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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Tell me who this man was!" cried the young officer.Milady saw at a single glance all the painful feelings sheinspired in Felton by dwelling on every detail of her recital;but she would not spare him a single pang. The more profoundlyshe wounded his heart, the more certainly he would avenge her.She continued, then, as if she had not heard his exclamation, oras if she thought the moment was not yet come to reply to it."Only this time it was no longer an inert body, without feeling,that the villain had to deal with. I have told you that withoutbeing able to regain the complete exercise of my faculties, Iretained the sense of my danger. I struggled, then, with all mystrength, and doubtless opposed, weak as I was, a longresistance, for I heard him cry out, 'These miserable Puritans!I knew very well that they tired out their executioners, but Idid not believe them so strong against their lovers!'"Alas! this desperate resistance could not last long. I felt mystrength fail, and this time it was not my sleep that enabled thecoward to prevail, but my swoon."
2.  "And do you always forget your eyes when you run?" asked Porthos."No," replied D'Artagnan, piqued, "and thanks to my eyes, I cansee what other people cannot see."
3.  "You are sure there is nobody there?" said the stranger."I will answer for it," said Bonacieux.
4.  "Because she was afraid of compromising you."
5.  When the chancellor appeared, the king had already gone out byanother door.
6.  "CERTES," said Aramis, "I do justice to the beauties of thisthesis; but at the same time I perceive it would be overwhelmingfor me. I had chosen this text-tell me, dear D'Artagnan, if itis not to your taste-'NON INUTILE EST DESIDERIUM IN OBLATIONE';that is, 'A little regret is not unsuitable in an offering to theLord.'"


1.  59 WHAT TOOK PLACE AT PORTSMOUTH AUGUST 23, 1628Felton took leave of Milady as a brother about to go for a mere walktakes leave of his sister, kissing her hand.
2.  "They are binding her; they are going to drag her away," criedD'Artagnan to himself, springing up from the floor. "My sword!Good, it is by my side! Planchet!"
3.  "What, you 'had one'? What have you done with her, then, if youhave her no longer?"
4.  "How, in the wrong?" said Athos. "Whose, then, is the air webreathe? Whose is the ocean upon which we look? Whose is thesand upon which we were reclining? Whose is that letter of yourmistress? Do these belong to the cardinal? Upon my honor, thisman fancies the world belongs to him. There you stood,stammering, stupefied, annihilated. One might have supposed theBastille appeared before you, and that the gigantic Medusa hadconverted you into stone. Is being in love conspiring? You arein love with a woman whom the cardinal has caused to be shut up,and you wish to get her out of the hands of the cardinal. That'sa match you are playing with his Eminence; this letter is yourgame. Why should you expose your game to your adversary? Thatis never done. Let him find it out if he can! We can find outhis!"
5.  "What do you say, sire? God forbid that the queen should sufferthe least inconvenience or uneasiness on my account! She hasalways believed me, sire, to be her enemy; although your Majestycan bear witness that I have always taken her part warmly, evenagainst you. Oh, if she betrayed your Majesty on the side ofyour honor, it would be quite another thing, and I should be thefirst to say, 'No grace, sire--no grace for the guilty!'Happily, there is nothing of the kind, and your Majesty has justacquired a new proof of it."


1.  "Yes, who was hanged."
2.  "And I mine," said Aramis.
3.  "Whom do I see yonder?"
4.  The attention which we have been obliged to give, during thecommencement of the chapter, to the illustrious personages wehave introduced into it, has diverted us for an instant from himto whom Anne of Austria owed the extraordinary triumph she hadobtained over the cardinal; and who, confounded, unknown, lost inthe crowd gathered at one of the doors, looked on at this scene,comprehensible only to four persons--the king, the queen, hisEminence, and himself.
5.   "Three hundred livres? Then put down three hundred livres,"said the procurator's wife, with a sigh.
6.  Milady answered by a glance which said, "Is that all?--speak,then." And then accompanying the glance with explanatorywords, "That is but too just," said she, tenderly."Oh, you are an angel!" exclaimed the young man.


1.  "Beware, D'Artagnan, beware," said Aramis. "You grow a littletoo warm, in my opinion, about the fate of Madame Bonacieux.Woman was created for our destruction, and it is from her weinherit all our miseries."
2.  "Ah, you fear your prisoner should escape!" said she. "Well, askyour worthy jailer what favor I this instant solicited of him.""You demanded a favor,?" said the baron, suspiciously."Yes, my Lord," replied the young man, confused.
3.  "Talking with you brings me misfortune," said Porthos."But, tell me, what do you ask?"
4、  The assassins comprehended that if they fled toward the campwithout having killed their man, they should be accused byhim; therefore their first idea was to join the enemy. Oneof them took his gun by the barrel, and used it as he woulda club. He aimed a terrible blow at D'Artagnan, who avoidedit by springing to one side; but by this movement he left apassage free to the bandit, who darted off toward thebastion. As the Rochellais who guarded the bastion wereignorant of the intentions of the man they saw coming towardthem, they fired upon him, and he fell, struck by a ballwhich broke his shoulder.
5、  After breakfast, it was agreed that they should meet againin the evening at Athos's lodging, and there finish theirplans.




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      He had now leisure to look to his wound. Fortunately, asD'Artagnan had thought, it was not dangerous. The point of thesword had touched a rib, and glanced along the bone. Stillfurther, his shirt had stuck to the wound, and he had lost only a few drops of blood.D'Artagnan was worn out with fatigue. A mattress was laid uponthe deck for him. He threw himself upon it, and fell asleep.On the morrow, at break of day, they were still three or fourleagues from the coast of England. The breeze had been so lightall night, they had made but little progress. At ten o'clock thevessel cast anchor in the harbor of Dover, and at half past tenD'Artagnan placed his foot on English land, crying, "Here I am atlast!"

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      But amid all this he perceived, with a feeling of real joy,that the queen must have discovered the prison in which poorMme. Bonacieux was explaining her devotion, and that she hadfreed her from that prison; and the letter he had receivedfrom the young woman, and her passage along the road ofChaillot like an apparition, were now explained.

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       "Yes, sire, as they always do."

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      There are hours which last a year.

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    {  "No, it passed into mine; I will not say without trouble,for if I did I should tell a lie."

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      "Here, monsieur," said the cardinal to the young man. "I have takenfrom you one CARTE BLANCHE to give you another. The name is wanting inthis commission; you can write it yourself."}

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      La Rochelle, deprived of the assistance of the English fleet and of thediversion promised by Buckingham, surrendered after a siege of a year.On the twenty-eighth of October, 1628, the capitulation was signed.The king made his entrance into Paris on the twenty-third of December ofthe same year. He was received in triumph, as if he came fromconquering an enemy and not Frenchmen. He entered by the Faubourg St.Jacques, under verdant arches.

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      "Your Majesty gives me your word that you will not see anyonebetween Monsieur de la Tremouille and myself?"

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       "Next week I hope my duties will afford me a little liberty, andI will take advantage of it to come and put things in order here,so they must necessarily be much deranged."

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    {  "I think so, indeed," cried he.

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      "Ah, ah!" said Aramis, "the black points and the red pointsare visibly enlarging. I am of D'Artagnan's opinion; wehave no time to lose in regaining our camp."