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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, write to your correspondent in Yanina, and ask himwhat part was played by a Frenchman named Fernand Mondego inthe catastrophe of Ali Tepelini."
2.  "And I know my son had good reasons to wish to fight withyou, and to endeavor to kill you."
3.  Furnished with this plunder, Andrea leaped with a lighterheart from the window, intending to slip through the handsof the gendarmes. Tall and well proportioned as an ancientgladiator, and muscular as a Spartan, he walked for aquarter of an hour without knowing where to direct hissteps, actuated by the sole idea of getting away from thespot where if he lingered he knew that he would surely betaken. Having passed through the Rue Mont Blanc, guided bythe instinct which leads thieves always to take the safestpath, he found himself at the end of the Rue Lafayette.There he stopped, breathless and panting. He was quitealone; on one side was the vast wilderness of theSaint-Lazare, on the other, Paris enshrouded in darkness."Am I to be captured?" he cried; "no, not if I can use moreactivity than my enemies. My safety is now a mere questionof speed." At this moment he saw a cab at the top of theFaubourg Poissonniere. The dull driver, smoking his pipe,was plodding along toward the limits of the FaubourgSaint-Denis, where no doubt he ordinarily had his station."Ho, friend!" said Benedetto.
4.  "You still confide, then, in Sinbad the Sailor?" asked he,smiling.
5.  "Nothing is impossible," gravely replied Monte Cristo; andtaking leave of Albert, he returned into the house, andstruck the gong three times. Bertuccio appeared. "MonsieurBertuccio, you understand that I intend entertaining companyon Saturday at Auteuil." Bertuccio slightly started. "Ishall require your services to see that all be properlyarranged. It is a beautiful house, or at all events may bemade so."
6.  "Gentlemen," interrupted Albert, "I think you did notunderstand that something very serious had passed between M.de Monte Cristo and myself."


1.  "Nothing is impossible," gravely replied Monte Cristo; andtaking leave of Albert, he returned into the house, andstruck the gong three times. Bertuccio appeared. "MonsieurBertuccio, you understand that I intend entertaining companyon Saturday at Auteuil." Bertuccio slightly started. "Ishall require your services to see that all be properlyarranged. It is a beautiful house, or at all events may bemade so."
2.  And, indeed, it required but one glance at MademoiselleDanglars to comprehend the justness of Morcerf's remark --she was beautiful, but her beauty was of too marked anddecided a character to please a fastidious taste; her hairwas raven black, but its natural waves seemed somewhatrebellious; her eyes, of the same color as her hair, weresurmounted by well-arched brows, whose great defect,however, consisted in an almost habitual frown, while herwhole physiognomy wore that expression of firmness anddecision so little in accordance with the gentler attributesof her sex -- her nose was precisely what a sculptor wouldhave chosen for a chiselled Juno. Her mouth, which mighthave been found fault with as too large, displayed teeth ofpearly whiteness, rendered still more conspicuous by thebrilliant carmine of her lips, contrasting vividly with hernaturally pale complexion. But that which completed thealmost masculine look Morcerf found so little to his taste,was a dark mole, of much larger dimensions than these freaksof nature generally are, placed just at the corner of hermouth; and the effect tended to increase the expression ofself-dependence that characterized her countenance. The restof Mademoiselle Eugenie's person was in perfect keeping withthe head just described; she, indeed, reminded one of Diana,as Chateau-Renaud observed, but her bearing was more haughtyand resolute. As regarded her attainments, the only fault tobe found with them was the same that a fastidiousconnoisseur might have found with her beauty, that they weresomewhat too erudite and masculine for so young a person.She was a perfect linguist, a first-rate artist, wrotepoetry, and composed music; to the study of the latter sheprofessed to be entirely devoted, following it with anindefatigable perseverance, assisted by a schoolfellow, -- ayoung woman without fortune whose talent promised to developinto remarkable powers as a singer. It was rumored that shewas an object of almost paternal interest to one of theprincipal composers of the day, who excited her to spare nopains in the cultivation of her voice, which might hereafterprove a source of wealth and independence. But this counseleffectually decided Mademoiselle Danglars never to commitherself by being seen in public with one destined for atheatrical life; and acting upon this principle, thebanker's daughter, though perfectly willing to allowMademoiselle Louise d'Armilly (that was the name of theyoung virtuosa) to practice with her through the day, tookespecial care not to be seen in her company. Still, thoughnot actually received at the Hotel Danglars in the light ofan acknowledged friend, Louise was treated with far morekindness and consideration than is usually bestowed on agoverness.
3.  "He is rich, then?"
4.  "Maximilian," replied Morrel, looking fixedly at his son,"you are a man, and a man of honor. Come, and I will explainto you."
5.  "Oh, yes, they will; only listen to that charming finale.How exquisitely Coselli sings his part."
6.  "And what is your reason for advising me to go alone?"


1.  "He must be the Shah of Persia, travelling incog."
2.  "Still, situated as we are" --
3.  As he thought thus, he looked alternately at the window withred curtains and the three windows with white curtains. Thelight had almost disappeared from the former; doubtlessMadame de Villefort had just put out her lamp, and thenightlamp alone reflected its dull light on the window. Atthe extremity of the building, on the contrary, he saw oneof the three windows open. A wax-light placed on themantle-piece threw some of its pale rays without, and ashadow was seen for one moment on the balcony. Morrelshuddered; he thought he heard a sob.
4.  "Are you not Mademoiselle Julie Morrel?" inquired the man,with a strong Italian accent.
5.   "Yes."
6.  "Confound you and your punctuality!" said Andrea, throwinghimself into a chair in a manner which implied that he wouldrather have flung it at the head of his host.


1.  "In the hour of rest, between noon and one o'clock" --
2.  "Yes, I see too plainly that it does exist. But it seemsthat it is intended to affect me personally. I fear anattack myself, after all these disasters."
3.  After their departure, Fernand, who had now again become thefriend and protector of Mercedes, led the girl to her home,while the friends of Dantes conducted the now half-faintingman back to his abode.
4、  "Well, and what may you have to say against this name?"inquired Albert; "it is a very pretty name, and theadventures of the gentleman of that name amused me very muchin my youth, I must confess." -- Franz said no more. Thename of Sinbad the Sailor, as may well be supposed, awakenedin him a world of recollections, as had the name of theCount of Monte Cristo on the previous evening.
5、  "Because Mercedes is a very fine girl, and fine girls neverlack followers; she particularly has them by dozens."




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      Penelon rolled his quid in his cheek, placed his hand beforehis mouth, turned his head, and sent a long jet oftobacco-juice into the antechamber, advanced his foot,balanced himself, and began, -- "You see, M. Morrel," saidhe, "we were somewhere between Cape Blanc and Cape Boyador,sailing with a fair breeze, south-south-west after a week'scalm, when Captain Gaumard comes up to me -- I was at thehelm I should tell you -- and says, `Penelon, what do youthink of those clouds coming up over there?' I was just thenlooking at them myself. `What do I think, captain? Why Ithink that they are rising faster than they have anybusiness to do, and that they would not be so black if theydidn't mean mischief.' -- `That's my opinion too,' said thecaptain, `and I'll take precautions accordingly. We arecarrying too much canvas. Avast, there, all hands! Take inthe studding-sl's and stow the flying jib.' It was time; thesquall was on us, and the vessel began to heel. `Ah,' saidthe captain, `we have still too much canvas set; all handslower the mains'l!' Five minutes after, it was down; and wesailed under mizzen-tops'ls and to'gall'nt sails. `Well,Penelon,' said the captain, `what makes you shake yourhead?' `Why,' I says, `I still think you've got too muchon.' `I think you're right,' answered he, `we shall have agale.' `A gale? More than that, we shall have a tempest, orI don't know what's what.' You could see the wind cominglike the dust at Montredon; luckily the captain understoodhis business. `Take in two reefs in the tops'ls,' cried thecaptain; `let go the bowlin's, haul the brace, lower theto'gall'nt sails, haul out the reef-tackles on the yards.'"

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      There was a cry of "Shut up!" from the audience. Thismanifestation on the part of the spectators of their wish tobe allowed to hear the music, produced not the slightesteffect on the two young men, who continued theirconversation. "The countess was present at the races in theChamp-de-Mars," said Chateau-Renaud.

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       "And do you really flatter yourself that I shall yield toall your caprices, and quietly and humbly await the time ofagain being received into your good graces?"

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      "No," said Monte Cristo; "I told you I did not wish to bebehind my time; I dressed myself in the carriage, anddescended at the viscount's door." The young men looked ateach other; they did not know if it was a comedy MonteCristo was playing, but every word he uttered had such anair of simplicity, that it was impossible to suppose what hesaid was false -- besides, why should he tell a falsehood?"We must content ourselves, then," said Beauchamp, "withrendering the count all the little services in our power. I,in my quality of journalist, open all the theatres to him."

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    {  M. de Villefort kept the promise he had made to MadameDanglars, to endeavor to find out how the Count of MonteCristo had discovered the history of the house at Auteuil.He wrote the same day for the required information to M. deBoville, who, from having been an inspector of prisons, waspromoted to a high office in the police; and the latterbegged for two days time to ascertain exactly who would bemost likely to give him full particulars. At the end of thesecond day M. de Villefort received the following note: --

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      "You could not apply to any one better able to inform you onall these points, for I knew him when he was a child, andone day that I fell into his hands, going from Ferentino toAlatri, he, fortunately for me, recollected me, and set mefree, not only without ransom, but made me a present of avery splendid watch, and related his history to me."}

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      "And what is your reason for advising me to go alone?"

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      "Ah," returned Albert, in his turn looking around to seewhat Lucien was doing.

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       "But one."

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    {  "Yes -- yes," said Caderousse; "but you were right to returnas soon as possible, my boy."

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      "Oh, they have a house to themselves. Picture to yourself apretty coach-house at the right-hand side where the laddersare kept. Well, over that coach-house are the servants'rooms, with bells corresponding with the differentapartments."