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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "From the queen! Oh, oh!" said M. de Treville. "Why, it isindeed a true royal jewel, which is worth a thousand pistoles ifit is worth a denier. By whom did the queen send you thisjewel?"
2.  "And there again you are wrong. A horse slips and injures ajoint; a horse stumbles and breaks his knees to the bone; a horseeats out of a manger in which a glandered horse has eaten. Thereis a horse, while on the contrary, the hundred pistoles feedtheir master."
3.  Louis XIII stopped, terrified at what he was about to say, whileRichelieu, stretching out his neck, waited uselessly for the wordwhich had died on the lips of the king.
4.  "No, I use your generosity, that's all. But be of good cheer;with certain people, everything comes round."
5.  But as he did not think of giving this order till five hours after theevent--that is to say, till two o'clock in the afternoon--two vesselshad already left the port, the one bearing, as we know, Milady, who,already anticipating the event, was further confirmed in that belief byseeing the black flag flying at the masthead of the admiral's ship.As to the second vessel, we will tell hereafter whom it carried, and howit set sail.
6.  After breakfast, it was agreed that they should meet againin the evening at Athos's lodging, and there finish theirplans.


1.  "And I reply to you, sir, that this abuse of power, this exileunder a fictitious name, are infamous!"
2.  On his part, the cardinal was not behind the king in thisrespect. When he saw the formidable and chosen body with whichLouis XIII had surrounded himself, this second, or rather thisfirst king of France, became desirous that he, too, should havehis guard. He had his Musketeers therefore, as Louis XIII hadhis, and these two powerful rivals vied with each other inprocuring, not only from all the provinces of France, but evenfrom all foreign states, the most celebrated swordsmen. It wasnot uncommon for Richelieu and Louis XIII to dispute over theirevening game of chess upon the merits of their servants. Eachboasted the bearing and the courage of his own people. Whileexclaiming loudly against duels and brawls, they excited themsecretly to quarrel, deriving an immoderate satisfaction orgenuine regret from the success or defeat of their owncombatants. We learn this from the memoirs of a man who wasconcerned in some few of these defeats and in many of thesevictories.
3.  At this announcement, during which the door remained open,everyone became mute, and amid the general silence the young mancrossed part of the length of the antechamber, and entered theapartment of the captain of the Musketeers, congratulatinghimself with all his heart at having so narrowly escaped the endof this strange quarrel.
4.  "And that is nothing?"
5.  "Here is my bed," replied Planchet, producing a bundle of straw."Come, then," said D'Artagnan, "you are right. Mine host's facedoes not please me at all; it is to gracious."
6.  "What have you done to him, then?"


1.  "Monseigneur will doubtless recognize his own handwriting."And D'Artagnan presented to the cardinal the precious piece of paperwhich Athos had forced from Milady, and which he had given to D'Artagnanto serve him as a safeguard.
2.  M. de Treville entertained good company, wholly anticardinalst,though. It may easily be understood, therefore, that theconversation during the whole of dinner turned upon the twochecks that his Eminence's Guardsmen had received. Now, asD'Artagnan had been the hero of these two fights, it was upon himthat all the felicitations fell, which Athos, Porthos, and Aramisabandoned to him, not only as good comrades, but as men who hadso often had their turn that could very well afford him his.Toward six o'clock M. de Treville announced that it was time togo to the Louvre; but as the hour of audience granted by hisMajesty was past, instead of claiming the ENTREE by the backstairs, he placed himself with the four young men in theantechamber. The king had not yet returned from hunting. Ouryoung men had been waiting about half an hour, amid a crowd ofcourtiers, when all the doors were thrown open, and his Majestywas announced.
3.  "But that's impossible! He is at the siege of La Rochelle with thecardinal. He will not return till after the taking of the city.""Ah, you fancy so! But is there anything impossible for my D'Artagnan,the noble and loyal gentleman?"
4.  "We are about to have the honor of charging you," replied Aramis,lifting his hat with one hand and drawing his sword with theother.
5.   "That is true, sire; there can be no more doubt on that head.They called upon him then to retire; but he answered that he wasa Musketeer at heart, entirely devoted to your Majesty, and thattherefore he would remain with Messieurs the Musketeers.""Brave young man!" murmured the king.
6.  "What?"


1.  "One of my friends."
2.  "VENTREBLEU!" cried D'Artagnan, rising from the table, the storyof the present day making him forget that of the preceding one."Patience!" said Athos; "I had a plan. The Englishman was anoriginal; I had seen him conversing that morning with Grimaud,and Grimaud had told me that he had made him proposals to enterinto his service. I staked Grimaud, the silent Grimaud, dividedinto ten portions."
3.  As long as he remained in the boat which conveyed him to land, he kepthis face toward Milady, who, standing on the deck, followed him with hereyes. Both were free from the fear of pursuit; nobody ever came intoMilady's apartment before nine o'clock, and it would require three hoursto go from the castle to London.
4、  "Adieu, my dear cousin. Tell us news of yourself as often as youcan; that is to say, as often as you can with safety. I embraceyou.
5、  Anne of Austria stretched forth her hand, closing her eyes, andleaning with the other upon Estafania, for she felt that herstrength was about to fail her.




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      At the first word the cardinal spoke of Mme. de Chevreuse--who,though exiled to Tours and believed to be in that city, had cometo Paris, remained there five days, and outwitted the police--theking flew into a furious passion. Capricious and unfaithful, theking wished to be called Louis the Just and Louis the Chaste.Posterity will find a difficulty in understanding this character,which history explains only by facts and never by reason.But when the cardinal added that not only Mme. de Chevreuse hadbeen in Paris, but still further, that the queen had renewed withher one of those mysterious correspondences which at that timewas named a CABAL; when he affirmed that he, the cardinal, wasabout to unravel the most closely twisted thread of thisintrigue; that at the moment of arresting in the very act, withall the proofs about her, the queen's emissary to the exiledduchess, a Musketeer had dared to interrupt the course of justiceviolently, by falling sword in hand upon the honest men of thelaw, charged with investigating impartially the whole affair inorder to place it before the eyes of the king--Louis XIII couldnot contain himself, and he made a step toward the queen'sapartment with that pale and mute indignation which, when inbroke out, led this prince to the commission of the most pitilesscruelty. And yet, in all this, the cardinal had not yet said aword about the Duke of Buckingham.

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      "Well," said the prisoner, when the door was shut, "I am not sofar advanced as I believed. De Winter has changed his usualstupidity into a strange prudence. It is the desire ofvengeance, and how desire molds a man! As to Felton, hehesitates. Ah, he is not a man like that cursed D'Artagnan. APuritan only adores virgins, and he adores them by clasping hishands. A Musketeer loves women, and he loves them by claspinghis arms round them."

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       "Go, sir, I command you!"

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      "But," cried Felton, "that is a FLEUR-DE-LIS which I see there.""And therein consisted the infamy," replied Milady. "The brandof England!--it would be necessary to prove what tribunal hadimposed it on me, and I could have made a public appeal to allthe tribunals of the kingdom; but the brand of France!--oh, bythat, by THAT I was branded indeed!"

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    {  "Oh, saved, saved!" cried she. "Yes, there is the sky; here isthe sea! The air I breathe is the air of liberty! Ah, thanks,Felton, thanks!"

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      "And how so, if you please?"}

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      59 WHAT TOOK PLACE AT PORTSMOUTH AUGUST 23, 1628Felton took leave of Milady as a brother about to go for a mere walktakes leave of his sister, kissing her hand.

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      "I know it," said Athos, coolly, "since here it is."And the three friends did not exchange another word tillthey reached their quarters, except to give the watchword tothe sentinels. Only they sent Mousqueton to tell Planchetthat his master was requested, the instant that he left thetrenches, to come to the quarters of the Musketeers.Milady, as Athos had foreseen, on finding the two men thatawaited her, made no difficulty in following them. She hadhad for an instant an inclination to be reconducted to thecardinal, and relate everything to him; but a revelation onher part would bring about a revelation on the part ofAthos. She might say that Athos had hanged her; but thenAthos would tell that she was branded. She thought it wasbest to preserve silence, to discreetly set off toaccomplish her difficult mission with her usual skill; andthen, all things being accomplished to the satisfaction ofthe cardinal, to come to him and claim her vengeance.In consequence, after having traveled all night, at seveno'clock she was at the fort of the Point; at eight o'clockshe had embarked; and at nine, the vessel, which withletters of marque from the cardinal was supposed to besailing for Bayonne, raised anchor, and steered its coursetoward England.

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       "Your wound?"

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    {  Felton gently repulsed Milady, and she sank into a chair.Lord de Winter passed before the door without stopping, and theyheard the noise of his footsteps soon die away.

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      "Because I am believed to be dead, and have reasons forwishing nobody to know I am living; so that I shall beobliged to kill you to prevent my secret from roaming overthe fields."