................ 35From Chalons to Lyons you will go on by the steamboat-- six francs ......................................... 6From Lyons to Avignon (still by steamboat),sixteen francs ....................................... 16From Avignon to Marseilles, seven franc................ 7Expenses on the road, about fifty francs ............. 50Total................................................ 114 frs.

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      "Oh, if you do know him," cried Julie, "can you tell uswhere he is -- where we can find him? Maximilian -- Emmanuel-- if we do but discover him, he must believe in thegratitude of the heart!" Monte Cristo felt tears start intohis eyes, and he again walked hastily up and down the room.

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    {  "No, you will not die; but will you promise me, whateverhappens, that you will not complain, but hope?"

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      "I have formed an acquaintance, thanks to my good fortune,with many noted persons, and have, at least for the moment,a crowd of friends. But marrying, as I am about to do,before all Paris, I ought to be supported by an illustriousname, and in the absence of the paternal hand some powerfulone ought to lead me to the altar; now, my father is notcoming to Paris, is he? He is old, covered with wounds, andsuffers dreadfully, he says, in travelling."}

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      "No. 27, Rue du Helder."

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      "Idiot!" muttered Danglars; "whether she kill herself ornot, what matter, provided Dantes is not captain?"

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       "Have you tied the knot?" inquired the first speaker.

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    {  "Two millions of Roman crowns; nearly thirteen millions ofour money."*

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      Albert de Morcerf.