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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do you think the poison he fell a victim to was intendedfor him?"
2.  "It is singular," said the doctor; "I was not aware thatMadame de Saint-Meran was subject to such hallucinations."
3.  "I suppose you have some cause of quarrel?"
4.  "Ah, Beauchamp, I see you know something already; you willrestore me to life."
5.  "The fact is, mademoiselle," said Barrois, "I am dying withthirst, and since you are so kind as to offer it me, Icannot say I should at all object to drinking your health ina glass of it."
6.  "Yes."


1.  "You are most welcome, monsieur," said the Count of Morcerf,saluting Monte Cristo with a smile, "and monsieur hasrendered our house, in preserving its only heir, a servicewhich insures him our eternal gratitude." As he said thesewords, the count of Morcerf pointed to a chair, while heseated himself in another opposite the window.
2.  "Twenty-three thousand francs," I said she.
3.  "Into the blue drawing-room, according to your excellency'sorders."
4.  "Are we alone?"
5.  "Oh, see, Maximilian, see the power you have over me, youalmost make me believe you; and yet, what you tell me ismadness, for my father will curse me -- he is inflexible --he will never pardon me. Now listen to me, Maximilian; if byartifice, by entreaty, by accident -- in short, if by anymeans I can delay this marriage, will you wait?"
6.  "But what then must be done?" asked Morrel. "Madame deSaint-Meran's last request was, that the marriage might notbe delayed; must I let things take their course?" Noirtierdid not move. "I understand," said Morrel; "I am to wait."


1.  Villefort would probably have rather stood opposite themuzzle of a pistol at five-and-twenty paces than have heardthis name spoken; but he did not blanch.
2.  "He is in masquerade."
3.  "I could scarcely walk when my mother, who was calledVasiliki, which means royal," said the young girl, tossingher head proudly, "took me by the hand, and after putting inour purse all the money we possessed, we went out, bothcovered with veils, to solicit alms for the prisoners,saying, `He who giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord.'Then when our purse was full we returned to the palace, andwithout saying a word to my father, we sent it to theconvent, where it was divided amongst the prisoners."
4.  "No."
5.   "No."
6.  "Edmond Dantes," replied the magistrate, "I arrest you inthe name of the law!"


1.  "It is frank, at least," said Morrel. "But I am sure thatthe count does not regret having once deviated from theprinciples he has so boldly avowed."
2.  The total amount was found to be as M. Noirtier had stated."It is all as he has said; it is very evident that the mindstill retains its full force and vigor." Then, turningtowards the paralytic, he said, "You possess, then, 900,000francs of capital, which, according to the manner in whichyou have invested it, ought to bring in an income of about40,000 livres?"
3.  "I do not know -- I only guess it, because that sort ofthing is generally found in prisoners' cells."
4、  "You see I am perfectly composed," said Albert.
5、  August rolled by in unceasing efforts on the part of Morrelto renew his credit or revive the old. On the 20th of Augustit was known at Marseilles that he had left town in themailcoach, and then it was said that the bills would go toprotest at the end of the month, and that Morrel had goneaway and left his chief clerk Emmanuel, and his cashierCocles, to meet the creditors. But, contrary to allexpectation, when the 31st of August came, the house openedas usual, and Cocles appeared behind the grating of thecounter, examined all bills presented with the usualscrutiny, and, from first to last, paid all with the usualprecision. There came in, moreover, two drafts which M.Morrel had fully anticipated, and which Cocles paid aspunctually as the bills which the shipowner had accepted.All this was incomprehensible, and then, with the tenacitypeculiar to prophets of bad news, the failure was put offuntil the end of September. On the 1st, Morrel returned; hewas awaited by his family with extreme anxiety, for fromthis journey to Paris they hoped great things. Morrel hadthought of Danglars, who was now immensely rich, and hadlain under great obligations to Morrel in former days, sinceto him it was owing that Danglars entered the service of theSpanish banker, with whom he had laid the foundations of hisvast wealth. It was said at this moment that Danglars wasworth from six to eight millions of francs, and hadunlimited credit. Danglars, then, without taking a crownfrom his pocket, could save Morrel; he had but to pass hisword for a loan, and Morrel was saved. Morrel had longthought of Danglars, but had kept away from some instinctivemotive, and had delayed as long as possible availing himselfof this last resource. And Morrel was right, for he returnedhome crushed by the humiliation of a refusal. Yet, on hisarrival, Morrel did not utter a complaint, or say one harshword. He embraced his weeping wife and daughter, pressedEmmanuel's hand with friendly warmth, and then going to hisprivate room on the second floor had sent for Cocles."Then," said the two women to Emmanuel, "we are indeedruined."




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      The anchor was instantly dropped, and the chain ran rattlingthrough the port-hole. Dantes continued at his post in spiteof the presence of the pilot, until this manoeuvre wascompleted, and then he added, "Half-mast the colors, andsquare the yards!"

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      "Well," said Morrel, changing his expression of calmness forone of violence -- "well, and if I do intend to turn thispistol against myself, who shall prevent me -- who will dareprevent me? All my hopes are blighted, my heart is broken,my life a burden, everything around me is sad and mournful;earth has become distasteful to me, and human voicesdistract me. It is a mercy to let me die, for if I live Ishall lose my reason and become mad. When, sir, I tell youall this with tears of heartfelt anguish, can you reply thatI am wrong, can you prevent my putting an end to mymiserable existence? Tell me, sir, could you have thecourage to do so?"

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       "What? Do you not know these bits of paper?"

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      "Forty," said Andrea, after a moment's hesitation, at theend of which he remembered that he might safely promise."That's all right," said the man; "hop in, and we're off!Who-o-o-p, la!"

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    {  "But what is there to investigate, sir?" said Albert,enraged beyond measure at Beauchamp's last remark. "If youdo not believe that it is my father, say so immediately; andif, on the contrary, you believe it to be him, state yourreasons for doing so." Beauchamp looked at Albert with thesmile which was so peculiar to him, and which in itsnumerous modifications served to express every variedemotion of his mind. "Sir," replied he, "if you came to mewith the idea of demanding satisfaction, you should havegone at once to the point, and not have entertained me withthe idle conversation to which I have been patientlylistening for the last half hour. Am I to put thisconstruction on your visit?"

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      The glass-cutter had entered, and was feeling his way, hisarms stretched out before him. At last he appeared to havemade himself familiar with his surroundings. There were twodoors; he bolted them both.}

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      "Stay!" said the young man. "You who love, and are beloved;you, who have faith and hope, -- oh, do not follow myexample. In your case it would be a crime. Adieu, my nobleand generous friend, adieu; I will go and tell Valentinewhat you have done for me." And slowly, though without anyhesitation, only waiting to press the count's handfervently, he swallowed the mysterious substance offered byMonte Cristo. Then they were both silent. Ali, mute andattentive, brought the pipes and coffee, and disappeared. Bydegrees, the light of the lamps gradually faded in the handsof the marble statues which held them, and the perfumesappeared less powerful to Morrel. Seated opposite to him,Monte Cristo watched him in the shadow, and Morrel sawnothing but the bright eyes of the count. An overpoweringsadness took possession of the young man, his hands relaxedtheir hold, the objects in the room gradually lost theirform and color, and his disturbed vision seemed to perceivedoors and curtains open in the walls.

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      "Yes, certainly."

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       "That dear protector," said Caderousse; "and how much doeshe give you monthly?"

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    {  "Yes."

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      "What, mother?"