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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why, about fifteen or eighteen days ago."
2.  Felton uttered a groan.
3.  "My husband in the Bastille!" cried Mme. Bonacieux. "Oh, my God!What has he done? Poor dear man, he is innocence itself!"And something like a faint smile lighted the still-terrifiedfeatures of the young woman.
4.  "The count was of the highest nobility. He had on his estatesthe rights of high and low tribunals. He tore the dress of thecountess to pieces; he tied her hands behind her, and hanged heron a tree."
6.  "Alas, my dear Aramis," said D'Artagnan, in his turn heaving aprofound sigh, "that is my story you are relating!""How?"


1.  "Well, monseigneur?"
2.  "And that name of a town or village is written in her hand!" criedAthos.
3.  "No, monsieur, be satisfied; nobody saw her," replied D'Artagnan,and he related to M. de Treville how the affair came to pass."Oh, the women, the women!" cried the old soldier. "I know themby their romantic imagination. Everything that savors of mysterycharms them. So you have seen the arm, that was all. You wouldmeet the queen, and she would not know who you are?""No; but thanks to this diamond," replied the young man."Listen," said M. de Treville; "shall I give you counsel, goodcounsel, the counsel of a friend?"
4.  "No, no! It is not true," said Milady, in a tone of voice sofirm, and with a countenance so unchanged, that ifD'Artagnan had not been in such perfect possession of thefact, he would have doubted.
5.  "Yes, moderately so. We lost five men, and the Rochellaiseight or ten."
6.  "Still, then, I am a prisoner," said Milady, looking around her,and bringing back her eyes with a most gracious smile to theyoung officer; "but I feel assured it will not be for long,"added she. "My own conscience and your politeness, sir, are theguarantees of that."


1.  "You think then, as I do, that she deceives me?" said the king."I believe, and I repeat it to your Majesty, that the queenconspires against the power of the king, but I have not saidagainst his honor."
2.  "She is capable of anything or everything. Did you ever seeher furious?"
4.  And the Musketeer, with his usual coolness, reseated himselfbefore the remains of the breakfast.
5.   D'Artagnan lifted up his head.
6.  "Silence!" then exclaimed another stern voice which Miladyrecognized as that of Felton. "What are you meddling with,stupid? Did anybody order you to prevent that woman fromsinging? No. You were told to guard her--to fire at her if sheattempted to fly. Guard her! If she flies, kill her; but don'texceed your orders."


1.  Porthos went away after having appointed a meeting with theprocurator's wife in the cloister of St. Magloire. Theprocurator, seeing he was going, invited him to dinner--aninvitation which the Musketeer refused with a majestic air.Mme. Coquenard repaired trembling to the cloister of St.Magloire, for she guessed the reproaches that awaited herthere; but she was fascinated by the lofty airs of Porthos.All that which a man wounded in his self-love could let fallin the shape of imprecations and reproaches upon the head ofa woman Porthos let fall upon the bowed head of theprocurator's wife.
2.  "If your Majesty is so," said Treville, "we are.""Oh, yes; I am," added the king, taking a handful of gold from LaChesnaye, and putting it into the hand of D'Artagnan. "Here,"said he, "is a proof of my satisfaction."
4、  "They'll kill poor Porthos when he comes up," said Aramis."If Porthos were on his legs, he would have rejoined us by thistime," said Athos. "My opinion is that on the ground the drunkenman was not intoxicated."
5、  "No," cried Porthos; "there go three or four, limping away."In fact, three or four of these unfortunate men, coveredwith dirt and blood, fled along the hollow way, and atlength regained the city. These were all who were left ofthe little troop.




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      But alas, if he was the friend of D'Artagnan, he must have lent him hisassistance in all the proceedings by whose aid the queen had defeatedthe project of his Eminence; if he was the friend of D'Artagnan, he wasthe enemy of the cardinal; and she doubtless would succeed in involvinghim in the vengeance by which she hoped to destroy the young Musketeer.All these hopes were so many sweet thoughts for Milady; so, rocked bythem, she soon fell asleep.

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      "Be enlightened!" said Athos, phlegmatically.

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       "And why today, rather than yesterday or tomorrow? What hashappened to you today, to raise all these melancholy ideas?""This wound, my dear D'Artagnan, has been a warning to me fromheaven."

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      The request was needless. The young officer stood upright beforeher, awaiting her words as if to devour them.

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    {  He guessed, likewise, by induction, that Porthos was taking hisrevenge for the defeat of Chantilly, when the procurator's wifehad proved so refractory with respect to her purse.Amid all this, D'Artagnan remarked also that not one countenanceresponded to the gallantries of Porthos. There were onlychimeras and illusions; but for real love, for true jealousy, isthere any reality except illusions and chimeras?

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      D'Artagnan followed Milady without being perceived by her.He saw her get into her carriage, and heard her order thecoachman to drive to St. Germain.}

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      "Don't be afraid; he is not so much of a devil as he appears."Saying these words, D'Artagnan went upstairs, leaving his host alittle better satisfied with respect to two things in which heappeared to be very much interested--his debt and his life.At the top of the stairs, upon the most conspicuous door of thecorridor, was traced in black ink a gigantic number "1."D'Artagnan knocked, and upon the bidding to come in which camefrom inside, he entered the chamber.

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      D'Artagnan, who was accustomed to his friend's manner ofacting, and who perceived immediately, by a word, a gesture,or a sign from him, that the circumstances were serious,took Athos's arm, and went out without saying anything.Porthos followed, chatting with Aramis.

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       "My friend, Aramis, here, has received a slight sword woundin the arm, but not enough to prevent him, as your Eminencemay see, from mounting to the assault tomorrow, if yourEminence orders an escalade."

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    {  "Yes, we. Besides, we are men; and everything considered,it is our lot to risk our lives; but she," asked he, in anundertone.

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      "How can that be?"