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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  On the evening of the crime, he returned from the club exactly atten. His mother and sister were out spending the evening with arelation. The servant deposed that she heard him enter the frontroom on the second floor, generally used as his sittingroom. She hadlit a fire there, and as it smoked she had opened the window. No soundwas heard from the room until eleven-twenty, the hour of the return ofLady Maynooth and her daughter. Desiring to say good-night, sheattempted to enter her son's room. The door was locked on theinside, and no answer could be got to their cries and knocking. Helpwas obtained, and the door forced. The unfortunate young man was foundlying near the table. His head had been horribly mutilated by anexpanding revolver bullet, but no weapon of any sort was to be foundin the room. On the table lay two banknotes for ten pounds each andseventeen pounds ten in silver and gold, the money arranged inlittle piles of varying amount. There were some figures also upon asheet of paper, with the names of some club friends opposite tothem, from which it was conjectured that before his death he wasendeavouring to make out his losses or winnings at cards.A minute examination of the circumstances served only to make thecase more complex. In the first place, no reason could be given whythe young man should have fastened the door upon the inside. There wasthe possibility that the murderer had done this, and had afterwardsescaped by the window. The drop was at least twenty feet, however, anda bed of crocuses in full bloom lay beneath. Neither the flowers northe earth showed any sign of having been disturbed, nor were there anymarks upon the narrow strip of grass which separated the house fromthe road. Apparently, therefore, it was the young man himself whohad fastened the door. But how did he come by his death? No onecould have climbed up to the window without leaving traces. Supposea man had fired through the window, he would indeed be a remarkableshot who could with a revolver inflict so deadly a wound. Again,Park lane is a frequented thoroughfare, there is a cab stand withina hundred yards of the house. No one had heard a shot. And yet therewas the dead man and there the revolver bullet, which had mushroomedout, as soft-nosed bullets will, and so inflicted a wound which musthave caused instantaneous death. Such were the circumstances of thePark Lane Mystery, which were further complicated by entire absence ofmotive, since, as I have said, young Adair was not known to have anyenemy, and no attempt had been made to remove the money or valuablesin the room.
2.  "Quite so."
3.  "Yes," he said in answer to my remark, "you have seen me miss mymark before, Watson. I have all instinct for such things, and yet ithas sometimes played me false. It seemed a certainty when first itflashed across my mind in the cell at Winchester, but one drawbackof an active mind is that one can always conceive alternativeexplanations which would make our scent a false one. And yet- and yet-Well, Watson, we can but try"
4.  "Oh, yes, easily."
5.  When I glance over my notes and records of the Sherlock Holmescases between the years '82 and '90, I am faced by so many whichpresent strange and interesting features that it is no easy matterto know which to choose and which to leave. Some, however, havealready gained publicity through the papers, and others have notoffered a field for those peculiar qualities which my friendpossessed in so high a degree, and which it is the object of thesepapers to illustrate. Some, too, have baffled his analyticalskill, and would be, as narratives, beginnings without an ending,while others have been but partially cleared up, and have theirexplanations founded rather upon conjecture and surmise than onthat absolute logical proof which was so dear to him. There is,however, one of these last which was so remarkable in its detailsand so startling in its results that I am tempted to give someaccount of it in spite of the fact that there are points inconnection with it which never have been, and probably never willbe, entirely cleared up.
6.  "'Then the matter stands thus. You are probably aware thatfuller's-earth is a valuable product. and that it is only found in oneor two places in England?'


1.  "'Quite so.'
2.  "The faculty of deduction is certainly contagious, Watson," heanswered. "It has enabled you to probe my secret. Yes, I have acase. After a month of trivialities and stagnation the wheels moveonce more."
3.  On the land side our surroundings were as sombre as on the sea. Itwas a country of rolling moors, lonely and dun-coloured, with anoccasional church tower to mark the site of some old-world village. Inevery direction upon these moors there were traces of some vanishedrace which had passed utterly away, and left as its sole recordstrange monuments of stone, irregular mounds which contained theburned ashes of the dead, and curious earthworks which hinted atprehistoric strife. The glamour and mystery of the place, with itssinister atmosphere of forgotten nations, appealed to theimagination of my friend, and he spent much of his time in longwalks and solitary meditations upon the moor. The ancient Cornishlanguage had also arrested his attention, and he had, I remember,conceived the idea that it was akin to the Chaldean, and had beenlargely derived from the Phoenician traders in tin. He had receiveda consignment of books upon philology and was settling down to developthis thesis when suddenly, to my sorrow and to his unfeigneddelight, we found ourselves, even in that land of dreams, plunged intoa problem at our very doors which was more intense, more engrossing,and infinitely more mysterious than any of those which had driven usfrom London. Our simple life and peaceful, healthy routine wereviolently interrupted, and we were precipitated into the midst of aseries of events which caused the utmost excitement not only inCornwall but throughout the whole west of England. Many of myreaders may retain some recollection of what was called at the time"The Cornish Horror," though a most imperfect account of the matterreached the London press. Now, after thirteen years, I will give thetrue details of this inconceivable affair to the public.I have said that scattered towers marked the villages which dottedthis part of Cornwall. The nearest of these was the hamlet ofTredannick Wollas, where the cottages of a couple of hundredinhabitants clustered round an ancient, moss-grown church. The vicarof the parish, Mr. Roundhay, was something of an archaeologist, and assuch Holmes had made his acquaintance. He was a middle-aged man,portly and affable, with a considerable fund of local lore. At hisinvitation we had taken tea at the vicarage and had come to know also,Mr. Mortimer Tregennis, an independent gentleman, who increased theclergyman's scanty resources by taking rooms in his large,straggling house. The vicar, being a bachelor, was glad to come tosuch an arrangement, though he had little in common with his lodger,who was a thin, dark, spectacled man, with a stoop which gave theimpression of actual, physical deformity. I remember that during ourshort visit we found the vicar garrulous, but his lodger strangelyreticent, a sad-faced, introspective man, sitting with averted eyes,brooding apparently upon his own affairs.
4.  "This is the street," said he as we turned into a short thoroughfarelined with plain two-storied brick houses. "Ah, here is Simpson toreport."
5.  "What was her explanation?"
6.  "And none of your people had by chance been to see you?""None."


1.  "But the bicycle?" I objected.
2.  "Yes, sir, we saw the chip on the ledge. I expect it's been doneby some passer-by."
3.  "You will ruin no more lives as you have ruined mine. You will wringno more hearts as you wrung mine. I will free the world of a poisonousthing. Take that, you hound- and that!- and that!- and that!"She had drawn a little gleaming revolver, and emptied barrel afterbarrel into Milverton's body, the muzzle within two feet of hisshirt front. He shrank away and then fell forward upon the table,coughing furiously and clawing among the papers. Then he staggeredto his feet, received another shot, and rolled upon the floor. "You'vedone me," he cried, and lay still. The woman looked at him intently,and ground her heel into his upturned face. She looked again, butthere was no sound or movement. I heard a sharp rustle, the nightair blew into the heated room, and the avenger was gone.No interference upon our part could have saved the man from hisfate, but, as the woman poured bullet after bullet into Milverton'sshrinking body I was about to spring out, when I felt Holmes's cold,strong grasp upon my wrist. I understood the whole argument of thatfirm, restraining grip- that it was no affair of ours, that justicehad overtaken a villain, that we had our own duties and our ownobjects, which were not to be lost sight of. But hardly had thewoman rushed from the room when Holmes, with swift, silent steps,was over at the other door. He turned the key in the lock. At the sameinstant we heard voices in the house and the sound of hurrying feet.The revolver shots had roused the household. With perfect coolnessHolmes slipped across to the safe, filled his two arms with bundles ofletters, and poured them all into the fire. Again and again he did it,until the safe was empty. Someone turned the handle and beat uponthe outside of the door. Holmes looked swiftly round. The letter whichhad been the messenger of death for Milverton lay, all mottled withhis blood, upon the table. Holmes tossed it in among the blazingpapers. Then he drew the key from the outer door, passed through afterme, and locked it on the outside. "This way, Watson," said he, "we canscale the garden wall in this direction."
4.  "Oh, if you find your own cases more interesting than mine-" saidHolmes with some asperity.
5.   Holmes rubbed his hands.
6.  "Excellent, Warner!" cried Holmes, springing to his feet. "Watson,the gaps are closing rapidly."


1.  "Nothing at all."
2.  "Watson would tell you that I have only just recovered from a severeillness," he explained. "I am liable to these sudden nervous attacks.""Shall I send you home in my trap?" asked old Cunningham."Well, since I am here, there is one point on which I should like tofeel sure. We can very easily verify it."
3.  "Because it was in my mind to put that little test which answered soadmirably. I fear you would not have gone so far."
4、  Could our sinister acquaintance be more clearly described?"He goes on to tell of his own encounter with one when swimmingoff the coast of Kent. He found that the creature radiated almostinvisible filaments to the distance of fifty feet, and that anyonewithin that circumference from the deadly centre was in danger ofdeath. Even at a distance the effect upon Wood was almost fatal."The multitudinous threads caused light scarlet lines upon theskin which on closer examination resolved into minute dots orpustules, each dot charged as it were with a red-hot needle making itsway through the nerves.
5、  "I was, as Watson may have told you, in the Foreign Office, andthrough the influence of my uncle, Lord Holdhurst, I rose rapidly to aresponsible position. When my uncle became foreign minister in thisadministration he gave me several missions of trust, and as I alwaysbrought them to a successful conclusion, he came at last to have theutmost confidence in my ability and tact.




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      "Dear me, dear me, how unfortunate!" cried Milverton, taking out abulky pocketbook. "I cannot help thinking that ladies areill-advised in not making an effort. Look at this!" He held up alittle note with a coat-of-arms upon the envelope. "That belongs to-well, perhaps it is hardly fair to tell the name until to-morrowmorning. But at that time it will be in the hands of the lady'shusband. And all because she will not find a beggarly sum which shecould get by turning her diamonds into paste. It is such a pity!Now, you remember the sudden end of the engagement between theHonourable Miss Miles and Colonel Dorking? Only two days before thewedding, there was a paragraph in the Morning Post to say that itwas all off. And why? It is almost incredible, but the absurd sum oftwelve hundred pounds would have settled the whole question. Is it notpitiful? And here I find you, a man of sense, boggling about terms,when your client's future and honour are at stake. You surprise me,Mr. Holmes."

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      "But with a child."

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       "But why are you not conducting the case from Baker Street?" Iasked.

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      "Of course you saw the J H monogram on my locket," said he. "For amoment I thought you had done something clever. Joseph Harrison ismy name, and as Percy is to marry my sister Annie I shall at leastbe a relation by marriage. You will find my sister in his room, forshe has nursed him hand and foot this two months back. Perhaps we'dbetter go in at once, for I know how impatient he is."

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    {  "In my imagination, perhaps. Well, leave it there, Watson. Let usescape from this weary workaday world by the side door of music.Carina sings to-night at the Albert Hall, and we still have time todress, dine, and enjoy."

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      "I see, he might have proved an alibi."}

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      "My name is Helen Stoner, and I am living with my stepfather, who isthe last survivor of one of the oldest Saxon families in England,the Roylotts of Stoke Moran, on the western border of Surrey."Holmes nodded his head. "The name is familiar to me," said he."The family was at one time among the richest in England, and theestates extended over the borders into Berkshire in the north, andHampshire in the west. In the last century, however, four successiveheirs were of a dissolute and wasteful disposition, and the familyruin was eventually completed by a gambler in the days of the Regency.Nothing was left save a few acres of ground, and the

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      "It recalls nothing to my mind. But that Mycroft should break out inthis erratic fashion! A planet might as well leave its orbit. By theway, do you know what Mycroft is?"

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       "'Wandsworth Common,' said he.

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    {  "But you told me to examine it."

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      "'Quite so. In dress now, for example. We are faddy people, youknow-faddy but kind-hearted. If you were asked to wear any dress whichwe might give you, you would not object to our little whim. Heh?'"'No,' said I, considerably astonished at his words.