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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  SHERLOCK HOLMES
2.  "I cannot believe my eyes!" He ran wildly to the door. "Where ismy wife? I must tell her that all is well. Hilda! Hilda!" we heard hisvoice on the stairs.
4.  "'How can you tell me what you know is false?' I cried. 'Your veryvoice changes as you speak. When have I ever had a secret from you?I shall enter that cottage, and I shall probe the matter to thebottom.'
5.  "I hope that I may have the pleasure of introducing youto-night. I've had one or two little turns also with Mr. JohnClay, and I agree with you that he is at the head of hisprofession. It is past ten, however, and quite time that westarted. If you two will take the first hansom, Watson and I willfollow in the second."
6.  "Not so, Lestrade. I do not propose to appear in the matter atall. To you, and to you only, belongs the credit of the remarkablearrest which you have effected. Yes, Lestrade, I congratulate you!With your usual happy mixture of cunning and audacity, you have gothim."


1.  "'There are none missing. there cannot be any missing,' said he."'There are three missing. And you know where they are. Must Icall you a liar as well as a thief? Did I not see you trying to tearoff another piece?'
2.  "On the contrary," said Holmes, "out of my last fifty-three cases myname has only appeared in four, and the police have had all the creditin forty-nine. I don't blame you for not knowing this, for you areyoung and inexperienced, but if you wish to get on in your newduties you will work with me and not against me."
3.  "By hiring ruffians to beat him under your own window.""You do indeed seem to know everything. Well, it is true. Barney andthe boys drove him away, and were, I admit, a little rough in doingso. But what did he do then? Could I have believed that a gentlemanwould do such an act? He wrote a book in which he described his ownstory. I, of course, was the wolf; he the lamb. It was all there,under different names, of course; but who in all London would havefailed to recognize it? What do you say to that, Mr. Holmes?""Well, he was within his rights."
4.  "Oh, sir, you are the very man whom I have longed to meet,"cried the little fellow with outstretched hands and quiveringfingers. "I can hardly explain to you how interested I am in thismatter."
5.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
6.  "I should say it was. That was the real Shoscombe breed. There ain'ta better in England."


1.  "None, Holmes."
2.  Nov. 21st.
3.  It was not until long after we were back in Poldhu Cottage thatHolmes broke his complete and absorbed silence. He sat coiled in hisarmchair, his haggard and ascetic face hardly visible amid the blueswirl of his tobacco smoke, his black brows drawn down, his foreheadcontracted, his eyes vacant and far away. Finally he laid down hispipe and sprang to his feet.
4.  "I don't think you need alarm yourself," said I. "I have usuallyfound that there was method in his madness."
5.   "I will tell you, then, what occurred in your house last night. Yourniece, when you had, as she thought, gone to your room, slipped downand talked to her lover through the window which leads into the stablelane. His footmarks had pressed right through the snow, so long had hestood there. She told him of the coronet. His wicked lust for goldkindled at the news, and he bent her to his will. I have no doubt thatshe loved you, but there are women in whom the love of a loverextinguishes all other loves, and I think that she must have been one.She had hardly listened to his instructions when she saw you comingdownstairs, on which she closed the window rapidly and told youabout one of the servants' escapade with her wooden-legged lover,which was all perfectly true.
6.  "'You doubt its value?' he asked.


1.  "I am the wife of Sir Eustace Brackenstall. I have been marriedabout a year. I suppose that it is no use my attempting to concealthat our marriage has not been a happy one. I fear that all ourneighbours would tell you that, even if I were to attempt to denyit. Perhaps the fault may be partly mine. I was brought up in thefreer, less conventional atmosphere of South Australia, and thisEnglish life, with its proprieties and its primness, is notcongenial to me. But the main reason lies in the one fact, which isnotorious to everyone, and that is that Sir Eustace was a confirmeddrunkard. To be with such a man for an hour is unpleasant. Can youimagine what it means for a sensitive and high-spirited woman to betied to him for day and night? It is a sacrilege, a crime, avillainy to hold that such a marriage is binding. I say that thesemonstrous laws of yours will bring a curse upon the land- God will notlet such wickedness endure." For an instant she sat up, her cheeksflushed, and her eyes blazing from under the terrible mark upon herbrow. Then the strong, soothing hand of the austere maid drew her headdown on to the cushion, and the wild anger died away into passionatesobbing. At last she continued:
2.  "You stayed here when your master left?"
3.  "And then there was another thing. It comes back to me now as Ithink it over. There was some evidence that just at the time thelion roared and the woman screamed, a man began shouting in terror.""This man Ronder, no doubt."
4、  "Yes, sir, it is true that he threw the decanter at me. I heardhim call my mistress a name, and I told him that he would not dareto speak so if her brother had been there. Then it was that he threwit at me. He might have thrown a dozen if he had but left my bonnybird alone. He was forever ill-treating her, and she too proud tocomplain. She will not even tell me all that he has done to her. Shenever told me of those marks on her arm that you saw this morning, butI know very well that they come from a stab with a hatpin. The slydevil- God forgive me that I should speak of him so, now that he isdead! But a devil he was, if ever one walked the earth. He was allhoney when first we met him- only eighteen months ago, and we bothfeel as if it were eighteen years. She had only just arrived inLondon. Yes, it was her first voyage- she had never been from homebefore. He won her with his title and his money and his false Londonways. If she made a mistake she has paid for it, if ever a womandid. What month did we meet him? Well, I tell you it was just after wearrived. We arrived in June, and it was July. They were married inJanuary of last year. Yes, she is down in the morning-room again,and I have no doubt she will see you, but you must not ask too much ofher, for she has gone through all that flesh and blood will stand."Lady Brackenstall was reclining on the same couch, but lookedbrighter than before. The maid had entered with us, and began oncemore to foment the bruise upon her mistress's brow.
5、  "What of the rat, then?"




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      "I am coming to be of the same opinion, Miss Cushing," saidHolmes, taking a seat beside her. "I think that it is more thanprobable-" he paused, and I was surprised, on glancing round to seethat he was staring with singular intentness at the lady's profile.Surprise and satisfaction were both for an instant to be read upon hiseager face, though when she glanced round to find out the cause of hissilence he had become as demure as ever. I stared hard myself at herflat, grizzled hair, her trim cap, her little gilt earrings, herplacid features; but I could see nothing which could account for mycompanion's evident excitement.

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      entertaining," said he. "When you go out close the door, for thereis a decided draught."

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       "From where I lay I had a perfect view of the inside of the room andof every one of his movements. He lit the two candles which stood uponthe mantelpiece, and then he proceeded to turn back the corner ofthe carpet in the neighbourhood of the door. Presently he stoopedand picked out a square piece of board, such as is usually left toenable plumbers to get at the joints of the gas-pipes. This onecovered, as a matter of fact, the T joint which gives off the pipewhich supplies the kitchen underneath. Out of this hiding-place hedrew that little cylinder of paper, pushed down the board,rearranged the carpet, blew out the candles, and walked straightinto my arms as I stood waiting for him outside the window."Well, he has rather more viciousness than I gave him credit for,has Master Joseph. He flew at me with his knife, and I had to grasphim twice, and got a cut over the knuckles, before I had the upperhand of him. He looked murder out of the only eye he could see withwhen we had finished, but he listened to reason and gave up thepapers. Having got them I let my man go, but I wired fullparticulars to Forbes this morning. If he is quick enough to catch hisbird, well and good. But if, as I shrewdly suspect, he finds thenest empty before he gets there, why, all the better for thegovernment. I fancy that Lord Holdhurst, for one, and Mr. Percy Phelpsfor another, would very much rather that the affair never got as faras a police-court."

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      "On June 3rd, that is, on Monday last McCarthy left his house atHatherley about three in the afternoon and walked down to the BoscombePool, which is a small lake formed by the spreading out of thestream which runs down the Boscombe Valley. He had been out with hisserving-man in the morning at Ross, and he had told the man that hemust hurry, as he had an appointment of importance to keep at three.From that appointment he never came back alive.

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    {  "I don't say that. Perhaps."

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      "The facts are these, Mr. Holmes," said he. "I am a married manand have been so for three years. During that time my wife and Ihave loved each other as fondly and lived as happily as any two thatever were joined. We have not had a difference, not one, in thought orword or deed. And now, since last Monday, there has suddenly sprung upa barrier between us, and I find that there is something in her lifeand in her thoughts of which I know as little as if she were the womanwho brushes by me in the street. We are estranged, and I want toknow why.}

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      "I think I may safely promise that," said he. "I may add that yourproblem interests me, and that I shall be prepared to look into it.How shall I keep in touch with you?"

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      Mr. Sherlock Holmes was always of opinion that I should publishthe singular facts connected with Professor Presbury, if only todispel once for all the ugly rumours which some twenty years agoagitated the university and were echoed in the learned societies ofLondon. There were, however, certain obstacles in the way, and thetrue history of this curious case remained entombed in the tin boxwhich contains so many records of my friend's adventures. Now wehave at last obtained permission to ventilate the facts which formedone of the very last cases handled by Holmes before his retirementfrom practice. Even now a certain reticence and discretion have tobe observed in laying the matter before the public.

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       "There was one sheet of paper which I may have torn from the manthat I grasped. It was lying all crumpled on the floor. It is in myson's handwriting."

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    {  Sherlock Holmes took it up and opened the bureau.

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      "So I expected," said Holmes, chuckling. "I fancy the ashes ofthem might even now be found in that oven which had already consumed apart."