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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But it must be late."
2.  "She knew what we had come for, of course- that villain had lostno time in poisoning her mind against us. Miss Winter's adventrather amazed her, I think, but she waved us into our respectivechairs like a reverend abbess receiving two rather leprous mendicants.If your head is inclined to swell, my dear Watson, take a course ofMiss Violet de Merville.
3.  Holmes and I rushed out and round the angle of the house, withToller hurrying behind us. There was the huge famished brute, itsblack muzzle buried in Rucastle's throat, while he writhed andscreamed upon the ground. Running up, I blew its brains out, and itfell over with its keen white teeth still meeting in the great creasesof his neck. With much labour we separated them and carried him,living but horribly mangled, into the house. We laid him upon thedrawing-room sofa, and having dispatched the sobered Toller to bearthe news to his wife, I did what I could to relieve his pain. Wewere all assembled round him when the door opened and a tall, gauntwoman entered the room.
4.  "'She came in just now by the back door. I have no doubt that shehas only been to the side gate to see someone, but I think that itis hardly safe and should be stopped.'
5.  "Why, sir, you've got me the very evidence I want," said theinspector warmly, shaking my friend by the hand. "I was on the samescent as you from the first."
6.  "The paper!" croaked a voice behind us. The man was sitting up,blanched and ghastly, with returning reason in his eyes, and handswhich rubbed nervously at the broad red band which still encircled histhroat.


1.  "'Yes, and as old as the house. Down here, through this door.'"We went down a winding stone stair, and my companion, striking amatch, lit a large lantern which stood on a barrel in the corner. Inan instant it was obvious that we had at last come upon the trueplace, and that we had not been the only people to visit the spotrecently.
2.  "It is fear, Mr. Holmes. It is terror." She raised her veil as shespoke, and we could see that she was indeed in a pitiable state ofagitation, her face all drawn and gray, with restless, frightenedeyes, like those of some hunted animal. Her features and figure werethose of a woman of thirty, but her hair was shot with premature gray,and her expression was weary and haggard. Sherlock Holmes ran her overwith one of his quick, all-comprehensive glances.
3.  "The man's eyes flashed fire.
4.  "Perhaps not."
5.  "Thank you, Miss Cushing," said Holmes, rising and bowing. "Yoursister Sarah lives, I think you said, at New Street, Wallington?Good-bye, and I am very sorry that you have been troubled over acase with which, as you say, you have nothing whatever to do."There was a cab passing as we came out, and Holmes hailed it."How far to Wallington?" he asked.
6.  "We will do all that can be done, Mr. Green. Not a moment will belost. Leave it in our hands. Now, Watson," he added as our clienthurried away, "he will set the regular forces on the move. We are,as usual, the irregulars, and we must take our own line of action. Thesituation strikes me as so desperate that the most extreme measuresare justified. Not a moment is to be lost in getting to PoultneySquare.


1.  The three glasses were grouped together, all of them tinged withwine, and one of them containing some dregs of beeswing. The bottlestood near them, two-thirds full, and beside it lay a long, deeplystained cork. Its appearance and the dust upon the bottle showedthat it was no common vintage which the murderers had enjoyed.A change had come over Holmes's manner. He had lost his listlessexpression, and again I saw an alert light of interest in his keen,deep-set eyes. He raised the cork and examined it minutely."How did they draw it?" he asked.
2.  "I am a bachelor," said he, "and being of a sociable turn Icultivate a large number of friends. Among these are the family of aretired brewer called Melville, living at Albemarle Mansion,Kensington. It was at his table that I met some weeks ago a youngfellow named Garcia. He was, I understood, of Spanish descent andconnected in some way with the embassy. He spoke perfect English,was pleasing in his manners, and as good-looking a man as ever I sawin my life.
3.  "No, I do not think so. I think that there was probably some moretangible cause. And now, Miss Stoner, we must leave you, for if Dr.Roylott returned and saw us our journey would be in vain. Good-bye,and be brave, for if you will do what I have told you rest assuredthat we shall soon drive away the dangers that threaten you."Sherlock Holmes and I had no difficulty in engaging a bedroom andsitting-room at the Crown Inn. They were on the upper floor, andfrom our window we could command a view of the avenue gate, and of theinhabited wing of Stoke Moran Manor House. At dusk we saw Dr. GrimesbyRoylott drive past, his huge form looming up beside the littlefigure of the lad who drove him. The boy had some slight difficulty inundoing the heavy iron gates, and we heard the hoarse roar of thedoctor's voice and saw the fury with which he shook his clinched fistsat him. The trap drove on, and a few minutes later we saw a suddenlight spring up among the trees as the lamp was lit in one of thesitting-rooms.
4.  "I should say it was impossible. If you examine the roofs you willfind that they are slightly rounded, and there is no railing roundthem. Therefore, we can say for certain that young Cadogan West wasplaced on it."
5.   "Why not? It is as if you met a tram-car coming down a country lane.Mycroft has his rails and he runs on them. His Pall Mall lodgings, theDiogenes Club, Whitehall- that is his cycle. Once, and only once, hehas been here. What upheaval can possibly have derailed him?""Does he not explain?"
6.  The founder of that great emporium proved to be a brisk, crisplittle person, very dapper and quick, with a clear head and a readytongue.


2.  "Well, now, Watson, let us judge the situation by this newinformation. We may take it that the letter came out of this strangehousehold and was an invitation to Garcia to carry out some attemptwhich had already been planned. Who wrote the note? It was someonewithin the citadel, and it was a woman. Who then but Miss Burnet,the governess? All our reasoning seems to point that way. At any rate,we may take it as a hypothesis and see what consequences it wouldentail. I may add that Miss Burnet's age and character make it certainthat my first idea that there might be a love interest in our story isout of the question.
3.  "Was he in the master's class?"
4、  "Sir Eustace Brackenstall, the driver tells me."
5、  "I could very easily give you half a dozen," said Holmes. "Herefor example, is a very possible and even probable one. I make you afree present of it. The older man is showing documents which are ofevident value. A passing tramp sees them through the window, the blindof which is only half down. Exit the solicitor. Enter the tramp! Heseizes a stick, which he observes there, kills Oldacre, and departsafter burning the body."




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      "No. What a strange idea!"

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      "I knew that they were watched."

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       resemblance to the sound produced by cocking a rifle. Thisterrible secret society was formed by some ex-Confederatesoldiers in the Southern states after the Civil War, and itrapidly formed local branches in different parts of thecountry, notably in Tennessee, Louisiana, the Carolinas,Georgia, and Florida. Its power was used for politicalpurposes, principally for the terrorizing of the negro votersand the murdering and driving from the country of those whowere opposed to its views. Its outrages were usually precededby a warning sent to the marked man in some fantastic butgenerally recognized shape--a sprig of oak-leaves in someparts, melon seeds or orange pips in others. On receivingthis the victim might either openly abjure his former ways, ormight fly from the country. If he braved the matter out,death would unfailingly come upon him, and usually in somestrange and unforeseen manner. So perfect was the

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      "Your name is very familiar to me, Mr. Holmes," said he, smiling."And of course I cannot pretend to be ignorant of the object of yourvisit. There has only been one occurrence in these offices which couldcall for your attention. In whose interest are you acting, may I ask?""In that of Mr. Percy Phelps," answered Holmes.

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    {  "Well, I've a conscience, sir, and when I chanced to see you go intothis house, as I came hobbling after you, I thought to myself, I'lljust step in and see that kind gentleman, and tell him that if I was abit gruff in my manner there was not any harm meant, and that I ammuch obliged to him for picking up my books."

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      "No harm? You have done your best to get an innocent man hanged.If it wasn't this gentleman here, I am not sure that you would nothave succeeded."

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      "Thank you, Miss Cushing," said Holmes, rising and bowing. "Yoursister Sarah lives, I think you said, at New Street, Wallington?Good-bye, and I am very sorry that you have been troubled over acase with which, as you say, you have nothing whatever to do."There was a cab passing as we came out, and Holmes hailed it."How far to Wallington?" he asked.

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       "By George! It's attempted murder at the least. Nothing less willbold the London message-boy. There's a deed of violence indicated inthat fellow's round shoulders and outstretched neck. What's this,Watson? The top steps swilled down and the other ones dry. Footstepsenough, anyhow! Well, well, there's Lestrade at the front window,and we shall soon know all about it."

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    {  "It is customary at Mawson's for the clerks to leave at midday onSaturday. Sergeant Tuson, of the City police, was somewhatsurprised, therefore, to see a gentleman with a carpet-bag come downthe steps at twenty minutes past one. His suspicions being aroused,the sergeant followed the man, and with the aid of Constable Pollocksucceeded, after a most desperate resistance, in arresting him. It wasat once clear that a daring and gigantic robbery had been committed.Nearly a hundred thousand pounds' worth of American railway bonds,with a large amount of scrip in mines and other companies, wasdiscovered in the bag. On examining the premises the body of theunfortunate watchman was found doubled up and thrust into thelargest of the safes, where it would not have been discovered untilMonday morning had it not been for the prompt action of SergeantTuson. The man's skull had been shattered by a blow from a pokerdelivered from behind. There could be no doubt that Beddington hadobtained entrance pretending that he had left something behind him,and having murdered the watchman, rapidly rifled the large safe, andthen made off with his booty. His brother, who usually works with him,has not appeared in this job as far as can at present beascertained, although the police are making energetic inquiries asto his whereabouts."

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      "Then I shall call upon you in a day, or in two days, withnews as to the box and the papers. I shall take your advice inevery particular." He shook hands with us and took his leave.Outside the wind still screamed and the rain splashed and patteredagainst the windows. This strange, wild story seemed to have cometo us from amid the mad elements--blown in upon us like a sheet ofsea-weed in a gale--and now to have been reabsorbed by them oncemore.