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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  And taking Barrois under the arms, he dragged him into anadjoining room; but almost immediately he returned to fetchthe lemonade. Noirtier closed lids right eye. "You wantValentine, do you not? I will tell them to send her to you."Villefort returned, and d'Avrigny met him in the passage."Well, how is he now?" asked he. "Come in here," saidd'Avrigny, and he took him into the chamber where the sickman lay. "Is he still in a fit?" said the procureur.
2.  "Dearest," exclaimed Valentine, with her adorable smile,"awake, and look at me!" Morrel uttered a loud exclamation,and frantic, doubtful, dazzled, as though by a celestialvision, he fell upon his knees.
3.  "You are right; it was left on board."
4.  "You insist?"
5.  "Well," replied La Carconte, "do as you like. For my part, Iwash my hands of the affair." So saying, she once moreclimbed the staircase leading to her chamber, her bodyconvulsed with chills, and her teeth rattling in her head,in spite of the intense heat of the weather. Arrived at thetop stair, she turned round, and called out, in a warningtone, to her husband, "Gaspard, consider well what you areabout to do!"
6.  "Remember," answered the abbe calmly, as he replaced thejewel and its case in the pocket of his cassock, "it is yourfault, not mine, that I do so. You will have the goodness tofurnish me with the address of both Fernand and Danglars, inorder that I may execute Edmond's last wishes." Theagitation of Caderousse became extreme, and large drops ofperspiration rolled from his heated brow. As he saw the abberise from his seat and go towards the door, as though toascertain if his horse were sufficiently refreshed tocontinue his journey, Caderousse and his wife exchangedlooks of deep meaning.


1.  "I have, then, five minutes," said Monte Cristo to himself;"it is more time than I require. My dear sir, will you allowme to ask you a question?"
2.  "And you think she would be angry?"
3.  "Listen; this is not a command, but advice I give you."
4.  Mercedes had never known misery; she had often, in heryouth, spoken of poverty, but between want and necessity,those synonymous words, there is a wide difference. Amongstthe Catalans, Mercedes wished for a thousand things, butstill she never really wanted any. So long as the nets weregood, they caught fish; and so long as they sold their fish,they were able to buy twine for new nets. And then, shut outfrom friendship, having but one affection, which could notbe mixed up with her ordinary pursuits, she thought ofherself -- of no one but herself. Upon the little she earnedshe lived as well as she could; now there were two to besupported, and nothing to live upon.
5.  "`A note was in consequence addressed to General de Quesnel,begging him to be present at the meeting next day, the 5th.The note indicated neither the street nor the number of thehouse where the meeting was to be held; it bore nosignature, but it announced to the general that some onewould call for him if he would be ready at nine o'clock. Themeetings were always held from that time till midnight. Atnine o'clock the president of the club presented himself;the general was ready, the president informed him that oneof the conditions of his introduction was that he should beeternally ignorant of the place of meeting, and that hewould allow his eyes to be bandaged, swearing that he wouldnot endeavor to take off the bandage. General de Quesnelaccepted the condition, and promised on his honor not toseek to discover the road they took. The general's carriagewas ready, but the president told him it was impossible forhim to use it, since it was useless to blindfold the masterif the coachman knew through what streets he went. "Whatmust be done then?" asked the general. -- "I have mycarriage here," said the president.
6.  "These are the ideas that render your nation superior to anyother," returned Monte Cristo. "A gentleman of high birth,possessor of an ample fortune, you have consented to gainyour promotion as an obscure soldier, step by step -- thisis uncommon; then become general, peer of France, commanderof the Legion of Honor, you consent to again commence asecond apprenticeship, without any other hope or any otherdesire than that of one day becoming useful to yourfellow-creatures; this, indeed, is praiseworthy, -- nay,more, it is sublime." Albert looked on and listened withastonishment; he was not used to see Monte Cristo give ventto such bursts of enthusiasm. "Alas," continued thestranger, doubtless to dispel the slight cloud that coveredMorcerf's brow, "we do not act thus in Italy; we growaccording to our race and our species, and we pursue thesame lines, and often the same uselessness, all our lives."


1.  "What do you wish me to say?"
2.  "Have they any fortune?"
3.  "Yes," returned Morcerf, "a baron of a new creation."
4.  "Sire, I thought his name was unknown to your majesty."
5.   "Very well, at ten o'clock;, you are still at the Hotel desPrinces?"
6.  "He entered the marshal's apartment while I was there."


1.  "Perfectly."
2.  "None at all."
3.  "Oh, no. You must have much to tell me, since you have cometo seek me."
4、  "Yes!" replied Noirtier, fixing a majestic look on the youngman. Franz fell powerless on a chair; Villefort opened thedoor and escaped, for the idea had entered his mind tostifle the little remaining life in the heart of thisterrible old man.
5、  "Shall you be present in the reception room?"




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      "Follow me," said Morrel; "I will take you to my sister, whois worthy also to be yours. We will embark for Algiers, forEngland, for America, or, if your prefer it, retire to thecountry and only return to Paris when our friends havereconciled your family." Valentine shook her head. "I fearedit, Maximilian," said she; "it is the counsel of a madman,and I should be more mad than you, did I not stop you atonce with the word `Impossible, impossible!'"

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      "It would seem so; but listen, and you will understand. Somedays before the return of the emperor, Fernand was drafted.The Bourbons left him quietly enough at the Catalans, butNapoleon returned, a special levy was made, and Fernand wascompelled to join. I went too; but as I was older thanFernand, and had just married my poor wife, I was only sentto the coast. Fernand was enrolled in the active troop, wentto the frontier with his regiment, and was at the battle ofLigny. The night after that battle he was sentry at the doorof a general who carried on a secret correspondence with theenemy. That same night the general was to go over to theEnglish. He proposed to Fernand to accompany him; Fernandagreed to do so, deserted his post, and followed thegeneral. Fernand would have been court-martialed if Napoleonhad remained on the throne, but his action was rewarded bythe Bourbons. He returned to France with the epaulet ofsub-lieutenant, and as the protection of the general, who isin the highest favor, was accorded to him, he was a captainin 1823, during the Spanish war -- that is to say, at thetime when Danglars made his early speculations. Fernand wasa Spaniard, and being sent to Spain to ascertain the feelingof his fellow-countrymen, found Danglars there, got on veryintimate terms with him, won over the support of theroyalists at the capital and in the provinces, receivedpromises and made pledges on his own part, guided hisregiment by paths known to himself alone through themountain gorges which were held by the royalists, and, infact, rendered such services in this brief campaign that,after the taking of Trocadero, he was made colonel, andreceived the title of count and the cross of an officer ofthe Legion of Honor."

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       At this name a murmur of astonishment passed around thegroup of spectators of this scene. They had talked of no onebut Morcerf the whole day. Albert understood the allusion ina moment, and was about to throw his glove at the count,when Morrel seized his hand, while Beauchamp andChateau-Renaud, fearing the scene would surpass the limitsof a challenge, held him back. But Monte Cristo, withoutrising, and leaning forward in his chair, merely stretchedout his arm and, taking the damp, crushed glove from theclinched hand of the young man, "Sir," said he in a solemntone, "I consider your glove thrown, and will return it toyou wrapped around a bullet. Now leave me or I will summonmy servants to throw you out at the door."

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      "Do you recollect in the arbor of the Hotel des Postes, atPerugia, seeing a man in a brown cloak, whom your stepmotherwas questioning upon aqua tofana? Well, ever since then, theinfernal project has been ripening in her brain."

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    {  The door was wide open, a hackney-coach was standing in themiddle of the yard -- a strange sight before so noble amansion; the count looked at it with terror, but withoutdaring to inquire its meaning, he rushed towards hisapartment. Two persons were coming down the stairs; he hadonly time to creep into an alcove to avoid them. It wasMercedes leaning on her son's arm and leaving the house.They passed close by the unhappy being, who, concealedbehind the damask curtain, almost felt Mercedes dress brushpast him, and his son's warm breath, pronouncing thesewords, -- "Courage, mother! Come, this is no longer ourhome!" The words died away, the steps were lost in thedistance. The general drew himself up, clinging to thecurtain; he uttered the most dreadful sob which ever escapedfrom the bosom of a father abandoned at the same time by hiswife and son. He soon heard the clatter of the iron step ofthe hackney-coach, then the coachman's voice, and then therolling of the heavy vehicle shook the windows. He darted tohis bedroom to see once more all he had loved in the world;but the hackney-coach drove on and the head of neitherMercedes nor her son appeared at the window to take a lastlook at the house or the deserted father and husband. And atthe very moment when the wheels of that coach crossed thegateway a report was heard, and a thick smoke escapedthrough one of the panes of the window, which was broken bythe explosion.

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      "God has supported me through all; and then, my dearmarquis, he would certainly have done everything for me thatI performed for him. It is true that since I left him, Iseem to have lost my senses. I cannot cry; at my age theysay that we have no more tears, -- still I think that whenone is in trouble one should have the power of weeping.Where is Valentine. sir? It is on her account I am here; Iwish to see Valentine." Villefort thought it would beterrible to reply that Valentine was at a ball; so he onlysaid that she had gone out with her step-mother, and thatshe should be fetched. "This instant, sir -- this instant, Ibeseech you!" said the old lady. Villefort placed the arm ofMadame de Saint-Meran within his own, and conducted her tohis apartment. "Rest yourself, mother," he said.}

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      "It appears that this club is rather a bore to the police.Why didn't they search more vigilantly? they would havefound" --

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      "Major Cavalcanti is already one, perhaps; but then,hereditary rank is abolished."

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       "On the contrary, she often says, `Morcerf, I believe thecount has a noble nature; try to gain his esteem.'"

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    {  "Yes, my dear boy," replied the old man, "it is veryfortunate."

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      "Poor Eugenie!" said Danglars; "do you know she is going toembrace a religious life?"