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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, ah!" said Aramis, "the black points and the red pointsare visibly enlarging. I am of D'Artagnan's opinion; wehave no time to lose in regaining our camp."
2.  "Without doubt. And you will tell him I will publish thereport of Bois-Robert and the Marquis de Beautru, upon theinterview which the duke had at the residence of Madame theConstable with the queen on the evening Madame the Constablegave a masquerade. You will tell him, in order that he maynot doubt, that he came there in the costume of the GreatMogul, which the Chevalier de Guise was to have worn, andthat he purchased this exchange for the sum of threethousand pistoles."
3.  "You see," said she, when the lackey had gone out, "everything is ready.The abbess suspects nothing, and believes that I am taken by order ofthe cardinal. This man goes to give his last orders; take the leastthing, drink a finger of wine, and let us be gone.""Yes," said Mme. Bonacieux, mechanically, "yes, let us be gone."Milady made her a sign to sit down opposite, poured her a small glass ofSpanish wine, and helped her to the wing of a chicken."See," said she, "if everything does not second us! Here is nightcoming on; by daybreak we shall have reached our retreat, and nobody canguess where we are. Come, courage! take something."Mme. Bonacieux ate a few mouthfuls mechanically, and just touched theglass with her lips.
4.  "It is indeed."
5.  The host obeyed. Athos called Grimaud, pointed to a largebasket which lay in a corner, and made a sign to him to wrapthe viands up in the napkins.
6.  "Since you have lost sight of that woman and she is now insafety in the convent, which you should never have allowedher to reach, try, at least, not to miss the man. If youdo, you know that my hand stretches far, and that you shallpay very dearly for the hundred louis you have from me."


1.  "That does not prevent," replied Milady, softening her smile so as togive it an angelic expression, "my being alone or being persecuted.""Hear me," said the novice; "we must trust in heaven. There alwayscomes a moment when the good you have done pleads your cause before God;and see, perhaps it is a happiness for you, humble and powerless as Iam, that you have met with me, for if I leave this place, well-I havepowerful friends, who, after having exerted themselves on my account,may also exert themselves for you."
2.  "Well, this leave of absence and that letter mean that you mustfollow me, Athos."
4.  Seeing this, the gentleman drew his sword, and sprang uponD'Artagnan; but he had too strong an adversary. In three secondsD'Artagnan had wounded him three times, exclaiming at eachthrust, "One for Athos, one for Porthos; and one for Aramis!"At the third hit the gentleman fell like a log. D'Artagnanbelieved him to be dead, or at least insensible, and went towardhim for the purpose of taking the order; but the moment heextended his hand to search for it, the wounded man, who had notdropped his sword, plunged the point into D'Artagnan's breast,crying, "One for you!"
5.  My exile, and my chains,
6.  "Nevertheless, I confess I still doubt."


1.  "Well," cried his auditors; "at the moment you left his house?"Aramis appeared to make a strong inward effort, like a man who,in the full relation of a falsehood, finds himself stopped bysome unforeseen obstacle; but the eyes of his three companionswere fixed upon him, their ears were wide open, and there were nomeans of retreat.
2.  "Beware of what you do!" cried the young woman, in a manner soserious as to make D'Artagnan start in spite of himself. "Oh,meddle in nothing which concerns me. Do not seek to assist me inthat which I am accomplishing. This I ask of you in the name ofthe interest with which I inspire you, in the name of the serviceyou have rendered me and which I never shall forget while I havelife. Rather, place faith in what I tell you. Have no moreconcern about me; I exist no longer for you, any more than if youhad never seen me."
3.  "She is called Milady, but she may be French. Lord deWinter is only her brother-in-law,"
4.  "I cannot tell you, monsieur."
5.   "CERTES," replied Aramis, in a pleased tone, "but the thing issubtle."
6.  "That is not all," resumed Lord de Winter. "My brother, who made youhis heir, died in three hours of a strange disorder which left lividtraces all over the body. My sister, how did your husband die?""Horror!" cried Porthos and Aramis.


1.  The Musketeer returned home hungry and in bad humor.
2.  It may be easily imagined how the relationship between Aramis and aseamstress who called the queen her sister amuse the young men; butAramis, after having blushed two or three times up to the whites of hiseyes at the gross pleasantry of Porthos, begged his friends not torevert to the subject again, declaring that if a single word more wassaid to him about it, he would never again implore his cousins tointerfere in such affairs.
3.  Then the young man tremblingly comprehended what a terriblethirst for vengeance urged this woman on to destroy him, aswell as all who loved him, and how well she must beacquainted with the affairs of the court, since she haddiscovered all. There could be no doubt she owed thisinformation to the cardinal.
4、  "An opportunity will come," replied Rochefort.
5、  In five minutes they gained the land.




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      Thy God shall teach thee to repent!

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      "What, does Monsieur know this horse?" said Mousqueton."It is of an original color," said Aramis; "I never saw onewith such a hide in my life."

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       "Judge not rashly, say the gospel and the cardinal," repliedAthos. "How many guns, gentlemen?"

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      And both, with free use of the spur, arrived at St. Omer withoutdrawing bit. At St. Omer they breathed their horses with thebridles passed under their arms for fear of accident, and ate amorsel from their hands on the stones of the street, after theydeparted again.

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    {  "It is he!" cried D'Artagnan and the citizen at the same time,each having recognized his man.

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      "Nothing but one word!" said D'Artagnan.}

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      The four friends looked at one another, and a cloud cameover the brows which but lately had been so cheerful."Look out!" cried D'Artagnan, "I see black points and redpoints moving yonder. Why did you talk of a regiment,Athos? It is a veritable army!"

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      "Monseigneur, your Eminence has ill understood my words.""You want a pretext, do you not? I comprehend. Well, youhave this excuse: advancement, the opening campaign, theopportunity which I offer you--so much for the world. Asregards yourself, the need of protection; for it is fit youshould know, Monsieur d'Artagnan, that I have received heavyand serious complaints against you. You do not consecrateyour days and nights wholly to the king's service."D'Artagnan colored.

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       What hatred she distills! Motionless, with her burning and fixedglances, in her solitary apartment, how well the outbursts ofpassion which at times escape from the depths of her chest withher respiration, accompany the sound of the surf which rises,growls, roars, and breaks itself like an eternal and powerlessdespair against the rocks on which is built this dark and loftycastle! How many magnificent projects of vengeance she conceivesby the light of the flashes which her tempestuous passion castsover her mind against Mme. Bonacieux, against Buckingham, butabove all against D'Artagnan--projects lost in the distance ofthe future.

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    {  "Let me pass!"

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      The next morning D'Artagnan ran to find Athos. He wasengaged in an adventure so singular that he wished forcounsel. He therefore told him all.