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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You said that Porthos had received a sword cut.""Yes, but he has forbidden me so strictly to say so.""And why so."
2.  "Oh, it was in vain she told me you would not come! I hoped in silence.I was not willing to fly. Oh, I have done well! How happy I am!"At this word SHE, Athos, who had seated himself quietly, started up."SHE! What she?" asked D'Artagnan.
3.  "What has become of her, then?" asked Rochefort, eagerly."Return to camp and you shall know."
4.  *The reader may ask, "How came Planchet here?" when he was left"stiff as a rush" in London. In the intervening time Buckinghamperhaps sent him to Paris, as he did the horses.
5.  "Well, my dear Aramis, you don't want three horses? Icannot comprehend what induced you to buy three!""Therefore I only purchased two," said Aramis.
6.  "I will go this very evening to Treville, whom I will request toask this favor for me of his brother-in-law, MonsieurDessessart."


1.  "Well you--the cardinal would have given you letters ofnobility."
2.  The matter was all explained to him, and the friends gavehim to understand that among all his high connections hemust find a place for Kitty.
3.  "But allow me to tell you, monsieur," continued the citizen,"that I am convinced that there is less love than politics in allthis."
4.  Nevertheless, D'Artagnan was desirous of examining the appearanceof this impertinent personage who ridiculed him. He fixed hishaughty eye upon the stranger, and perceived a man of from fortyto forty-five years of age, with black and piercing eyes, palecomplexion, a strongly marked nose, and a black and well-shapedmustache. He was dressed in a doublet and hose of a violetcolor, with aiguillettes of the same color, without any otherornaments than the customary slashes, through which the shirtappeared. This doublet and hose, though new, were creased, liketraveling clothes for a long time packed in a portmanteau.D'Artagnan made all these remarks with the rapidity of a mostminute observer, and doubtless from an instinctive feeling thatthis stranger was destined to have a great influence over hisfuture life.
5.  "Stop a minute; you don't know all yet. I should make anexcellent gambler if I were not too hot-headed; but I was hot-headed, just as if I had been drinking. Well, I was not hot-headed then--"
6.  At the sight of his friend, Porthos uttered a loud cry of joy;and Mousqueton, rising respectfully, yielded his place to him,and went to give an eye to the two stewpans, of which he appearedto have the particular inspection.


1.  "And the next day, Bernajoux. Yes, sire, yes, it is the same; andyour Majesty has a good memory."
2.  They drew near to the sloop. A sailor on watch hailed the boat;the boat replied.
3.  "I say I am entirely of Porthos's opinion," replied Aramis."And I, too," said D'Artagnan.
4.  "Have the goodness to send mine to Athos's residence. I shoulddread some disagreeable encounter if I were to go home.""Be easy. Adieu, and a prosperous voyage. A PROPOS," said M. deTreville, calling him back.
5.   D'Artagnan related to Athos all that had passed at thechurch between Porthos and the procurator's wife, and howtheir comrade was probably by that time in a fair way to beequipped.
6.  "Ah, is that you, D'Artagnan, and you, Athos?" said the youngman. "I was reflecting upon the rapidity with which theblessings of this world leave us. My English horse, which hasjust disappeared amid a cloud of dust, has furnished me with aliving image of the fragility of the things of the earth. Lifeitself may be resolved into three words: ERAT, EST, FUIT.""Which means--" said D'Artagnan, who began to suspect the truth."Which means that I have just been duped-sixty louis for a horsewhich by the manner of his gait can do at least five leagues anhour."


1.  Nevertheless, it was necessary to finish. The watch might comeup and take all the combatants, wounded or not, royalists orcardinalists. Athos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan surrounded Bicarat,and required him to surrender. Though alone against all and witha wound in his thigh, Bicarat wished to hold out; but Jussac, whohad risen upon his elbow, cried out to him to yield. Bicarat wasa Gascon, as D'Artagnan was; he turned a deaf ear, and contentedhimself with laughing, and between two parries finding time topoint to a spot of earth with his sword, "Here," cried he,parodying a verse of the Bible, "here will Bicarat die; for Ionly am left, and they seek my life."
2.  At this moment an officer with a pleasant face opened a door,continued to exchange some words with a person in the nextchamber and then came up to the prisoner. "Is your nameBonacieux?" said he.
3.  D'Artagnan went straight to M. de Treville's. He had reflectedthat in a few minutes the cardinal would be warned by this cursedstranger, who appeared to be his agent, and he judged, withreason, he had not a moment to lose.
4、  "How did you fare?"
5、  "Without confiding to them the secret which I am not willing toknow?"




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      "Ah, traitor," cried Buckingham, "you have killed me!""Murder!" screamed Patrick.

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      D'Artagnan looked at Athos to know if he ought to reply tothis intruder who thus mixed unmasked in their conversation."Well," said Athos, "don't you hear Monsieur de Busigny, whodoes you the honor to ask you a question? Relate what haspassed during the night, since these gentlemen desire toknow it."

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       "Talking with you brings me misfortune," said Porthos."But, tell me, what do you ask?"

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      "Well, let it be, then, as you have said, Monsieurd'Artagnan; we shall see each other again after thecampaign. I will have my eye upon you, for I shall bethere," replied the cardinal, pointing with his finger to amagnificent suit of armor he was to wear, "and on ourreturn, well--we will settle our account!"

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    {  "At the noise I raised myself up on one hand.

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      "What is your name?"}

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      A black point floated on the sea. That was the sloop. While theboat was advancing with all the speed its four rowers could giveit, Felton untied the cord and then the handkerchief which boundMilady's hands together. When her hands were loosed he took somesea water and sprinkled it over her face.

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      51 OFFICER

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       A half hour afterward, D'Artagnan returned with the twothousand livres, and without having met with any accident.It was thus Athos found at home resources which he did notexpect.

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    {  On the day after these events had taken place, Athos not havingreappeared, M. de Treville was informed by D'Artagnan and Porthosof the circumstance. As to Aramis, he had asked for leave ofabsence for five days, and was gone, it was said, to Rouen onfamily business.

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      "Monsieur," said Aramis, parodying Jussac, "it would afford usgreat pleasure to obey your polite invitation if it depended uponourselves; but unfortunately the thing is impossible--Monsieur deTreville has forbidden it. Pass on your way, then; it is thebest thing to do."