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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ready money." And the Englishman drew from his pocket abundle of bank-notes, which might have been twice the sum M.de Boville feared to lose. A ray of joy passed across M. deBoville's countenance, yet he made an effort atself-control, and said, -- "Sir, I ought to tell you that,in all probability, you will not realize six per cent ofthis sum."
2.  "And what are your feelings?" said Monte Cristo, turning tothe young man.
3.  "Some traveller seems impatient," said the host. "Whatnumber was it that rang?"
4.  "You see, on the contrary, I come to you first andinstantly," replied Franz.
5.  "Yes; the best you could have at the present time, believeme."
6.  Several persons hurried up to M. de Villefort, who sat halfbowed over in his chair, offering him consolation,encouragement, and protestations of zeal and sympathy. Orderwas re-established in the hall, except that a few peoplestill moved about and whispered to one another. A lady, itwas said, had just fainted; they had supplied her with asmelling-bottle, and she had recovered. During the scene oftumult, Andrea had turned his smiling face towards theassembly; then, leaning with one hand on the oaken rail ofthe dock, in the most graceful attitude possible, he said:"Gentlemen, I assure you I had no idea of insulting thecourt, or of making a useless disturbance in the presence ofthis honorable assembly. They ask my age; I tell it. Theyask where I was born; I answer. They ask my name, I cannotgive it, since my parents abandoned me. But though I cannotgive my own name, not possessing one, I can tell them myfather's. Now I repeat, my father is named M. de Villefort,and I am ready to prove it."


1.  "Oh, make yourself easy! -- I am not speaking riddles, andyou will soon know what I mean. The people who exhaust myfortune are those who draw out 700,000 francs in the courseof an hour."
2.  "And what do you think of her personal appearance?"
3.  "Ah, Danglars!" whispered Caderousse, "you have deceived me-- the trick you spoke of last night has been played; but Icannot suffer a poor old man or an innocent girl to die ofgrief through your fault. I am determined to tell them allabout it."
4.  "Again you drive me to despair, Maximilian," said Valentine,"again you plunge the dagger into the wound! What would youdo, tell me, if your sister listened to such a proposition?"
5.  "First I was a forger," answered Andrea, as calmly aspossible; "then I became a thief, and lately have become anassassin." A murmur, or rather storm, of indignation burstfrom all parts of the assembly. The judges themselvesappeared to be stupefied, and the jury manifested tokens ofdisgust for cynicism so unexpected in a man of fashion. M.de Villefort pressed his hand upon his brow, which, at firstpale, had become red and burning; then he suddenly arose andlooked around as though he had lost his senses -- he wantedair.
6.  "Probably," said Monte Cristo with his imperturbabletranquillity.


1.  "Count," said the banker, "things are constantly occurringin the world to induce us to lay aside our most establishedopinions, or at all events to cause us to remodel themaccording to the change of circumstances, which may haveplaced affairs in a totally different light to that in whichwe at first viewed them."
2.  "In which world? we have so many worlds in the year of grace1838."
3.  "Yes," said Valentine; "besides, it will not be for long."She then crossed the corridor, and led the way down a narrowstaircase to M. Noirtier's room; Morrel followed her ontiptoe; at the door they found the old servant. "Barrois,"said Valentine, "shut the door, and let no one come in." Shepassed first. Noirtier, seated in his chair, and listeningto every sound, was watching the door; he saw Valentine, andhis eye brightened. There was something grave and solemn inthe approach of the young girl which struck the old man, andimmediately his bright eye began to interrogate. "Deargrandfather." said she hurriedly, "you know poor grandmammadied an hour since, and now I have no friend in the worldbut you." His expressive eyes evinced the greatesttenderness. "To you alone, then, may I confide my sorrowsand my hopes?" The paralytic motioned "Yes." Valentine tookMaximilian's hand. "Look attentively, then, at thisgentleman." The old man fixed his scrutinizing gaze withslight astonishment on Morrel. "It is M. Maximilian Morrel,"said she; "the son of that good merchant of Marseilles, whomyou doubtless recollect."
4.  "He quietly said, `What do I care if I am?'"
5.   "I understand that, but I do not understand what it is thatgalvanizes you in this manner."
6.  "Here, sir," said a voice behind him.


1.  "`Who, then, has counselled you to take this step, one forwhich the court is deeply indebted to you, and which isperfectly natural, considering your birth and yourmisfortunes?' -- `Sir,' replied Haidee, `I have been led totake this step from a feeling of respect and grief. Althougha Christian, may God forgive me, I have always sought torevenge my illustrious father. Since I set my foot inFrance, and knew the traitor lived in Paris, I have watchedcarefully. I live retired in the house of my nobleprotector, but I do it from choice. I love retirement andsilence, because I can live with my thoughts andrecollections of past days. But the Count of Monte Cristosurrounds me with every paternal care, and I am ignorant ofnothing which passes in the world. I learn all in thesilence of my apartments, -- for instance, I see all thenewspapers, every periodical, as well as every new piece ofmusic; and by thus watching the course of the life ofothers, I learned what had transpired this morning in theHouse of Peers, and what was to take place this evening;then I wrote.'
2.  "At their ball; it was apparent enough. Why, did not thecountess, the proud Mercedes, the disdainful Catalane, whowill scarcely open her lips to her oldest acquaintances,take your arm, lead you into the garden, into the privatewalks, and remain there for half an hour?"
3.  "Will you promise me?"
4、  "Pardon, reverend sir," said Caderousse; "you have saved mylife once, save me again!"
5、  "I should say no."




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      "I know he cannot save my life, but he may strengthen me togive my evidence."

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      "A marchioness?"

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       Danglars took advantage of Caderousse's temper at themoment, to take him off towards Marseilles by the PorteSaint-Victor, staggering as he went.

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    {  "The deuce! -- and what is this condition?"

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      "Why, what good would it do?" asked Caderousse. "If the poorlad were living, and came to me and begged that I wouldcandidly tell which were his true and which his falsefriends, why, perhaps, I should not hesitate. But you tellme he is no more, and therefore can have nothing to do withhatred or revenge, so let all such feeling be buried withhim."}

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      "Ah," asked the countess, "who is out in the streets of Romeat this hour, unless it be to go to a ball?"

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       "Still, I should not think the Morcerfs would yield to theCavalcanti?"

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    {  "Di qua," said one of the men, descending a little pathleading out of the Appian Way. Danglars followed his guidewithout opposition, and had no occasion to turn around tosee whether the three others were following him. Still itappeared as though they were stationed at equal distancesfrom one another, like sentinels. After walking for aboutten minutes, during which Danglars did not exchange a singleword with his guide, he found himself between a hillock anda clump of high weeds; three men, standing silent, formed atriangle, of which he was the centre. He wished to speak,but his tongue refused to move. "Avanti!" said the samesharp and imperative voice.

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      "One, two, three, four, five," said Monte Cristo; "fivemillions -- why what a Croesus you are!"