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拉斯维加斯M【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  The name was indeed well known to us as belonging to the seniorpartner in the second largest private banking concern in the City ofLondon. What could have happened, then, to bring one of the foremostcitizens of London to this most pitiable pass? We waited, allcuriosity, until with another effort he braced himself to tell hisstory.   "'Ah, that is a question that will take some time to answer.' Andwith that I sketched out to him the whole long chain of surmise and ofproof which I had constructed. The twilight had closed in and the moonwas shining brightly in the sky before my narrative was finished."'And how was it then that Charles did not get his crown when hereturned?' asked Musgrave, pushing back the relic into its linen bag."'Ah, there you lay your finger upon the one point which we shallprobably never be able to clear up. It is likely that the Musgrave whoheld the secret died in the interval, and by some oversight leftthis guide to his descendant without explaining the meaning of it.From that day to this it has been handed down from father to son,until at last it came within reach of a man who tore its secret out ofit and lost his life in the venture.'

    "I never get your limits, Watson," said he. "There are unexploredpossibilities about you. Take a wire down, like a good fellow. 'Willexamine your case with pleasure.'"

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   "Pray do, sir, if it may help to clear this horrible affair up.""You heard nothing yourself last night?"

   "What was it, then?"


    "Ha! nothing could be better," said Holmes, leaning back in hischair and looking keenly at me from under his half-closed lids. "Iperceive that you have been unwell lately. Summer colds are always alittle trying."

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   "Yes, sir. They must get it back, sir. Why, we had the PrimeMinister and the Home Secretary both sitting on that very sofa. Mr.Holmes was very nice to them. He soon put them at their ease andpromised he would do all he could. Then there is Lord Cantlemere-""Ah!"

    "I brought this with me." He opened a locket and showed us thefull face of a very lovely woman. It was not a photograph but an ivoryminiature, and the artist had brought out the full effect of thelustrous black hair, the large dark eyes, and the exquisite mouth.Holmes gazed long and earnestly at it. Then he closed the locket andhanded it back to Lord St. Simon.

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   "Undoubtedly. It is quite clear that the colonel was a cool anddesperate man, who was absolutely determined that nothing should standin the way of his little game, like those out-and-out pirates who willleave no survivor from a captured ship. Well, every moment now isprecious, so if you feel equal to it we shall go down to Scotland Yardat once as a preliminary to starting for Eyford."

    Dear Mr. Sherlock Holmes:

<  "The manageress had sat all this while busy with her paperswithout a word to either of us, but she glanced at me now with so muchannoyance upon her face that I could not help suspecting that shehad lost a handsome commission through my refusal.   "`But was there another with a barred tail?' I asked, `thesame as the one I chose?'

    "Well, now, in considering this case there are two points aboutyoung McCarthy's narrative which struck us both instantly, althoughthey impressed me in his favour and you against him. One was thefact that his father should, according to his account, cry 'Cooee!'before seeing him. The other was his singular dying reference to arat. He mumbled several words, you understand, but that was all thatcaught the son's ear. Now from this double point our research mustcommence, and we will begin it by presuming that what the lad saysis absolutely true."


<  "But he had no pipe."   by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    "You have nothing to add then, which could assist me?"





拉斯维加斯M李道贤长征五号B火箭运抵文昌,发射场合练任务全面展开   "Then you will soon get the clearest fact of all. The bodiescannot be far away. 【详细】

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拉斯维加斯M闫树国别抢了!这些药物不能预防新型冠状病毒   "This is Wednesday evening," said Mr. Melas. "Well, then, it wasMonday night-only two days ago, you understand-that all this happened.I am an interpreter, as perhaps my neighbour there has told you. Iinterpret all languages-or nearly all-but as I am a Greek by birth andwith a Grecian name, it is with that particular tongue that I amprincipally associated. For many years I have been the chief Greekinterpreter in London, and my name is very well known in the hotels."It happens not unfrequently that I am sent for at strange hoursby foreigners who get into difficulties, or by travellers who arrivelate and wish my services. I was not surprised, therefore, on Mondaynight when a Mr. Latimer, a very fashionably dressed young man, cameup to my rooms and asked me to accompany him in a cab which waswaiting at the door. A Greek friend had come to see him upon business,he said, and as he could speak nothing but his own tongue, theservices of an interpreter were indispensable. He gave me tounderstand that his house was some little distance off, in Kensington,and he seemed to be in a great hurry, bustling me rapidly into the cabwhen we had descended to the street. 【详细】

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