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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What did he answer?"
2.  "On the contrary, I shall feel much pleasure." Thus, thefuture father and son-in-law stepped into the same carriage,and Morrel, seeing them pass, became uneasy. Villefort andFranz returned to the Faubourg Saint-Honore. The procureur,without going to see either his wife or his daughter, wentat once to his study, and, offering the young man a chair,-- "M. d'Epinay," said he, "allow me to remind you at thismoment, -- which is perhaps not so ill-chosen as at firstsight may appear, for obedience to the wishes of thedeparted is the first offering which should be made at theirtomb, -- allow me then to remind you of the wish expressedby Madame de Saint-Meran on her death-bed, that Valentine'swedding might not be deferred. You know the affairs of thedeceased are in perfect order, and her will bequeaths toValentine the entire property of the Saint-Meran family; thenotary showed me the documents yesterday, which will enableus to draw up the contract immediately. You may call on thenotary, M. Deschamps, Place Beauveau, Faubourg Saint-Honore,and you have my authority to inspect those deeds."
3.  "Yes," returned Franz, "for the very three days it is mostneeded."
4.  "Have pity on me doctor! So many dreadful things havehappened to me lately that I am on the verge of madness."
5.  Louis XVIII. remounted the throne; Villefort, to whomMarseilles had become filled with remorseful memories,sought and obtained the situation of king's procureur atToulouse, and a fortnight afterwards he married Mademoisellede Saint-Meran, whose father now stood higher at court thanever.
6.  "`"I say that it is too soon after declaring myself forLouis XVIII. to break my vow in behalf of the ex-emperor."This answer was too clear to permit of any mistake as to hissentiments. "General," said the president, "we acknowledgeno King Louis XVIII., or an ex-emperor, but his majesty theemperor and king, driven from France, which is his kingdom,by violence and treason."


1.  "No, Hermine," replied Debray; "you cannot make me believethat; on the contrary, you were in excellent spirits whenyou arrived at the count's. M. Danglars was disagreeable,certainly, but I know how much you care for his ill-humor.Some one has vexed you; I will allow no one to annoy you."
2.  "Is it not almost incredible," said Madame Danglars, "that aperson having at least half a million of secret-servicemoney at his command, should possess so little information?"
3.  Upon his return to the hotel, Franz found Albert in hisdressing-gown and slippers, listlessly extended on a sofa,smoking a cigar. "My dear fellow." cried he, springing up,"is it really you? Why, I did not expect to see you beforeto-morrow."
4.  "For how much?"
5.  "My dear friend," said Monte Cristo, "you appear to berelating an adventure which we all know by heart. I know thehouse where you heard it, or one very similar to it; a housewith a garden, a master, a physician, and where there havebeen three unexpected and sudden deaths. Well, I have notintercepted your confidence, and yet I know all that as wellas you, and I have no conscientious scruples. No, it doesnot concern me. You say an exterminating angel appears tohave devoted that house to God's anger -- well, who saysyour supposition is not reality? Do not notice things whichthose whose interest it is to see them pass over. If it isGod's justice, instead of his anger, which is walkingthrough that house, Maximilian, turn away your face and lethis justice accomplish its purpose." Morrel shuddered. Therewas something mournful, solemn, and terrible in the count'smanner. "Besides," continued he, in so changed a tone thatno one would have supposed it was the same person speaking-- "besides, who says that it will begin again?"
6.  "No, Bartolomeo, his father."


1.  "The king himself."
2.  "But your mother?" asked the president.
3.  "Yes," said the physician, "I repeat it; she is still alive,and I am astonished at it."
4.  "Silence! God gives me strength to overcome a wild beastlike you; in the name of that God I act, -- remember that,wretch, -- and to spare thee at this moment is still servinghim."
5.   "As I was on my way here, a vessel was coming into port."
6.  Dantes had been flung into the sea, and was dragged into itsdepths by a thirty-six pound shot tied to his feet. The seais the cemetery of the Chateau d'If.


1.  As he had now arrived at the door of his own house, whichadjoined the Palais de Justice, he entered, after having,coldly saluted the shipowner, who stood, as if petrified, onthe spot where Villefort had left him. The ante-chamber wasfull of police agents and gendarmes, in the midst of whom,carefully watched, but calm and smiling, stood the prisoner.Villefort traversed the ante-chamber, cast a side glance atDantes, and taking a packet which a gendarme offered him,disappeared, saying, "Bring in the prisoner."
2.  "What can he be looking for?" thought Edmond. "The spade,perhaps." An exclamation of satisfaction indicated that thegrave-digger had found the object of his search. "Here it isat last," he said, "not without some trouble though."
3.  "And when you know, will you tell me?"
4、  "Yes, I insist on it," said Albert, whose mind was beginningto get bewildered with the excitement of his feelings.
5、  "Well, beneath this uniform beats one of the bravest andnoblest hearts in the whole army."




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      "How do I know? Is it my affair? I am not in love withMademoiselle Mercedes; but for you -- in the words of thegospel, seek, and you shall find."

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      "Certainly. And when I told you I had foreseen the result,it is the honor of your visit I alluded to."

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       "It is really wonderful," said the count; "above all, if, asI suppose, it is payable at sight."

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      "Where to?"

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    {  "So he has; but I like mine as well."

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      "`Here is a ring that will obtain audience of him, andremove every difficulty,' said the captain. At these wordshe gave me a ring. It was time -- two hours after he wasdelirious; the next day he died."}

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      "Indeed," said the receiver.

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      "Why, you know, my dear fellow, when one has been accustomedto Malibran and Sontag, such singers as these don't make thesame impression on you they perhaps do on others."

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       "`It is well,' said he, kissing it; `it is my master'sring!' And throwing the match on the ground, he trampled onit and extinguished it. The messenger uttered a cry of joyand clapped his hands. At this signal four soldiers of theSerasker Koorshid suddenly appeared, and Selim fell, piercedby five blows. Each man had stabbed him separately, and,intoxicated by their crime, though still pale with fear,they sought all over the cavern to discover if there was anyfear of fire, after which they amused themselves by rollingon the bags of gold. At this moment my mother seized me inher arms, and hurrying noiselessly along numerous turningsand windings known only to ourselves, she arrived at aprivate staircase of the kiosk, where was a scene offrightful tumult and confusion. The lower rooms wereentirely filled with Koorshid's troops; that is to say, withour enemies. Just as my mother was on the point of pushingopen a small door, we heard the voice of the pasha soundingin a loud and threatening tone. My mother applied her eye tothe crack between the boards; I luckily found a smallopening which afforded me a view of the apartment and whatwas passing within. `What do you want?' said my father tosome people who were holding a paper inscribed withcharacters of gold. `What we want,' replied one, `is tocommunicate to you the will of his highness. Do you see thisfirman?' -- `I do,' said my father. `Well, read it; hedemands your head.'

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    {  "It is written in the good book," said Monte Cristo, "thatthe sins of the fathers shall fall upon their children tothe third and fourth generation. Since God himself dictatedthose words to his prophet, why should I seek to make myselfbetter than God?"

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      "Have you any objection to meet any persons who may be withmadame, or do you desire to preserve a strict incognito?"