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2.In early December, authorities announced that market circuit breakers would be introduced become effective from January 1 in an effort to limit the volatility seen during the savage, summer sell-off from June. The circuit breakers would see trading in shares, options and futures halted for 15 minutes if they fell by more than 5 per cent. On their first day of use, that first threshold was breached just after the return from the lunchbreak, prompting a 15-minute halt.
3.Last week, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said that the former first lady's shortlist of potential running mates will include women, quickly leading to speculation that Clinton will consider Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a popular progressive, for an all-female ticket.
4.Its alumni enjoyed by far the greatest financial rewards, with an average salary of 9,000 three years after graduation.
5.4. New reserves of helium discovered


3.Microsoft Corp., Toyota Motor Corp., IBM Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Amazon.com Inc., Mercedes-Benz and General Electric Co. were also on the Top 10 list, according to Interbrand's 2016 Best Global Brands report.
4.He argues, however, that “US monetary policy is often just as important as domestic factors in explaining the incidence of EM crises, if not more important.”
5.One fifth of the rich in the 500 list are from the information technology industry, and capital players are fading away from the list.


1.*喜剧类最佳客串男演员:彼得?斯科拉里(Peter Scolari),《都市女孩》(Girls)
3.A BuzzFeed News analysis has identified the 50 fake news stories that attracted the most engagement on Facebook this year. Together they totaled 21.5 million likes, comments, and shares. Of these stories, 23 were about US politics, two were about women using their vaginas as murder weapons, and one was about a clown doll that actually was a person the whole time.
4.The other two tweets from Obama that made the list were posted when he was leaving the office.
5. 该杂志指出:“特朗普的财富与特朗普大厦和距其一英里范围内的八座建筑紧密相关。在该微小市场所发生的一切,对特朗普净资产的影响超过了世界上其他任何事情,而最近,周边房地产市场已经开始陷入挣扎(相对而言)。”


1.Hurun Chairman Rupert Hoogewerf said: "Those entrepreneurs should be called 'super wealth creators' instead of simply 'rich people', which could highlight their contribution to China's society and economy."
2.I do not see much evidence that radical “managerless” models such as “Holacracy” will catch on. But more companies will realise that if they constantly test innovative ways forward — as start-ups do — they will be more flexible and decisive than old-style bureaucracies and meritocracies.
5、根据世界黄金协会(World Gold Council)的数据,自2008年以来全球黄金供应每年都增长,这一增长在去年陷入停滞。作为世界最大的黄金生产国,去年中国的黄金供应创纪录地下降9%,这是自1980年来中国的黄金产出第二次下降。




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    “I?.?.?.?learnt to interact with people from other cultures and other places in society,” noted one Swedish graduate.}

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    Major areas of work for 2017

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    2. Shanghai, China-The enormous metropolis of Shanghai—China's most populous city—has an historic urban core which sits alongside its status as a contemporary, global financial hub.

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