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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The court of his hotel, situated in the Rue du Vieux-Colombier,resembled a camp from by six o'clock in the morning in summer andeight o'clock in winter. From fifty to sixty Musketeers, whoappeared to replace one another in order always to present animposing number, paraded constantly, armed to the teeth and readyfor anything. On one of those immense staircases, upon whosespace modern civilization would build a whole house. Ascended anddescended the office seekers of Paris, who ran after any sort offavor--gentlemen from the provinces anxious to be enrolled, andservants in all sorts of liveries, bringing and carrying messagesbetween their masters and M. de Treville. In the antechamber,upon long circular benches, reposed the elect; that is to say,those who were called. In this apartment a continued buzzingprevailed from morning till night, while M. de Treville, in hisoffice contiguous to this antechamber, received visits, listenedto complaints, gave his orders, and like the king in his balconyat the Louvre, had only to place himself at the window to reviewboth his men and arms.
2.  "Monday next."
3.  The wonder was increased, though the doubt continued to exist."Is it not true, Aramis?" said Porthos, turning toward anotherMusketeer.
4.  "Decidedly, my dear Athos," said D'Artagnan, "I should likebetter not to risk anything."
5.  "Shall I bring him alone?"
6.  And bowing to all the astonished persons present, the youngmen took the road to the bastion St. Gervais, followed byGrimaud, who carried the basket, ignorant of where he wasgoing but in the passive obedience which Athos had taughthim not even thinking of asking.


1.  "Good God!" cried he, laughing, "I quite despair of my poorMichon; she will never write like Monsieur de Voiture.""What does you mean by boor Michon?" said the Swiss, who waschatting with the four friends when the letter came."Oh, pardieu, less than nothing," said Aramis; "a charminglittle seamstress, whom I love dearly and from whose hand Irequested a few lines as a sort of keepsake."
2.  "Ah, you gentlemen of policy!" replied the cardinal, knitting hisbrow in his turn, "the secret of many unknown things mightperhaps be found in your brains, if we could read them as youread that letter which you concealed as soon as you saw mecoming."
3.  "I know it perfectly, although I am astonished that you know it.""And will your Grace sign that order without remorse?"Buckingham looked at the young man haughtily.
4.  "Call Mr. Felton," said he. "Wait a minute longer, and I willintroduce him to you."
5.  Felton lowered his head and reflected.
6.  "Or one of my friends, what matters?"


1.  "Not before I have killed you, poltroon!" cried D'Artagnan,making the best face possible, and never retreating one stepbefore his three assailants, who continued to shower blows uponhim.
2.  M. Bonacieux was at his door. D'Artagnan's intention was to goout without speaking to the worthy mercer; but the latter made sopolite and friendly a salutation that his tenant felt obliged,not only to stop, but to enter into conversation with him.Besides, how is it possible to avoid a little condescensiontoward a husband whose pretty wife has appointed a meeting withyou that same evening at St. Cloud, opposite D'Estrees'spavilion? D'Artagnan approached him with the most amiable air hecould assume.
3.  "Reflect, Athos!"
4.  "Is one friend forbidden to visit another, or a Musketeer of mycompany to fraternize with a Guard of Dessessart's company?""Yes, when the house where he fraternizes is suspected.""That house is suspected, Treville," said the king; "perhaps youdid not know it?"
5.   The report of a cannon announced that something new and unexpected hadtaken place.
6.  "Which you will guard, I hope, young man, as your life.""But which I must impart to you, monsieur, for you alone canassist me in the mission I have just received from her Majesty.""Is this secret your own?"


1.  "Of her whose carriage was at the gate; of a woman who calls herselfyour friend; of a woman to whom you have told everything.""Her name, her name!" cried D'Artagnan. "My God, can you not rememberher name?"
2.  "So it was with Monsieur D'Artagnan this stranger meant toquarrel?"
3.  "Well, Monsieur de Busigny, I will bet you," said Athos,"that my three companions, Messieurs Porthos, Aramis, andD'Artagnan, and myself, will go and breakfast in the bastionSt. Gervais, and we will remain there an hour, by the watch,whatever the enemy may do to dislodge us."
4、  "Monsieur de Treville," said the cardinal, with the greatestphlegm, "does not tell your Majesty that this innocent Musketeer,this gallant man, had only an hour before attacked, sword inhand, four commissaries of inquiry, who were delegated by myselfto examine into an affair of the highest importance.""I defy your Eminence to prove it," cried Treville, with hisGascon freedom and military frankness; "for one hour before,Monsieur Athos, who, I will confide it to your Majesty, is reallya man of the highest quality, did me the honor after having dinedwith me to be conversing in the saloon of my hotel, with the Ducde la Tremouille and the Comte de Chalus, who happened to bethere."
5、  "What would you? The cardinal has a weakness for these men which Icannot comprehend."




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      "Athos," replied the Musketeer.

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      "Do not question me," said the prisoner; "you know that we whoare true Christians are forbidden to lie."

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       "Upon my honor, I will instantly return it to you. You shallplace it on that table, and you may remain between it and me."Felton offered the weapon to Milady, who examined the temper ofit attentively, and who tried the point on the tip of her finger."Well," said she, returning the knife to the young officer, "thisis fine and good steel. You are a faithful friend, Felton."Felton took back the weapon, and laid it upon the table, as hehad agreed with the prisoner.

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      "Yes, horse. Are we not eating a horse, Porthos? And perhapshis saddle, therewith."

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    {  "Now, then, who are you?" asked the Englishman.

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      "But if he mistrusted you, how could he confide such an order toyou?"}

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      "Yet I must know his name."

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      "But who, then was this man?" asked Felton.

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       "Oh, you do quite right, monsieur."

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    {  "When?"

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      Athos did not trust this reply, and he resumed; "you cannot havefailed to remark, my dear friend, that everyone has hisparticular kind of drunkenness, sad or gay. My drunkenness isalways sad, and when I am thoroughly drunk my mania is to relateall the lugubrious stories which my foolish nurse inculcated intomy brain. That is my failing--a capital failing, I admit; butwith that exception, I am a good drinker."