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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At nine o'clock D'Artagnan was at the Hotel des Gardes; he foundPlanchet all ready. The fourth horse had arrived.Planchet was armed with his musketoon and a pistol. D'Artagnanhad his sword and placed two pistols in his belt; then bothmounted and departed quietly. It was quite dark, and no one sawthem go out. Planchet took place behind his master, and kept ata distance of ten paces from him.
2.  "Well, if you are cold, Planchet, you can go into one of thosecabarets that you see yonder, and be in waiting for me at thedoor by six o'clock in the morning."
3.  But what was clearest in all this was that the true hatred,the profound hatred, the inveterate hatred of Milady, wasincreased by his not having killed her brother-in-law.D'Artagnan came the next day to Milady's, and finding her ina very ill-humor, had no doubt that it was lack of an answerfrom M. de Wardes that provoked her thus. Kitty came in,but Milady was very cross with her. The poor girl ventureda glance at D'Artagnan which said, "See how I suffer on youraccount!"
4.  D'Artagnan did not know London; he did not know a word ofEnglish; but he wrote the name of Buckingham on a piece of paper,and everyone pointed out to him the way to the duke's hotel.The duke was at Windsor hunting with the king. D'Artagnaninquired for the confidential valet of the duke, who, havingaccompanied him in all his voyages, spoke French perfectly well;he told him that he came from Paris on an affair of life anddeath, and that he must speak with his master instantly.The confidence with which D'Artagnan spoke convinced Patrick,which was the name of this minister of the minister. He orderedtwo horses to be saddled, and himself went as guide to the youngGuardsman. As for Planchet, he had been lifted from his horse asstiff as a rush; the poor lad's strength was almost exhausted.D'Artagnan seemed iron.
5.  "Well, my dear," replied Athos, "you know well that theballs most to be dreaded are not from the enemy.""But for such an expedition we surely ought to have broughtour muskets."
6.  "Good day, dear D'Artagnan," said Aramis; "believe me, I am gladto see you."


1.  "So," said the cardinal, in a tone that contrasted strongly with theseverity of his words, "you have constituted yourselves judges, withoutremembering that they who punish without license to punish areassassins?"
2.  "We believe like Mohammedans, and are as mute as tombstones,"said Athos.
3.  "You will understand, monsieur, I thought there would be stilltime, if you wish, to see Monsieur de Cavois to contradict me bysaying you were not yet gone. The falsehood would then lie at mydoor, and as I am not a gentleman, I may be allowed to lie.""Be of good heart, Planchet, you shall preserve your reputationas a veracious man. In a quarter of an hour we set off.""That's the advice I was about to give Monsieur; and where are wegoing, may I ask, without being too curious?"
4.  "But listen to me, then," resumed Aramis with politeness mingledwith a little impatience. "I do not say I regret; no, I willnever pronounce that sentence, which would not be orthodox."The Jesuit raised his hands toward heaven, and the curate did thesame.
5.  "That is true, sire; there can be no more doubt on that head.They called upon him then to retire; but he answered that he wasa Musketeer at heart, entirely devoted to your Majesty, and thattherefore he would remain with Messieurs the Musketeers.""Brave young man!" murmured the king.
6.  "The queen immediately exhibited strong emotion; and despite therouge with which her face was covered evidently turned pale--""And then, and then?"


1.  He had not gone twenty steps before he became convinced that thewoman was really Mme. Bonacieux and that the man was Aramis.He felt at that instant all the suspicions of jealousy agitatinghis heart. He felt himself doubly betrayed, by his friend and byher whom he already loved like a mistress. Mme. Bonacieux haddeclared to him, by all the gods, that she did not know Aramis;and a quarter of an hour after having made this assertion, hefound her hanging on the arm of Aramis.
2.  The usher returned and made a sign to D'Artagnan to followhim. It appeared to the young man that the Guards, onseeing him depart, chuckled among themselves.
3.  "Has he sent no particular message for me?"
4.  "Yes; but in our situation we must not say all we know--particularly as we have been warned that our ears should answerfor our tongues."
5.   But now I am forced to believe in the excess of yourkindness, since not only your letter but your servantassures me that I have the good fortune to be beloved byyou.
6.  To the questions which D'Artagnan put concerning her health,she replied, "Bad, very bad."


1.  "And I about ten pistoles," said Aramis.
2.  "And with whom?"
3.  "That would be to charge Monsieur de Seguier, the keeper of theseals, with this mission. The matter enters completely into theduties of the post."
4、  "Pardon, monsieur; pity! In the name of that young lady youlove, and whom you perhaps believe dead but who is not!"cried the bandit, throwing himself upon his knees andleaning upon his hand--for he began to lose his strengthwith his blood.
5、  "By the way," resumed De Winter, stopping at the threshold of thedoor, "you must not, Milady, let this check take away yourappetite. Taste that fowl and those fish. On my honor, they arenot poisoned. I have a very good cook, and he is not to be myheir; I have full and perfect confidence in him. Do as I do.Adieu, dear sister, till your next swoon!"




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      "So much the worse for you, my dear host, so much the worse!When I am happy, I wish all the world to be so; but it appearsthat is not possible."

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      "Really," said she, "I believe you now begin to hesitate.""No, I do not hesitate; but I really pity this poor Comte deWardes, since you have ceased to love him. I think that aman must be so severely punished by the loss of your lovethat he stands in need of no other chastisement.""Who told you that I loved him?" asked Milady, sharply."At least, I am now at liberty to believe, without too muchfatuity, that you love another," said the young man, in acaressing tone, "and I repeat that I am really interestedfor the count."

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       "Well, my dear friend, add to his natural devotedness a goodsum of money, and then, instead of answering for him once,answer for him twice."

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      "Why, then, are you about to betray it to me?"

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    {  "At the first swallow, it appeared to me not to have the sametaste as in the morning. Suspicion instantly seized me. Ipaused, but I had already drunk half a glass.

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      "How I came there, or rather why I am there," replied Bonacieux,"that is entirely impossible for me to tell you, because I don'tknow myself; but to a certainty it is not for having, knowinglyat least, disobliged Monsieur the Cardinal."}

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      "Did he come to arrest me?"

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      In fact, they touched the sloop.

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       "Grimaud," said Athos, still on the breach, "anothermusket!"

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    {  "Monseigneur," said M. de Treville, "that will be unjust tothe Guardsmen. Monsieur d'Artagnan is not with me; heserves under Monsieur Dessessart."

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      "Try me, gentlemen," said he, "and I swear to you by my honorthat I will not go hence if we are conquered."